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CE Marking Certification in Dubai UAE


CE Marking is a must-have certification for expanding your business in the UAE region. All you require to do business in Europe in one place – Ascent EMIRATES, the CE Marking Certification in UAE.

What is CE Marking Certification?

CE Marking is the product mark that is essential for the products entering the market of the countries under the European Union. 

These countries include Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Malta, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ireland, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Poland.

The United Kingdom has a separate certification procedure called the CE Marking Certification in UAE which is necessary for the products entering the market of Great Britain.

Products with CE mark will have the “CE” symbol on the back of the product.

Besides, we have a widespread recognition over the areas of CE Marking in the UAE viz: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Apart from the UAE, we have a huge coverage surmounting in Oman & Saudi Arabia as well.

CE Marking in Brief:

Before the European Union was created, it was very difficult as every country had its own set of directives. So, a product manufacturer or seller had to acquire a lot of different certifications. 

For this, the organizations found it hard to do business in Europe. But when the European Union was created, this problem got solved.

The term ‘CE’ marking came into force in the 1993 when it replaced the ‘EC’ marking. Also, even the mark came into force in 1993, it took a few years to incorporate all the product categories that are now included within the directives.

Benefits of CE Marking:

The CE Certificate in Dubai is a sign that a product is conforming to the European legislation. The marked products have a number of benefits in their own. It doesn’t mean that the CE product is manufactured within the EU.  certification in UAE

The benefits include:

  1. Acceptance- The marking allows the product to be distributed and sold in the market of European Union.
  2. Compliance to quality-The certification ensures that the product is compliant to the quality standard set by it.
  3. Improvement in culture- It makes sure that the culture within the organization is constantly improving.
  4. Meeting the requirements – The marking ensures that an organization remains adhered to the directives set by it and also meets the desired CE in UAE requirements regarding product quality.
  5. Reliability- The credibility and trustworthiness of an organization is enhanced, thus making it a lot more reliable among the public.
  6. Brand Image- The CE Certification in UAE helps in further enhancement of the brand image of the organization. This helps a lot in building a reputation and also in the further extension of the business.
  7. Satisfaction – It ensures that all the CE Marked in Abu Dhabi products are up to the mark in their operation. That brings customer satisfaction.
  8. Product Safety- The marking makes sure that the products are entirely safe to use.
  9. Cost cutting- The amount of fines and the CE Certification Cost of damages are reduced through the marking.

CE Certification Process:

Ascent EMIRATES is a leading consultancy on CE Marking Certification in UAE having lot of experience.

  1. The first thing is to ascertain whether your product needs CE mark or not.
  2. Check the appropriate route for conformity assessment: If self-declaration is enough for your product, or you need third party assessment. 
  3. If you are self-declaring, then you need to keep proper documents to ensure that the product conforms to the legislation.
  4. If your product needs third party assessment, then you need to identify one with proper experience in the matter. 
  5. Draft technical documentation and then need to draw up the EU declaration of conformity.
  6. After you have completed the conformity assessment, either through self-declaration or through third party assessment, you are ready to sell in EU market.

(CE Certification Process Step 3 is for self-declaration whereas Step 4 & Step 5 is for third party assessment)

CE Marking Certification in UAE

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES:

Worried about how to expand your business in the Europe? Don’t; Ascent EMIRATES will help you in implementing and acquiring CE marking certificate.We are one of the leading consultants on CE Certificate in UAE.

  • Helps to acquire the certificate without any difficulties and with an easy documentation process. Ascent will help you to have the certification done in the simplest way.
  • Qualified CE marking lead auditors with a professional attitude handle your various problems related to conformity and certification of CE marking compliance.
  • Gives 24*7 work hour to client as an essential key to serve with “No extra pricing than the prescribed fee”.
  • Makes known the crucial aspects and implementation of CE Marking in UAE  – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah standards.
  • Train and guide you throughout the process to achieve the certification.
  • There is no compromise when it comes to expanding your business to EU

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into CE Marking Certification in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is duration for validity of CE certification?

Every CE certification in Middle East has a validity of 3 years, as per the current system issued by notified bodies. However, in certain case, the duration can be of 1 years for some highly risks devices. Besides, the CE Standard in UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia status depends on the maintenance of your quality system standard analysis factors. 

Is CE Marking facilities mandatory to avail in the European Nations?

Yes, CE Certification in Abu Dhabi is mandatory for more than 20 product groups that include: mobile phones, measuring instruments, lifts, toys, gas appliances, construction products and more. The Europe nation commissionerate site has ordained a list of these product types to which this marking is engraved.

Is there a possibility to share the product without having CE marking certified in UAE?

Not every item is liable to be under bearing CE Marking Certification in UAE. This is applicable only for those categories and directive that render special CE Certification in Oman obligatory. However, CE standard doesn’t guarantee that the item was made in EEA, rather it conforms that the item has undergone assessment prior to placing that on the marketplace. 

Is it possible to self-certify the CE Marking standard?

The CE Certification in Oman & Saudi Arabia process is one of self-certification norms. Usually, one can have all the procedure done himself/herself by using the guidance and steps as listed and concerned by marking compliance and directives.

Is using CE marking to be valid if I choose not to sell in Europe Union?

A CE Marking Certification in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah usually conforms to the ultimate proof to comply with EU regulations. However, it can further be used to market and achieve product goals. There are organizations that obtain CE marking, not necessarily selling them in Europe. 

So, for those companies posing this mark, affix their product to high-quality recognition, thereby covering all the safety standards and requirements.

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