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ISO 22301 Certification in UAE


The ISO 22301 Certification in UAE is the international standard that deals with business continuity. With the ever-growing population, it has become obligatory for business bodies to expand in order to earn profit. This requires better infrastructure and a lot of economic support.

What is ISO 22301 Certification?

A business continuity plan works to ensure the continued survival of a business body. The ISO 22301 standard can be embraced by any organization, small or large, new or old, located anywhere around the world. Its aim is to protect the business from disruptions and let it grow over a long period of time.

The certification ensures an organization’s susceptibility to any kind of disruptions and its strength to recover from them quickly. Twenty-one countries around the world have accepted the standard so far.

Besides, we have a widespread recognition over the areas of ISO 22301 Certification in UAE viz: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Furthermore, apart from the UAE, we also have also our coverage widespread in and around Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

ISO 22301 Certification in Brief:

Potential disruptions happen way too much in business these days. Disasters do not come announcing. The larger the size of the business, the more the surrounding worries. Potential disruptions often range from equipment failure to unexpected power cut, or from industrial dysfunction to natural disaster. 

All these can hinder the growth of a business or even may force it to stop operating. It can affect the business both from the inside and on the outside. So, therefore, it was required to have a set of standards to protect the businesses and their operations.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification:

The ISO 22301 Certification in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Protection against disruption- The main aim of ISO 22301 is to protect a business, financially and also its assets, by preventing potential disruptions or stoppage in operations. It works much like an insurance policy by preventing disruptive incidents and also by being able to recover from the situation with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Certification, efficiently and faster.
  • Enhanced reliability- It enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of an organization. This creates an atmosphere of welcome for the organization around the world. Being certified to the standard enhances the affinity of the customer towards the organization. 
  • Product performance- It increases the performance of the products to meet the standard of the ISO 22301. To meet the requirements of the standard, an organization has to upgrade the quality of the product.
  • Competition- The ISO 22301 Consultant in Dubai gives an organization the advantage in competition by increasing business stability. It gives the certified organization an edge over non-certified ones.
  • Manpower- This creates a proper system to monitor the performance of the personnel working within the organization.
  • Preventive measures- The ISO 22301 Certification in UAE keeps an eye on all the processes and makes sure that none of the operations or procedures led to any kind of disruption.
  • Procedural ease – The procedure of certification is very simple and lucid. For that, the certification becomes a lot easier.
  • Customer Satisfaction – A business that can work without any kind of disruptions can always bring more customer satisfaction through smooth operations.
  • Brand Value – Brand value is a key to every business. Operating without any potential disruptions often sets a high brand value for a business body.

Strengths of Ascent EMIRATES

Worried about how to contain potential disruptions in business? Don’t; Ascent EMIRATES will help you in systematically arranging the process and offer a hand-holding service in acquiring the certificate. We are one of the leading consultants on ISO 22301 Certification in UAE business continuity management.

  • Helps to acquire the certificate without any extra hassle and documentation process. Ascent has qualified experts with a professional attitude to handle your various problems related to conformity and certification of the standard. 
  • Works 24*7 for their customers and clients with a simple motto “No extra cost than the offered fees” to an organization. 
  • Have the ISO 22301 Certification in UAE lead auditors to help you in acquiring the certificate.
  • Explains the importance and implementation of the standard.
  • Prepares and mentors you throughout the process of achieving the certificate.
  • There is no compromise when it comes to protecting your business from potential disruptions, which is why you can trust Ascent to provide reliable and innovative ISO 22301 Certification in UAE solutions to your problems.

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into ISO 22301 Certification in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one is the latest version of the ISO 22301 Certificate?

The ISO 22301 latest version is ISO 22301:2019. It was published on 31st October, 2019. Mostly, there have been minor changes from the previous version, i.e., ISO 22301:2012. But, the main area that has been changed is the Clause 8, Operations.

Can you protect your assets and other valuable data with ISO 22301?

Yes, it is possible to bring security tight in terms of different cases such as profits, turnover, and other assets of the company. ISO 22301 Certification in UAE, Oman is a great option to bring these changes to its continuity without causing any issue while sanctioning. 

Why does ISO 22301 in Abu Dhabi allow training of employees?

Training is vital to understand each concept of this certification briefly. The way to receive your business continuity management certification isn’t that easy. You need someone worthy to teach you appropriately by developing a BCP plan and other improvements in it. Ascent is the best source that conducts training of your employees for the ISO 22301.

What is the price to pay for a client to get ISO 22301 Standard?

Well, ISO 22301 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah depends on different factors such as the size of your business, progress, documentation, number of employees, geographical location, and much more. Apart from that, the best option is to go with Ascent. 

What is the total timeline of ISO 22301 Certificate?

Every certification in the UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia comes with a validity. In the case, it offers 3 years of validity by completing all types of formal assessment. Each part of your work won’t go unnoticed by Ascent.  



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