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    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is a must for every manufacturing industry related to forest products. With the growth of population, the need for wood and its other subsidiaries like forest products is showing an increasing range these upcoming days. Simultaneously, people are becoming aware of conserving forests and, safeguarding the ecosystem, maintaining ecological balance. For this public are more assured that your products cause no harm to the forest environment. The raw material you use for production must come exclusively from legal sources. To be at the top level in the wood market, avail FSC Certification from Ascent.

    FSC strives to promote Environmental & Sustainable suitability, Social advantages & benefits; and successful & favorable Economic & Financial Management of forests anywhere in the World. The Forest Stewardship Council is a global certification system that defines ten principles of responsible forest management. This enables specifiers to purchase wood from identifiable, well-managed forests. FSC has envisioned to promote economically viable, socially beneficial, and environmentally appropriate management system to handle the forests worldwide. The FSC certified wood is harvested in a sustainable manner, meaning no harm is done to the forest during its harvest. This ensures that the user should not be worried about the harm done to the environment. It’s also applicable to the paper products in the same manner. Also, bamboo products are included within FSC.

    FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) was established in 1993. It is an independent body that sets standards for the world’s forest and forestry practices. This non-profit, non-governed organization is set to find solutions to improve management practices of forest socially and economically. Various standards have been implemented on the usage of forest products to make them eco-friendly.

    The main motive of the Forest Stewardship Council is the sustainable development of the world’s forest in three criteria, i.e., Social rights, Economical rights, and ecological rights. FSC label is the guarantee to customers that the material used is eco-friendly and comes from a well-managed forest.

    To be FSC certified, the examination of a chain of wood (raw material) from the forest to a customer must be checked to demonstrate its origination. This is (CoC), i.e., Chain of Custody. The chain of custody makes sure that the forest product is tracked properly from the forest to the seller.

    What is Chain of Custody Certification?

    As per the CoC (Chain of Custody Certification), the products & materials used has truly been made from harvested forests during the inception process. Further, the logo on the products labelled shows that it has strictly been FSC Certified.

    Major environmental groups consider the FSC logo as the “Gold Standard” of forest Certification as it ensures the product’s traceability from the forest’s view of point. The FSC (CoC) checks the traceability of products at every stage from processing, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution that material is FSC certified.

    The Benefits of FSC Certification

    1. Standard Increases in the market:

    Forest Stewardship Council certification opens up new markets and guides ensures economic and social benefits to employees and the general public and maintaining ecological biodiversity. FSC certification act as a  reactant in the forest management for improving standard.

    2. Greater brand benefit:

    FSC certification helps in achieving competitive advantages over its competitors. FSC-certified forest owner, the manufacturer can enter the markets with a high customer reputation.

    Products with the FSC logo is the link between forest to clients.

    3. Enhancing credibility:

    Forest Stewardship Council certificate increases the trustworthiness among customers that the products they buy are from a harvested responsible source.

    4. Reduces the chances of being illegal :

    FSC certification reduces the changes in the usage of illegal timber. In many countries like Australia, the European states ban the trade of illegally harvested timber and its products.

    The government laws are fulfilled through FSC by following ten principles and the process of an audit by sustainable forest management.

    How much does FSC Certification cost in UAE, Dubai?

    The membership fees for FSC certification vary from organization to organization depending upon the size of the organization. For a clean and clear estimate of cost contact us for inquiry.

    FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council Certified ) Certification Requirements

    Ascent will guide you with proper requirements for Forest Stewardship Council FSC Certification

    FSC Certification

    Strength Of Ascent Emirates


    • Ascent EMIRATES guides you with an effective process for acquiring FSC certification to forest community small/large scale organizations, manufacturers, traders, forest management agencies, individuals and landowners.
    • We make the certification process very easy, comprehensive, and synchronized to render FSC accreditation enabled to all categorical types viz: single, multiple, group owners, and other projects. The systematic way helps to obtain FSC certification in a faster yet hassle-free manner.
    • We have highly experienced Consultant resources who help the employees understand the actual intent, milestones, tasks, processes, and requirements for Chain of Custody or Projects to get FSC certified.
    • We are headstrong in setting the path for FSC certification, using a range of methodologies, including the standalone method, integrated/synchronized with the existing management system.
    • Our dedicated and experienced auditor team make sure of FSC based requirements.
    • The fee structure is increasingly reasonable as per the factual and diligent conduct of work. Under the certification compliances, the nature and magnitude of business holds a prime role in deciding the FSC standard cost.
    • Ye render effective cum location-based maps tools for the FSC certification. These are clearly based on timelines and other guiding principles. We stick to our promise to render timeless and high-end service quality.
    • After the completion of the FSC auditing process, our team facilitates the issue of certificates that are faster in the industrial segments.

    Get yourself Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified by dropping your requirements Ascent Emirates is vailable 24X7 all over the world for their customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the FSC Standard for?

    FSC means ‘Forest Stewardship Council’. FSC is a globally-accepted standard that performs management systems under harvest forestry.

    How long will the FSC certification take?

    Ascent makes your certification process easier, by sending out the best auditor to your place. As such, we provide a complete settlement of the same within 6 to 8 weeks.

    What are the benefits of FSC certification?

    FSC-certified companies can increase their approach multiple times by enhancing credibility, Greater brand benefit, Standard Increase in the market, reducing the chances of being illegal, and more.

    How long does FSC certification is valid for?

    The validity of the FSC certificate is 5 years from the date of issue. However, it can be reclaimed and issued by the help of accredited certification body, which involves a thorough annual audit process under close observation.

    FSC certified ( Forest Stewardship Council Certified ) products expensive?

    Price may differ generally, or maybe just a few pennies extra for FSC-certified products.

    Are FSC products eco-friendly?

    It is FSC’s prime objective to manage the forest resources. It does so by examining and sustaining the environmental disorders of biodiversity. It is eco-friendly.



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