Secure the integrity of food protection & management of intentional organization/standardization. Here are some crucial steps to promote product under statutory laws.

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 is the food safety management system which aims to protect you from different food hazards and also ensure that the food meets the right standard with affirmative helping hands.

To gain a legal certificate, your organization must qualify for certain ISO 22000 Requirements. Ascent EMIRATES will help you to achieve the certificate of the standard.

ISO 22000:2018 – A Step Toward Food Security

For anything you do to complete the food chain supply or its reserve, the ISO 22000:2018 comes into play. The certification is a standard that signifies food management. It is effective at any stage of the supply chain. 

The alignment of ISO 22000:2018 is also available with ISO 9001 QMS and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The working methods of ISO 22000 are somewhat dependent on the principles of HACCP. 

Also, this certificate is a live source to state the needs of customers. Getting an ISO 22000:2018 Certificate completes all your requirements to open and run a food production or distributing firm in the UAE. 

ISO 22000 Certification Benefits :

There are several benefits that you can gain in your favor when you have fulfilled your ISO 22000 Requirements. 

Ascent holds a great role to gain benefits in different sections such as:

1. Customer Satisfaction:

Your company gets the best product delivery with high quality. Also, you satisfy the needs of customers and build your popularity among them. Your organization receives a great response from the client’s point of view. 

2. Hazard Management and Control:

Fulfilling all ISO 22000 Certification Requirements help you to control every verification at each phase. With maximum checking, you can skip the odds of hazards in the process of the food chain. Also, committing guarantee release is possible with improved products. 

3. On-Time Service:

A proper system will be there to assist you in maintaining the time. ISO 22000 Certification aids different types of investigating processes to check the quality of the products. Therefore, you save time. 

4. International Reputation:

The ISO 22000:2018 Certificate brings a lot of changes to your company. Yes, international recognition is possible with the certification. Ascent helps you to achieve this goal and lets your company’s name and fame be higher. 

5. Satisfying Legal Needs:

The certification process completes all requirements to operate as a legal entity. All the statutory and legal procedures come under the certification of ISO 22000. So, it conforms to all types of food safety. 

Difference Between ISO 22000:2018 & ISO 22000:2005

Well, not many comprehensive changes are there. However, a few modifications have taken place in the acts of ISO 22000:2018. The following points mention every change: 

  • High-level structure
  • Following the context with HACCP minutely 
  • Easier with the FSMS
  • Identifies the risk and adopts new technologies to solve them 
  • Simple plans to complete the “Do-Check-Act” motto

Pricing of ISO 22000 Certification :

Well, the ISO 22000 Certification Cost won’t bother you at all. In the Ascent Emirates, you get every detail and complete service at reasonable pricing. As per the supply of the food chain, the scope, the number of employees, the structure, and your company’s size is the categories to focus on. 

In the entire estimation for certification, these categories come into play. To get your estimation for free, Ascent gives you the step to take easily. After the valuation, your cost for the certification will be known. 

Requirements for ISO 22000 Certification :

Certain standards are set by the ISO to complete the certification protocol such as:

  • States the goal of FSMS
  • Satisfying the terms and conditions
  • Normative references
  • Context of your company
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Genuine support
  • Operation to conduct
  • Evaluating performance
  • Improvements 
ISO 22000 Certification

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES :

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

  1. Get the right education and training.
  2. Determine ISO 22000 conformity.
  3. Make the use of resources
  4. Go for the (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology 
  5. Work 24*7
  6. Greatest and most in-depth professional training and auditing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the authentic receiver of this ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System ?
ISO 22000 certification is suitable for organizations that are in the food chain process. 

The following categories come under this scheme:

  • Farmers
  • Food Processors
  • Additive Producers
  • Hotels And Catering Service Providers
  • Deliverers Of Machinery (Associated with Food Process)
  • Food Retailers, Transporters, Manufacturers, Etc.
What is the required time for the ISO 22000 Certification?
The certificate can be obtained within three to nine months depending on the nature and size of your industry. After setting all standards, the next process is to deliver a certification audit by an authentic person. This task is helpful to prevail in every phase smoothly. 
For how long is ISO 22000 Certification valid?
Well, the approval of the ISO 22000 FSMS is valid for 3 years from its issued date. Also, it requires re-certification and annual surveillance after its expiry. 
Is there any similarity between FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000?
No, not a chance! ISO 22000 stands for the ISO published international standard for FSMS, i.e., Food Safety Management System. However, FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) receives its recognition under the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).
How are HACCP and ISO 22000 on different paths?
HACCP is a part of ISO 22000 that opposes different hazards and identifies various risks. It all starts from the inception of the place to the chain process. This HACCP comes under the Critical Control Point (CPP). The process is ideal for harmonizing food safety hazards.  



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