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The world today, sees a steep rise in the number of industries, businesses and even households. All these require a large amount of energy. This contributes to the rise in energy consumption. Now, we know that the non-renewable energy sources are depleting rapidly. For that, a focus on cleaner and green energy sources like hydro, solar, wave and others, is increasing. Also there is a growing importance to reduce the consumption of energy and to use it more effectively. For this, the ISO 50001 standard has been introduced.

The ISO 50001 is the standard that improves the energy management of an organization. The certification puts emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable use of renewable energy resources. It comes with measures to reduce carbon emission and greenhouse gases. The standard also has measures to cut down the financial cost of an organization by using resources more efficiently. The production and effectiveness of equipment is enhanced due to continual monitoring. The ISO 50001 certification spreads awareness about efficient use of energy. It also enhances the credibility of an organization. The certification is a must have for any organization that sets eye on reducing energy usage. It also works in conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 making it easy to implement.

Ascent EMIRATES is a leading consultancy for the effective implementation and certification of the ISO 50001 standard in UAE. It is based in Dubai and comes with twenty two years of experience in successfully consulting various organizations around the world. Ascent EMIRATES also has its presence in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al Khaimah, Ajman, Al Ain and Fujairah. It has an enormous network of experienced consultants and has been involved in thousands of successful certifications throughout the world. Ascent EMIRATES provides an improvement in services and relationships within and outside the organizations. Ascent EMIRATES keeps transparency to the clients and also advises them on the ways to improve. It works with large organizations as well as SMEs. Ascent EMIRATES, through its effective advisory, helps organizations to cut down the ISO 50001 certification cost in UAE. It also trains personnel within the organization on the conformity needs and procedure of certification.

So, to achieve your certification on ISO 50001 in UAE, contact Ascent EMIRATES.


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