ISO 17025 Certification


Our well-followed method will help to gain ISO 17025 Certification Accreditation for your laboratories in the UAE to generate reliable results

What is ISO 17025 Certification

Implementing an ISO/IEC 17025 for your laboratory management system helps you to ensure the efficiency and technical competency in calibration and testing laboratories for providing results to the customers. An ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation certificate will show potential customers that your laboratory values quality on regular basis and evaluated by third-party assessment to ensure that your calibration or testing results are accurate and reliable globally.

To achieve ISO 17025:2017 accreditation, regular basic audits are conducted to establish and monitor the basic requirements of the standard by adopting the latest techniques and technology for testing and calibration. Accreditation means that the laboratory has met and passed all the Management as well as the Technical Requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 standards published by the International Organization for Standardization and is deemed too technically competent to produce testing results.

Firstly, ISO/IEC 17025 Certification is the accreditation for both freestanding laboratories and for laboratories that are part of larger facilities, universities, and research centers performing tests and calibration.

Secondly, having accreditation by regulatory bodies certifies that the results follow all the industry-standard protocols generating consistent and accurate testing results. As an outcome, ISO 17025 accreditation in the following years is becoming a mandatory requirement to adopt the standard for your testing and calibration laboratories.

Benefits of ISO 17025 Certification

Applying for ISO 9001 Certification with the compliance of ISO 17025 Certification is not a bad thing. There are several benefits to why it can be considered the best idea for your organization. Some of the benefits are listed below:-

  1. Assurance that you follow the ISO 17025 Protocol
  2. Boost the lab’s reputation
  3. Creates parameters to bring control over lab operations
  4. Drives the operational costs down
  5. Helps to keep lab protocols in place
  6. Results in reduced repairs and defect levels
  7. Providing customer satisfaction
  8. Staff becomes more accountable
  9. Boosts employee morale

Requirements of ISO 17025 Certification

We have broken down the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard in hopes to make it more understandable and prominent for application by incorporating requirements into action. To successfully implement the standard you must meet all the requirements of the standard.

  • The general requirements of the laboratories concentrate on impartiality and confidentiality to perform testing of their users.
  • A laboratory must be a legal entity in the eyes of the government performing effectively and managing the basic components of the testing and calibrations by stating the statutory requirement of the laboratories.
  • To perform consistently laboratories need personal equipment, appropriate facilities, systems, and support services as the resources necessary to run a successful.
  • Process requirements can be accomplished by verification and validation of methods, evaluation of measurement uncertainty, ensuring the validity of results, etc.

Apart from these requirements, other generic requirements include improvement in the work, make appropriate plans and policies, Customer feedback, Documentation, Corrective actions, Internal audit, maintaining confidentiality.ISO 17025:2017 accreditation standard’s structure consists of Scope, Normative References, Terms and Definitions, General Requirements, Structural Requirements, Resource Requirements, Process Requirements, and Management System Requirements. The General Requirements and Structural Requirements are related to the lab organization. Resource Requirements are those issues related to the people, equipment/plant, and other organizations used by the laboratory to produce its technically valid results.

Process Requirements are the actual core and heart of the standard in describing the activities to ensure that results of the testing/calibration lab are based on accepted criteria, science, and aimed at technical validity. Management System Requirements are those steps taken by the organization to give itself quality management system (similar to ISO 9001:2015) tools to support the work of its people in the production of technically valid results.


Why do you need to be ISO 17025 Certified? 

The main reason behind implementing ISO/IEC 17025 is that our lab follows all the guidelines laid out under the ISO 17025 regulation. It not only enables your labs to meet the management and technical requirements but also helps your laboratory meet other regulatory guidelines of the standard as well as the local authority. It also helps in the reliability, validity, and correctness of test and calibration methods. The quality of the testing environment and sampling of tests and calibration is also improved by countless factors to increase retail value.

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

We Ascent will assist to collect and analyse your calibration and testing data to determine whether everything is fine and compliant to prepare an uncertain budget. We Ascent also help you to determine your measurement of uncertainty insight into the quality of your lab tests/calibrations. Secondly, we typically find the most legally approved way to your customer requirements for ISO 17025 and documentation. We Ascent also help you during the accreditation process and after accreditation, if you may need further assistance. We Ascent are always ready to give our helping hand to our customers 24X7. Above all, you will get all of these quality ISO consultation services at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked questions

Is ISO 17025 Certification obligatory?

ISO 17025 certification is standard provided for laboratories to provide consistent valid results and improve their functioning. It is not a mandatory Certification but it has its advantages and rewards. ISO 17025 certification

How long does it take to acquire ISO 17025 Certification?

Well, if you have planned to achieve the ISO 17025 certification it depends on the factor of size for your laboratory, the equipment you have and, how well you are prepared with the documentation. At least 1 year might be required including certification.

How long does ISO 17025 valid for?

ISO 17025 recently got revised from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO:2017. Organizations need to transit this to a new version within 3 years from the date of publication. The ISO 17025 Accreditation certificate for a Laboratory is valid for  Years from the Issue Date, subject to successful annual surveillance audits.

What is the cost For ISO 17025 Certification in UAE?

ISO/IEC 17025 is the management system for laboratories providing the requirements and calibrations to generate worldwide accepted results. Costing depends type and methods being used by the laboratory in conducting the tests. The costs also depend on a number of locations, from where it is operating, and whether the lab is following International / National Standards/Methods for conducting the tests or, whether they are lab-developed methods. The later methods require an additional validation process to be completed.

What are the changes in ISO 17025:2017?

The main changes in ISO 17025:2017 from ISO 17025:2005 are scope, process approach, focus on information technologies and, a new concept of identification and management of risk.



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