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ISO 17025 Certification


The ISO 17025 quality management standard is for testing laboratories. Ascent EMIRATES will help you get certified with ISO 17025 Certification and maintain the quality of your lab through evaluation compliance.

What is ISO 17025 Certification?

The ISO/IEC 17025 is the International Standard that deals with the directives and ISO 17025 requirements needed for the compliance of the testing and calibration laboratories. 

An ISO 17025 is a means to show the existing customers and the potential ones that your laboratory emphasizes on quality continuously and its accuracy and reliability in calibrating results is ensured by an evaluation by third-party assessment.

Besides, we have a widespread recognition over the areas of ISO 17025 in the UAE viz: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Apart from just UAE, we are widespread exposure in and around Oman and Saudi Arabia as well.

ISO 17025 Certification in Brief—UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia

The reason behind implementing ISO 17025 is to ensure that a certain lab follows all the directives laid out under the ISO 17025 Certification in UAE – Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah. 

It not only makes sure that a certain lab meets all the technical and management requirements, but also helps them to match other guidelines related to the standard. It also ensures that the lab meets the directives and guidelines set by the local authority as well. 

The standard helps in the overall improvement of testing and calibration methods. It also makes sure of the improvement in the quality of the testing environment and sampling of tests and calibration.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification:

The benefits of the ISO 17025 Certificate in Dubai can not only be seen in present but also in the future as well. It lets an organization render quality-entitled services to its consumers. 

The benefits include:

  1. Improvement in quality- Ensuring that there is a constant improvement in the process of the testing and calibration. 
  2. Technical improvement- Ensures that there is a constant process within the organization to improve the quality of the infrastructure. This also shows the organization’s positive intent toward technological enhancement.
  3. Compliance to quality- Laboratories are compliant to the quality standard set by it.
  4. Improvement in culture- Culture within the organization is constantly improving.
  5. Meeting requirements- Aid organization to meet the requirements set up by the local regulatory as well.
  6. Reliability- Enhances credibility and trustworthiness of the laboratory, making it much more reliable among the public.
  7. Brand Image- Furthers the enhancement of the brand image of the organization. This helps a lot in building a reputation and also in the further extension of the business.
  8. Satisfaction – The ISO 17025 quality management system ensures that all the certified bodies are up to the mark in providing services. That brings customer satisfaction.
  9. Legal practice – The ISO 17025 makes it certain that no illegal measure can be taken during the occurrence of the testing, thus making the procedure entirely legal.
  10. Cost cutting- Decreases the cost of the testing and calibration procedure, making it more cost-effective.

Requirements of ISO 17025 Certification:

There are certain factors and ISO 17025 Standard Requirements in Oman and Saudi Arabia that are needed to complete the accreditation with any kind of hassle. 

  • The laboratories are required to concentrate on total impartiality and confidentiality to keep performing tests for their users.
  • A laboratory must be a legal entity in the eyes of the government performing effectively and managing the basic components of the testing and calibrations by stating the statutory requirement of the laboratories.
  • To perform consistently, laboratories require personal equipment, facilities that are appropriate, different systems, and support ISO 17025 Certification services as the resources that are necessary to run successfully.
  • Different requirements related to processes can be fulfilled by verifying and validating methods, evaluating the measurement of uncertainty and ensuring that the results are valid.

What is the strength of Ascent EMIRATES?

Ascent EMIRATES will help you in assuring that your testing quality is compliant to the standard and acquire the certificate. We are the leading consultancy for the ISO 17025 Certification in UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia. 

Our strengths include:

  1. Helps to acquire the certificate without the burden of hustle and bustle and documentation process. Ascent will help you to have the certification done in the simplest way.
  2. Has qualified lead auditors on ISO 17025 Certification with a professional attitude to handle your various problems related to conformity and certification of compliance.
  3. Works around the clock for their customers and clients with the simple motto of having no extra cost other than the one offered to an organization. 
  4. Through the effective advisory, helps organizations to cut down the ISO 17025 Accreditation cost.
  5. Explains the importance and implementation of the standard.
  6. Trains and guides you throughout the process to achieve the certification.
  7. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of your testing and calibration. 

That is why you can trust Ascent EMIRATES to provide reliable and innovative solutions to your problems.

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into ISO 17025 Accredited lab list service in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

Frequently Asked questions

Which laboratories need the certification?
ISO 17025 certification is the accreditation for both freestanding laboratories that work on their own and for laboratories that are part of larger facilities like universities and research centres performing tests and calibration and so on.
What Happened After the Revision of ISO 17025?
Finally, some useful terms and conditions have received a modification. In the terms of ISO 17025, each organization that deals with different types of operations like sampling, testing, or calibrations, will notice great impacts. There will be the presence of reliable results, for sure. 

Testing, sampling, and calculation; of them are vital in different types of work. With each line of work, the idea is to expand the newest version over different sectors like different technical changes, developments of unique IT methods, and enhancements of vocabulary.

Name some valuable entities of developing ISO 17025?
With each production or unit to develop, this standard will come into play. The law is applicable to different types of entities, both government as well as private organizations, irrespective of their sizes or geographical locations. 

The standard is also appropriate for several research centers, universities, inspection bodies, regulators, production certification organizations, and several orthodox valuation entities. 



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