Quality Process Management is mandatory for all groups of industries. However, it is problematic sometimes. ISO 10006 Certification and quality process management have similarities. They just give you guidance to maintain and assure quality in your production.

Ascent EMIRATES helps you to gain this certificate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain. If you are wondering about the solution, this web page will explain every detail of this ISO 10006 Certification. 

What is ISO 10006 Certification?

The formulation of ISO 10006 was made by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 176. The objective is to offer quality management and quality assurance with a purpose. The company will gain guidance for different projects and their quality management. 

Considering the rules of ISO 10006 Project Management, your organization must go through a few quality management guidelines for your projects. The size of the project doesn’t matter here. 

ISO 10006 Latest Version is applicable for small, large, short-term, long-term, group, individual, industrial, environmental, and other types of projects. There is a way to simplify the analysis. It just guides you through the quality management system for your project.

The name “process approach” is available in the recently updated version. ISO 1006 Quality Management in Projects has a lot of impacts. However, two types of management are there, one is production-related processes and another is project management processes. 

All types of processes involved within the production-type possess different concerns such as design, production, transportation, etc. a project managing personnel must understand different things of ISO 10006 Certification.

The way to penetrate your success is to handle everything as per the right guidance. These rules and regulations from ISO 10006 Certification are applicable for any organization irrespective of their geographical location, turnover, size, shape, etc. 

ISO 10006 Latest Versions have adopted different approaches that consider the paths of the PDCA cycle. PDCA is also known as “Plan – Do – Check – Act”. This idea thrives continued perfection in the process management for your organization. 

Both project process and project product are two aspects of ISO 10006 Certification. Both achieve quality objectives and fulfill different management-related responsibilities. 

ISO 10006 Certification and ISO 9001 have strict similarities. They just follow these 7 top-class quality management principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Process approach
  3. Leadership
  4. Systematic approach
  5. Involvement of people 
  6. Continual improvement
  7. Factual approach to decision making

Ascent EMIRATES brings you tremendous benefits while adopting ISO 10006. 

Here is the list:

  1. ISO 10006 incorporates higher market share and improves corporate image for any organization or its relevant projects. 
  2. Attaining customer satisfaction is assured. 
  3. Safety, quality, and other improvements are possible.
  4. Turns down the effective cost of the organization by following systematic guidance.
  5. Recognizes deficiency in a project
  6. Delivers improvement in sales and marketing opportunities.
  7. The right time to finish your project.
  8. Progressive improvement in the quality of the project. 

There are some issues that may bring discomfort at an early stage while adopting the ISO 10006 Certification. 

Here are some problems that might trouble you:

  1. Rise of confusion while understanding quality administration of products as per management.
  2. Many manufacturers won’t focus on quality rather than quantity of products.
  3. It is quite uneasy to achieve non-realistic plans for a company within this accreditation. 
  4. Quality management may not satisfy the standards as per ISO 10006.
  5. Improper professional knowledge may resist you to achieve your targets. 
  6. Requiring proper training, and auditing, may be lengthy for your employees. 
  7. The absence of complete knowledge may raise fatal issues and raise your organization’s bills. 
  8. Employees may go through a lack of commitment periods during the sessions.
  9. Sometimes it is hard to achieve desirable results as per the quality management system.
  10. Improving quality, training, and auditing may cost you a little extra. That leads many organizations to step out of the process. 

How Can Ascent EMIRATES Help You?

    • Ascent EMIRATES is the best way to gain a brief idea of ISO 10006 Certification. It helps you to eradicate your confusion all time. 
    • Ascent gives you amazing support that leads your employees to focus on different tasks. They will do their best to eliminate unnecessary factors with the right steps. 
    • Solution architects of Ascent EMIRATES are the best way to guide you through the ISO 1006 Quality Management in Projects. 
    • Compliance and implementation of ideas for quality management systems will be easier with Ascent. 
    • A detailed business profile analysis from Ascent EMIRATES just enables great support. It helps you verify gap analysis before the project outline design. There is zero repeats of documentation in this process. 
    • The in-depth and professional auditing from qualified auditors of Ascent EMIRATES grant incredible benefits to your organization and production unit. 
    • Allocation of resources and their proper utilization is possible by following the ISO 10006 Latest Version. Ascent helps your employees to gain all ideas within the training sessions.
    • Ascent helps you to reduce your company’s expenses at zero risk. 
    • Ascent gives a general practice to your employee for understanding the situation and working symmetrically, considering the budget. 
    • The 24*7 service from Ascent EMIRATES is just amazing. Nothing seems to go outside of our vision. 
    • Ascent claims no extra penny from its clients unless there is a specific claim made by clients to complete a few special requirements. 

        Frequently Asked Questions :

        Why do you need support for ISO 10006 Certification auditing?

        Competing with other organizations, your company must stand firm against all types of odds, coming within the ISO 10006 standards. Ascent EMIRATES is the best source to deliver you the success

        Is it worth going for ISO 10006 Latest Version?

        Yes, ISO 10006 comes with upgraded standards and other diplomatic changes to make sure everything works fine for an organization on an international level. 

        What are the painful ways in the ISO 10006 Project Management?

        Sometimes, the presence of bureaucratic and incompatible ISO 10006 systems may develop uncomfortable situations without any knowledge. So, lack of training and experience may degrade your personnel’s motivation.

        What is the role of the PDCA act in ISO 10006?

        PDCA and ISO 10006 work side-by-side. Both work for the prime goal, i.e., the continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

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