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Ultimate Guide on FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification In UAE

FSC-COC Multiple Site Certification is a voluntary program for companies and individuals dealing with different wood and forest products. An FSC project in the UAE does not require certification. It is however a must-have for companies that want to be recognized.

What Is FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification?

FSC Multiple Site Certification is a quality assurance system that covers the entire supply chain and all stages of production. The system covers wood and paper, so all the raw materials used in manufacturing are FSC-CoC certified. 

When you receive your goods and services, the FSC-CoC certification system has already been applied to them. 

This means that you can have peace of mind that your products are safe to use and have been produced following the highest standards. Compared to other quality assurance systems, FSC In UAE is particularly beneficial to businesses that produce and distribute products over long distances.

FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification in Brief:

Founded in 1993, The Forest Stewardship Council Certification of Oceans is a non-profit organization that certifies forest companies. Two (or more) sites must meet the requirements to earn the FSC certification. 

The Forest Stewardship Council offers the FSC-COC Multiple Site Certificate as part of its forest management programs.

Benefits Of FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification

  • The most significant benefit of this Standards is that it provides a traceable path from the plantation to the end consumer. 
  • Products certified by this system are less vulnerable to damage and tampering during transportation.
  • Products are certified under FSC in the UAE are traceable from the source to the destination, enabling businesses to trace their products with high accuracy. 
  • Helps reduce the carbon footprint by supporting sustainable practices in all stages of production. 
  • FSC-CoC Standard also reduces the involvement of hazardous materials and chemicals in production. 
  • It promotes the use of efficient, sustainable production of forest products while conserving and regulating the abolishment of forests for no reason. 

Which Organization Can Opt for FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification?

FSC-CoC is provided to organizations that deal with woods used in products. Individuals and companies engaged in forest management and production practices and operating multiple sites are eligible to apply for this certification.

The organization that wants to be certified by FSC-CoC must be a member of the organization for at least five years. The members of FSC can be any type of business involved in the manufacturing, distribution, or trading of forest products. 

When a member wants to be certified by FSC, they must demonstrate that they have implemented the FSC system at all stages of production. If a company has produced goods that are certified by FSC, it can use the mark to prove that its products are safe to use.

Process to Obtain FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification:

When you decide to apply for FSC-CoC certification in the UAE, you will have to undergo these five steps: 

  • Receiving a proposal from the organization that wants to join the FSC-CoC system. Each member of the FSC must submit a proposal to become part of it. Once the proposal is approved, you will have to attend an orientation program to receive more information about the system. 
  • Hiring a certification organization to conduct the examination. The certification organization will conduct the certification examination on your production. After the examination, the certification organization will issue a certification report. You can then use this report to apply for the registration of your company as an FSC-CoC member. 
  • Applying to the FSC. The application must include relevant information such as the name of your business, the address of your business, and the name of the person who will be responsible for the operations of the company. 
  • Paying annual membership fee. After you submit the membership application and the relevant fee, the organization will issue you a membership card. You can use this card to prove that your company is certified by FSC-CoC. 
  • Maintaining the certification. The certification needs renewal in every five years. You can renew your certification by paying the membership fee and submitting a renewal application to the certifying agency of FSC.

Strength Of Ascent EMIRATES

  • Ascent EMIRATES specializes in providing FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification services in the UAE. 
  • We have certified thousands of organizations successfully via FSC-CoC. 
  • We have a team of experts who can assist you in your certification application. 
  • They are knowledgeable and skilled and understand the system perfectly. 
  • We can assist you in every step of your application process.
  • We also make sure that your application is submitted in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked questions

Why FSC-CoC Certificate Is Important?
Using this Multiple Site Certification, companies can manage their environmental impact at multiple locations. FSC-COC certification ensures you meet the requirements of the FSC-COC and is for multi-location companies.
What’s The Process For FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification?
To be certified under the FSC system, raw materials and products must pass inspection. First, the company must submit a proposal to join the system. Then, the members of the FSC inspect the proposal and then approve it. After this process, the member will apply for the this Certificate.

Testing, sampling, and calculation; of them are vital in different types of work. With each line of work, the idea is to expand the newest version over different sectors like different technical changes, developments of unique IT methods, and enhancements of vocabulary.

Is it Hard to Get FSC-CoC Multiple Site Accredited?
It is not hard to get FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification if you have the right resources and knowledge. The process of obtaining FSC-CoC multiple-site certification can be complex and time-consuming, so it is important to be prepared for it. The certification can be an asset for businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.

The standard is also appropriate for several research centers, universities, inspection bodies, regulators, production certification organizations, and several orthodox valuation entities. 

Is FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certification Compulsory?
No, this is not compulsory. However, FSC-CoC can provide organizations with several benefits, including improved efficiency and reduced costs.

The standard is also appropriate for several research centers, universities, inspection bodies, regulators, production certification organizations, and several orthodox valuation entities. 

FSC-CoC Multiple Site Certificate in UAE: What Are the Criteria?
  • Experience working with forests for at least five years;
  • Knowledge of forest stewardship concepts and principles;
  • Demonstrating how they implement these practices;
  • Utilizing sustainably managed forest products or services;
  • Protecting water resources with forest products and services.



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