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ISO 10002 Certification


The ISO 10002 Certification handles the situations of complaints management of employees. However, the answer is not that easy to find without professional assistance. Therefore, you must adopt this method precisely for your organization.

What is ISO 10002 Certification?

In an organization, many employees and management forces are there. To make the entire process easier, effective, and efficient; some laws are there from the ISO. Therefore, you should go through this Complaints Management Certification. 

The entire amendment of ISO 10002:2018 states the conformity and certification of resolving complaints of employees, clients, and other issues of an organization. Also, ISO 10002 has accepted the task of adopting complaints significantly. 

This method ensures the efficient and effective working structure of an organization. Also, this international standard is great when it comes to handling all types of legal activities globally. ISO 10002 in the UAE is quite effective for organizations in the same fashion. 

Ascent offers its valuable services for Complaints Management Certification In UAE. Avail ISO 10002 Certification in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain. Besides, we are widespread all around Oman and Saudi Arabia as well.

ISO 10002 Certification in Brief

Managing everything related to customers is the vital thing as per the ISO 10002 Certification. A company who seeks multiple opportunities and needs higher attention from buyers must endure this certification. This certificate is capable of unleashing great results, growth, and international stature of your company.

What else do you need in return? Companies with all types of sizes and types can apply for ISO 10002 Certification. When you obtain your Customer Complaint Management System Certificate as per the request, it becomes much easier for you to survive the competitive market. 

Yes, higher user satisfaction brings more attention to new shoppers. Indirectly, you will be creating growth opportunities for your future.

Benefits of ISO 10002 Certification:

Nothing is more pleasant than getting your work done. Fulfilling each ISO 10002 Certificate in UAE can give you the following benefits:

  • Improvement of your product and service quality.
  • Easy identifying and dealing with the source of complaints.
  • Rectifying issues with the right customer support.
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction.
  • Development of customer-focused products. 
  • Addition of credibility.
  • Revolutionary fame in the international market.
  • Easy control of manpower symmetrically.
  • Monitoring performances of every employee and management.
  • Measurement of the process to avoid unintended derailments.

Strengths of Ascent EMIRATES

Ascent EMIRATES is the name behind the best ISO Certification in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia. However, you must know why we stand at the top. The following reasons are enough to explain our helping abilities:

  • We are experts in this type of certification as it delivers reliable, fair and equity-based reports. 
  • Trustworthy consultancy service provider of ISO certification in UAE for more than 18 years. We help you to grow by boosting your confidence and keeping confidential details safe. 
  • Delivers proper training and complete understanding to your employees. These ideas and valuable sessions can solve a lot of complaint issues easily.
  • Offers training as per your organization’s needs. There is no chance of receiving unnecessary tasks here. 
  • Shows the proper way to handle your process plan. Also, this idea helps you find out the right path. Apology application processes and suitable remedies also bring advantages to your organization.  
  • Uses methods in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that promote the application of available resources within the organization. This activity just acts as a great option for reducing expenses. 
  • Ascent-based solutions architects are the finest task that performs at their best in different business profile analyses and gap analyses. These activities are best to design a project outline.
  • In-depth auditing with top-notch professionalism is the key that we deliver in UAE. Nothing can pass that line of work. These ISO Certificate  activities ensure great advantages and no failure during the external audits. 
  • The 24*7 service of Ascent offers clients a great option. At any time, a client can get the right solution without considering the odds of hours. 
  • The certification requires complete analysis to ensure your success. So, a general practice session from Ascent can help you find the total expenditure. If it goes beyond the budget, we do not claim any extra charge in return.
  • Our motto for the certification is straight. We believe in the “Not a single penny extra” idea. Yes, the idea of getting the ISO Certification in UAE approval is affirmative.
  • Our motto for ISO 10002:2018 certification is straight. We believe in the “Not a single penny extra” idea. Yes, the idea of getting the ISO 10002 Certification in UAE approval is affirmative. 

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into ISO 10002 Certification in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get customer-centric services for ISO 10002 Certificate in the UAE?

Yes, only a legit agency knows how to operate each data to deliver great results. Handling the documentation to obtain an ISO 10002 Certificate is not an easy game to play. Ascent EMIRATES in UAE holds the power to do the best. While prioritizing the interests of customers, this standard helps your production to continue its stardom. 

How is the complaint management system productive for people?

There are multiple advantages that you gain through ISO 10002 Standard in UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia & other Middle East states. Considering the customer management system, it just enhances your client’s experience and delivers more customer-focused productivity. Also, engagement of different ideas is better for results and responses play the vital part.

Do the challenges in the ISO 10002 Standard bother you?

Some major challenges are there integrated with the ISO 10002 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah. However, each issue comes when you have not taken some major precautions against it. The challenges are not going to cause problems or serious damage in the entire process. Each work will be handled precisely when you take the support of Ascent. 

How is ISO 10002 Accreditation helpful?

The efficiency and effectiveness it delivers in your production and organization is epic. Nothing can come between you and your success when you have obtained your 10002 Certificate in Oman and Saudi Arabia. The entire work is a great booster of complaints-handling processes. Starting from prioritizing different managerial changes to auditing, it won’t disappoint you. 

How much do you need to pay for ISO 10002 Certificate?

Ascent EMIRATES doesn’t charge much for your ISO Certificate in UAE. Also, the pricing depends on the size, production, and shape of your organization. In UAE, you don’t need much to pay to obtain your certification, as you have a choice to avail range of schemes. 

Make No Mistake & Obtain Your ISO 10002:2018 Certificate Today! 



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