ISO 21001:2018 – A New Ray of Hope for Educational Institutes & Management Systems 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a reputable organization that deals with business policies that affect the quality of life, and it promotes devoid of standards that other countries have. The organization catalyzes development, and collaboration, and makes sense of worldwide standards. 

ISO 21001 Certification statutes are developed by the ISO to improve the quality of teaching and learning across various organizations globally. It is developed to improve educational services, products, and customer satisfaction, and for providers of informal education such as tutorial services. 

ISO 21001 Certification Explained!

The 63-page booklet, ISO 14971: 2018 was published by ISO in May 2018 for Management Systems for Educational Organizations (EOMS). This standard applies to any educational organizations that make up the core curriculum, including minority courses, electives, non-core courses, teacher training, distance learning, and educational activities. 

The international standard has been developed for educational organizations. It is developed to improve educational services, products, and customer satisfaction. Providers of informal education services can also implement this standard. 

The project was directed by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and involved 86 industry experts from 39 nationalized ISO 21001 Certification Body. 

This international standard captures organizational behavior and covers information and technology-based services for educational organizations. ISO 21001 Certification requires you to provide quality educational services while staying abiding by the guidelines implemented by ISO. Providers of informal education service organizations can also implement this international standard to streamline the quality control of their organizational services. 

This standard has an agreement with an internationally recognized management structure, called High-Level Structure HLS. This structure makes this standard easier to synchronize with many, existing ISO 9001 modules. 

This structure will save organizations operating a single ISO 9001 program across a broad variety of industries. The structure of ISO 21001 Certification helps ease a single management system that works according to multiple standards.

Such management systems are called Integrated Management Systems. ISO 21001:2018 Standards also includes very complete guidelines for its use. In particular, this includes specific guidelines for professional education institutions. 

For instance, Annex A extends specific requirements to Early Childhood Education providers, probably the Nursery schools and many academic institutions.

ISO 21001 Certification requirements are generic meant to render, facilitate, and share knowledge, no matter the size, type, product/services. To learn more, here are some common benefits to be noted:

  • Affirm the social responsibility of the education institutes towards teaching involving proper and equal quality opportunity for all.
  • Attract students; raise the chances of their participation.
  • Better “coordination” of vision and mission as per the policy. 
  • Empowering educational institutes to lift commitments and practices to enable quality education.
  • Encourage excellence and innovation among the institutes. 
  • Furthermore, to fill the contract for a scholarship, learning opportunities will remain an option lifelong.
  • Increase the credibility of the organization.
  • Inducing a culture for structural improvement.
  • Reach to harmonize primarily independent and open standards with a focus on finding mutual benefit for the industry.
  • To improve the quality of experience for all classrooms by incorporating different advanced and inclusive technologies. 
  • Validating, and raising the effectiveness, and efficiency of the educational institute by placing the EOSM system in place. 

The advisory process for ISO 21001 Certification Requirements provides the following EOMS principles: 

  • Giving priorities to students and other beneficiaries.
  • Inducing realistic leadership.
  • Improving people engagement.
  • Streamlining educational approaches.
  • Ensuring ethical comportment in educational systems.
  • Increasing social accountability of the institute.
  • Safety and protection of users’ data.

How Does Ascent Helps You Avail ISO 21001 Certification?

The Ascent EMIRATES has the experience of working with different educational services providers and can help you tailor your systems to suit the service quality and skyrocketing profits. 

By assessing and improving the organization, Ascent EMIRATES employs the use of already existing ISO 21001 Certification practices while further transforming them into unique processes, procedures, and practices. Service product enhancement can be accomplished through the service delivery organizing process. 

It follows the ensuing steps to achieve the certification:

    • Conducting a Gap Analysis to look for different issues and possible solutions to be employed. It ensures healthy practices and statutes inside the educational premises. 
    • Providing required training to the staff in implementing compliance risk assessment on ISO 21001.
    • Verifying and preparing ISO 21001 Mandatory Documents on behalf of the organization including the procedural documents developed under the strict guidance of Ascent Emirates’ ISO 17021 Certification Body. 
    • Enforce the documented management system.
    • Conduct an in-depth audit of the institution to improve the impression of the system.

The first audit reviews the management system and then, if it is satisfactory, the certificates are given to the company. ISO 21001:2018 Certificate remains valid for three years. 

Besides, every year, Ascent Emirate will conduct an annual surveillance audit to verify the accepted improvement trend of the organization. 

The number of surveillance audits is generally determined by Ascent EMIRATES certification body, the client himself, and an authority. It is mainly identified by the quantity of the functions that the certification account verifies and by the security importance of what it calibrates.

Why is ISO 21001 Productive?

ISO 21001:2018 is composed of a few directives that allocate different requirements of EOMS. The management system lies within the educational organizations that are in desperate need of it. The program is ideal for executing several works within an educational institute.

The satisfaction of learners is important. ISO targets each learner and other beneficiaries. The involvement of staff in the entire effective process of the application of EOMS including the system is huge. This is the assurance that learners and other associates can have from the standards of ISO 21001 Certification.

It doesn’t matter what the size of the institute is or its geographical location. ISO 21001 is also a valuable standard adopted by many big educational organizations. They are focusing on the education system including professional training of different people. This standard also sets its rules for such institutes that develop professors and educators to become a part of the system. 

However, the standard of ISO 21001 Certification is not applicable for different educational products, their manufacturers, or processes.

Principles of ISO 21001

EOMS is vital to draw certain principles first. Under ISO 21001 certification, different principles take place. To manage every bit of work, these are vital. Here is the list explaining each principle mentioned within ISO 21001.

  • Prime Target is on learners and other recipients- This is the motive of this program. Yes, improving the standards of education at each level must be the priority. To make everything strong, the positivity must start from the beginning and they will become great learners. Approaching them, ISO also targets other recipients who have separate and unsung roles to carry out every operation successfully.
  • Visionary leaders- With the build of a proper educational system, you need someone to carry the burden. By contributing the best step towards the training of senior members and learners, these ISO standards set the example of excellence and quality leadership within the organization.
  • Engagement of people- When the program of ISO 21001 will be activated, the management of engagement of each staff of your organization will notice great changes. The entire plan is to make a proper educational environment. That is what ISO 21001 Certification  standards are made for.
  • Process approach- This is the approach that makes a lot of impact on learners, training programs, and other activities of the educational system.
  • Progressive improvements- Being a part of the institute, everyone must give their best and dive into the pit of success. However, improvements are hard to come by if you have no radical strategies. This ISO standard is a great asset to bring that stature upward and continue the flow on the right path.
  • Relationship management- ISO 21001 has many principles. However, keeping a great relationship with organization, agency, and other sectors are great. The prime motive is to keep the work going in the favor of all learners and institutes.
  • Evidence-based decisions- Directives of ISO 21001 Certification are consistently focused on evidence. Because this is the source that leads you to the path of liberty in the educational system.
  • Ethical conduct- Each process requires to be completed on time; Ascent keeps that in mind to do the job as per the guidelines of ISO. This job requires great responsibility. So, appointing great professionals will do ethical conduct as per the guidelines of ISO 21001.
  • Social responsibility- The proper social message plays a vital role. When it is about education and its systematic order, social publicity and dissemination are necessary. Ascent takes a great role to do this.
  • Data security and protection- Ascent understands each principle of ISO 21001 precisely. As per the guidance, the protection of each piece of data and its security integrity must be kept a priority. Each of your data is safe as per guidelines within our observation.  

Who Should Apply for ISO 21001?

Educational institutes that have strong ties with various types of educational activities like teaching, learning, and other types of training or education programs are eligible. This standard sets the quality among educational institutes. It just brings everything in order to keep the process active and appropriate as per ISO 21001 Certification.



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