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ISMS Implementation


Keep Your Operation Secure & Adhere to Local Laws & Regulations – Step-By-Step Guide to ISMS Implementation in UAE.

Information is the lifeblood of any company, and its security must be a top priority. Government regulations have made it mandatory for organizations to comply with the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard set by the UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

Why ISMS Implementation is Crucial for Businesses in UAE?

If you’re doing business in the UAE, you need to know about ISMS (Information Security Management System) implementation. ISMS is a way of proactively protecting data, networks, and systems from potential threats. ISMS Implementation is not only critical for keeping your operation secure, but it is also essential to adhere to local laws and regulations.

What makes ISMS so popular in Dubai? Firstly, the city is an attractive hub for international organizations doing business in the Middle East region. As such, there are high expectations from global customers and regulatory bodies for digital security standards that must be met by companies operating in the city.

Additionally, Dubai is a very digitized city—many services provided by private and public companies require organizations to manage customer data securely on different platforms and applications. This means that businesses need a robust security system to protect their data as well as their customers’ data—one that can be easily monitored and updated on an ongoing basis. 

Steps to Successfully Implement ISMS In Your Organization:

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing an ISMS in your organization. All you require is structured ISMS Implementation Steps that ensure all of your legal, regulatory, and ethical obligations are fulfilled and that appropriate security measures are implemented. 

  1. Establish your organization’s scope of ISMS Implementation.
  2. Develop an information security policy document.
  3. Implement controls within the scope of the ISMS.
  4. Monitor and measure the progress of ISMS execution through periodic reviews.
  5. Develop procedures for incident response management and disaster recovery planning.
  6. Train employees on information security awareness and principles.
  7. Reassess and review the ISMS regularly and update as needed.
  8. Obtain certification from a recognized third-party auditor or certification body.

ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Cost | What Does It Include?

Now that you understand the importance and steps for implementing ISO 27001 standards in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, you might be wondering about the cost. But what exactly does it include?

ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Cost In UAE, or the cost for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS), includes:

  1. Setting Up of ISMS Framework: Legally binding ISMS policies and procedures are formulated, which act as a model document that guides an organization in planning and implementing its ISMS.
  2. Agility To Comply with The Industry Standards: The framework is designed in such a way that it proves to be flexible and allows organizations to easily upgrade their system whenever there are advanced industry standards and regulations that come into the picture.
  3. Risk Assessment & Evaluation: An effective risk management program is created to identify any potential risks to the security of an organization’s information system.
  4. Designing Controls Procedure: A step-by-step procedure for designing controls is also included in this package, which consists of appropriate external or internal system maintenance or change control procedures.
  5. Achieving Certification: An auditor from the certifying body is given access to review all policies, procedures, and documents associated with the project; once everything is verified completely, one can receive their certificate confirming their successful compliance with ISO 27001 standard.

Role of Ascent EMIRATES’ Professional ISMS Consultants in UAE:

If you are planning on implementing an ISMS in Dubai, you should look no further than Ascent EMIRATES’ professional ISMS consultants. Our team of seasoned professionals has more than 20 years of combined experience in information security, making them the perfect choice for ISO Implementation in UAE.

Our experts can also be invaluable if you want to find out more about data privacy laws and regulations in UAE, as well as help you to develop a business continuity plan that fits with Dubai’s unique market conditions. We are committed to helping businesses meet their information security goals while providing first-class customer service and support throughout the entire process. 

Our team of ISO consultants can help you to understand the local regulations, show you how to follow the ISO 27001 Certification standards, and provide guidance throughout your entire ISMS execution process. With our expertise by your side, your journey toward implementing a secure and reliable ISMS in Dubai will be smooth sailing!


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