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ISO 22301 certification should be an essential requirement for any company legally required to participate in contingency planning. This includes transportation, utilities health, and other important public health services. It is up to you whether you have to apply the standard in order to stay in compliance with the regulations of your industry or not. Seeking ISO 22301 Certification can help your company build resilience and enhance the management of risk.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity, What is the Latest Version of this Standard?

On the 31st of October 2019, the most current edition of the ISO 22301 standard was published, ISO 22301:2019. It is a revision of ISO 22301, 2012. The goal is to improve it “more streamlined and practical” according to the ISO. As per the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) businesses can transition from ISO 22301:2012 and ISO 22301, 2019 through the 30th April 2023.

Note: This deadline has been, delayed because of the Covid-19 crisis. The new version of the standard is generally well-received and the transition from older versions to the latest variants of the standards have been viewed as not too difficult benefit-added procedure.

ISO 22301:2019 gives businesses the most current assurance of resilience and security. Ensure that their business continuity management systems are in line with the international standards set up by ISO 22301 Certification Requirements.

The Relationship with ISO 22301:2012

There’s no major difference between ISO 22301:2012 versus ISO 22301:2019. Both models require the involvement of senior management, and the new model is a reflection of the elements needed to ensure an effective BCMS.

ISO 22301:2012 was first published in May 2012 and was amended in June of that same year. The requirements for managing systems outlined by business continuity management were intended to apply to all businesses ISO 22301 Certification Cost. The extent to which these standards are implemented will depend on the operational environment and size of the company, like how one develops their scope for other management system standard like ISO 27001 Certification.

Although a variety of concepts and terms in the field of management for business continuity have been updated to improve understanding and conform to established practices, Clause 8; Operation is the primary section where there have been changes.

What Is Business Continuity Management, and Why Do You Need It?

If your business was hit by a catastrophe or a crisis, will your company be able to continue? When natural catastrophes and incidents are afoot, there’s little time to create a reaction plan, especially when the most important individuals, processes infrastructure, networks, and other services essential to the business are affected.

A catastrophe is not limited to the horizon. It could impact the continuity of your business internally as well as externally, impacting your customers as well as the supply chain as well. No matter if you’re an individual or a major enterprise, you are likely to experience the consequences. The main goal in ISO 22301 Business Continuity in UAE is to minimize the risk of threats and ensure that the company responds quickly to major disruptions which could threaten its future.

ISO 22301 for Value-Creating Activities of Your Business:

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Certification is all about competent and efficient leadership. It is essential to provide a basis for building resilience to events and also the capability to react effectively, protecting the interest of most important clients, reputation, and the value-creating activities of your business.

A business continuity plan that includes a clearly defined management system must ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities and roles. If there is an unplanned event, it is vital to be able to established processes and procedures.

A lot of our customers create simple, but effective business continuity plans using to ensure they meet ISO 27001 and protecting their essential information assets. Some customers go further by implementing ISO 22301 and introduce more advanced resilience planning and prevention and the response to emergencies.

The Bottom Line!!

ISO 22301 can be applied to all organizations and industries. The necessity of business continuity is recognized in various other standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27031 and the UK GDPR. 

If you’re looking to protect your business from disruptive events, learn further about the importance of business continuity planning and the advantages it offers.

Ascent EMIRATES provides ISO 22301 Business Continuity management frameworks as part of its package of services. This means that businesses who want to transfer their existing business continuity management system can also do so, as can those who are implementing ISO 22301 for the first time.

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