ISO 14298 Certification


ISO 14298 Certification is the step that holds its impact on graphic technology management in the UAE. Also, it may take 6 to 8 weeks to obtain the certificate from the authorities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain.

Ascent EMIRATES is the best handler in delivering services that satisfy each standard of this ISO 14298 validation in the UAE. The need for documents in different sectors is increasing. Therefore, you must submit everything about your organization to us.

By doing so, we help you to stay out of counterfeiting and forgery. These days, people are much more aware of security threats and their safety. So, processing everything for the Graphic Technology Management Certification in UAE is tough.

All hardships on ISO 14298 Certification are possible with the Ascent EMIRATES. Assistance from our side gives you the upper hand in different sections. 

As per the ISO 14298 standard in UAE, there are a few steps that you must follow. This international standard has set, maintained, and implemented different security printing management systems. Many companies adopt the system and strategic decision of the design. 

Also, ISO 14298 facilitates different up-to-the-mark requirements and security features during the documentation. The primary objective of Graphic Technology Management Certification in UAE is to deliver improved security, considering security printing against forgery and to combat fraud. 

Here are the major needs to fulfill for completing your ISO 14298 certification in the UAE:

  • Threat discovery.
  • Explain objectives.
  • Risk management system.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Pronounce policy.
  • Regulate the effect of uncertainty.
  • Existence of security foil.
  • Obtain security printing process.
  • Persistence of security management.
  • Agreement on security features.
  • Comprehensive documentation process.
  • Accessibility of resources.
  • Core auditing (internal process).

Ascent EMIRATES focuses on different things. However, keeping its clients in the favorable part, we give them the best benefits in the entire certification process for ISO 14298. 

The following advantages are easier to obtain when you hire us as your default ISO 14298 certification in UAE provider: 

  • Customer satisfaction is at its peak.
  • Confident clients about the security and safety of valuable documents.
  • Save your money. 
  • Premium product quality to meet international stature.
  • Security against counterfeiting, forgery, and threats.
  • Gain a higher international reputation.
  • Enhance your product quality, services, and process.
  • Helps your company to run appropriately starting from the system to manpower management. 
  • Monitor everyone’s performance precisely.
  • Improve your productivity.
  • Helps your system
  • Enhance your security
  • Establishes the best and appropriate system to control manpower properly and handle every aspect of their performance.  
Different types of problems may come to you while handling the certification of ISO 14298. Ascent helps you to eliminate these issues in style. 

So, the following problems you may face if you don’t adopt the Ascent Emirates during the certificate approval: 

  • Lack of proper knowledge may bring problems to organizations
  • Half knowledge raises the chances of fatal handling of different works.
  • Can’t handle big trouble with huge expenditure or bill calculation.
  • Painful procedure to adopt while considering the ISO 14298.
  • Expenses may increase for holding the auditing, training, and improving quality.
  • A wide range of pricing may appear on incorrect and unprofessional offers.
  • An organization may not handle the guides from consultants considering its massive documentation despite their compulsory requirements. 

Why Choose Ascent EMIRATES?

Ascent EMIRATES is the face of your success. Completing each ISO 14298 standard in UAE, we develop the best ecosystem around you. It maximizes the chances of getting this certificate. 

The following points explain everything in the right fashion: 

  • Ascent delivers all required training, understands your needs, and solves security-related issues affirmatively.
  • Ascent offers training per your organization’s requirements and avoids unnecessary practices.
  • The complete solution from the Ascent Emirates helps to guide you on the right path for the ISO 14298 certification. Considering its compliance and implementation, the achievement will be easier for us. 
  • Ascent offers the right education to your employees for boosting their confidence. 
  • It eradicates fear among all your working people. 
  • Hiring the Ascent EMIRATES brings you the right result without causing various problems. Also, you gain proper budget knowledge and stay out of different extra charges.
  • Ascent-based protocols are great to build your business profile with a brief analysis. You are also, undertaking a gap analysis before the project outline is possible to design an affirmative setup. 
  • Ascent offers 24*7 ISO 14298 certification services to all its customers in the UAE as well as over the world. This brings you ample opportunities to demand anything at any time. 
  • Ascent has offered practices with a complete analysis before the offer is given. This is the stage where we analyze everything in brief. However, no extra charges will be there for you. 

Never Feel Lonely to Acquire ISO 14298 Certificate in the UAE – Join Ascent Emirates Today!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why Should you go with the Ascent Emirates?

In the UAE, there is no one better than the Ascent EMIRATES when it comes to delivering the total solution for all types of ISO certifications including ISO 14298 certification within a cost-effective route. 

Is it possible to get appropriate training for my employees?
Yes, Ascent Emirates helps you to educate your employees with knowledge based on ISO protocols. 
Shall I pay more for a few changes?
Well, the charges may be there, but the amount won’t go beyond the border of your budget. 
Do you emphasize documentation?
Yes, Ascent offers proper training with the help of its consultants to minimize the chances of errors while handling massive documentation for a company.  



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