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HALAL Certification

Halal Certification

Islamic Shariah/ Law prohibits the use of haram products or procedures and allows the food or products to adopt the Halal Process by achieving Halal Certification in Dubai.

What is Halal Certification?

Halal is the Arabic word from the Quran that means “permitted” or “lawful”. On the other hand, Haram is an Arabic term that means ‘prohibited or forbidden’. As per the Quran, several products considered as haram-Alcohol, dead animal before its slaughter, blood and its by-products, pork, and stunning meat (without halal process).

In many Islamic countries, Halal Certification is given by the government. By the Islamic Council Halal certification is a process that ensures the features and quality of the products according to the rules established. Consumers especially, the Muslim community considered as a sinful act to consume without the Halal Process. They consider Halal is a process of slaughtering the meat that makes all blood get out of the body, ejecting most toxins because the heart continues to pump for a few seconds after slaughter. So there’s the minimum time needed for the meat to be treated before it can be consumed and it’s a more healthy meat to be eaten.

Having Halal Certification deems to provide safe food products for consumption. Halal ensures that food consumed by a person in their daily lives is clean, hygienic, and not detrimental to their health or well-being. With rising awareness about Halal foods, several businesses are seeking Halal Certification, and the certification authorities still only employ Muslims for their products, premises, restaurants, etc which animal products are used.

There are different types of Halal Certifications: Most frequently, Halal certification is obtained for places like restaurants, hotels, slaughtering houses where meat is treated and consumed. However, Halal certification is not limited to only food products but it can be achieved by cosmetic and drugs manufacturer, medicines, etc. Adopting Halal Certification explains that the product should contain non- Halal ingredients. Therefore, achieving Halal Certification from Certifying Body comes under the scheme

    • Food, Beverage and Catering Scheme
    • Restaurant Scheme
    • Industrial Scheme
    • Abattoir Scheme
    • Warehouse or Storage Scheme
    • Product Endorsement Scheme

Benefits of Halal Certification


  1. Opportunity to New Markets (Especially Islamic Countries)
  2. Demonstrating the regional belief of Muslims
  3. Safety mark for consumption
  4. Increases Brand loyalty
  5. Gives competitive edge
  6. Long-run benefits
  7. Place the Halal Mark for Halal Products

Why you need Halal Certification?

The market growth has experienced rapid growth in several countries. To cater to the Muslim community and provide Halal products (including food, the cosmetic, personal care, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries) Halal Certification helps you to benefit in grasping the demand at a rapid rate.

What are the requirements of Halal Certification?

Proper and appropriate Documentation required to achieve Halal Certification.

  • Processing and handling requirements of the Products.
  • Storage and product serving of the required Products.
  • Implementation of cleanliness, sanitary, and food safety.
  • Analysis of the overall aspects of the premises.
  • Tools, apparatus, and machines are used in the process of preparation.
  • Packaging and labelling of the Products.

Which Organization needs Halal Certification?

An organization dealing in animal products that mark products are permissible for the Islam community can acquire a Halal Certificate.

  • Meat Processing industries
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Cosmetic & Drugs Industries
  • Restaurants and Hotels, Cafes, etc.
  • Retailers, wholesalers, and all dealing in the meat and food industry.
HALAL Certification

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

Ascent EMIRATES as a globally accepted Certification provider offers you proper training testing methods, inspection techniques, verification ideology by experience, and expertise in fulfilling the guidelines of the Halal Certification according to the Islamic concept. Our worldwide presence will help you to access expertise auditors. Get in touch for more details available 24X7 to help our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know that the meat is Halal meat?
Organizations dealing in Halal meat embellish the Halal logo, which can be easily visible to the consumer.
Why eat Halal meat?
Halal meat drains all the blood of slaughtering animals removing all the toxins and acid out of the body, making it safe for consumption.
Why does a vegetarian require Halal certification?
Halal Certification is not only for Halal Slaughter but also to verify the ingredients of the products that there are no Haram ingredients.
What is the validity of Halal Certification?
The validity of Halal Certification is for 3 years and requires annual Surveillance and Re-Certification after the expiry.
What is the cost of Halal Certification in Dubai?
To give the right sense of the cost of Halal Certification, it depends on the nature and size of your business and the Internal/External audit fee plus Certification Cost.



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