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With an increase in population all over the world, public health has become an issue of major concern for the government of any country. Public health now-a-days just cannot be ignored at all. For this, a huge number of medical facilities have been set up in almost every country.

Medical devices are an integral part of the medical system. It’s impossible to move ahead without them. But there is also a growing concern over the quality of the devices. To answer these, the ISO 13485 has been implemented. It is the Medical devices quality management system. The guidelines and requirements that are needed to maintain quality has been specified by the standard.

The ISO 13485 certification ensures that the products, in this case the medical devices are compliant to the quality standard set by it. It makes sure that there is constant process within the organization to improve quality of the product. It ensures that all the certified products are up to the mark.

The certification enhances the brand value and corporate image of an organization. It enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of an organization making it much more reliable among public. The certification raises the sales up with ease and also opens the door to new markets.

Ascent EMIRATES is a leading consultancy for the ISO 13485 certification in Dubai. It comes with twenty two years of experience in successfully consulting various organizations around the world. Ascent EMIRATES also has its presence in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al Khaimah, Ajman, Al Ain and Fujairah. It has an enormous network of experienced consultants and has been involved in thousands of successful certifications throughout the world. It helps an organization in understanding requirements of the certification.

Often, many organizations, especially the medium and large sized ones, avoid the certification procedure due to the complicated technical requirements. But, the positives of the certification hugely undermine the negatives. This is where Ascent EMIRATES excels.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an improvement in services and relationships within and outside the organizations. It keeps transparency to the clients and also advises them on the ways to improve. It works with large organizations as well as SMEs. It also trains personnel within the organization on the conformity needs and procedure of certification. It also steers an organization to resolve the problem regarding inadequate resources.

Ascent EMIRATES, through its effective advisory, helps organizations to cut down the ISO 13485 certification cost. It also trains personnel within the organization on the conformity needs and procedure of certification.

So, to obtain, ISO 13485 certification cost in UAE for your product, contact Ascent EMIRATES.

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