ISO 37001 Certification

ISO 37001 Certification Anti-Bribery Management Systems

Brush out the corruption or bribery from your Organization by adopting ISO 37001 Certification in Dubai for Anti Bribery Management System Standard.

What is ISO 37001 Certification?

The business world today sees stringent global trade practices, freezing of accounts, sanctions, or penalties for any manipulation and illegal use. ISO 37001 Certification is the new worldwide standard for Anti-bribery Management Systems published in the year 2016 by the International Organization for Standardization. The standard is framed in such a way that organizations assist in implementing and maintaining specific measures in preventing, detecting, and addressing bribery in the organization and its business activities.

This standard includes and methodises the prevention of Bribery activities carried by the Organization or against the Organization. ISO 37001 Certification standard is for Anti Bribery and is obligating as the instrument to certify the Anti Corruption program. So, ISO 37001 Certification assists organizations with understanding, investigating, and maintaining their inside and outside procedures in preventing bribery within the organization’s context. To maintain the business ethics of the organization, ISO 37001:2016 provides a responsible approach to ensure ethical business practices. It is a critical part of any reputable and successful organization to demonstrate the commitment to combating bribery with ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management Certification.

Companies and other kinds of organizations can and should proactively fight through the dedicated commitment of their leaders to establish a culture of integrity, honesty, and compliance with the ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System standard, and one that fights against bribery and corruption.

Benefits of ISO 37001 Certification

Demonstrating anti-bribery efforts, to control bribery and corruption risks helps the organization with:

  1. Ethical business practices
  2. Gain trust and confidence throughout your entire value chain
  3. Strengthen your brand in competitive markets
  4. Helps in Legal Compliance of the Law
  5. Reduce the risk of bribery
  6. Avoid downtime and financial losses
  7. Future security issues and concerns
  8. Control Mechanism
  9. Risk assessments
  10. Due diligence

Requirements of ISO 37001 Certification

Establish an Anti-bribery policy in an organization

  • Proper Documentation (Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions, Policies and Formats/Records) in due diligence
  • Anti-bribery compliance and control person responsible for breach of the ISO 37001 Standard compliance
  • Risk Assessments involved in the Process(Internal/External)
  • Establish Control mechanisms to restrict any type of bribery/Corruption involved
  • Reporting and investigation procedures for the maintenance of the standard
  • Conduct regular Internal Audit

Why do you need an ISO 37001 Certification?

ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System fills in as the precaution related to bribery dangers and to energize an OK business culture. It encourages anti-bribery-laws and intentional duties relevant to its exercises to anticipate, distinguish and react to the remuneration of the law.

Turning into an ISO 37001 certified proficient encourages you to separate yourself from all the rivals in the market and helps in prevention from imposing harsher penalties on employees, directors, and organizations. Thus, ISO 37001 Certification helps an organization to mitigate bribery risk in their operations and global value chains.

Which organization needs ISO 37001 Certification?

Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, any organization can wish to incorporate ISO 37001 certificate whether large or small, in any country to provides a manageable business framework for preventing, detecting, and addressing bribery risks that can potentially reduce corporate costs related to bribery misconducts.

Strength Of Ascent Emirates


  • ISO does not provide certification, though we develop and certify the standard.
  • Certification from a recognized body only gets approval in front of the government.
  • Ascent grants right education regarding coordination of employees and management helps in achieving ISO 37001 Standard.
  • Ascent EMIRATES works 24X7 (even on odd days) to cater to customer needs all over the world.
  • Ascent facilitates stringent and in-depth professional training and audit. We guide you with clean budget knowledge with no single penny more and no hidden expenses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ISO 37001 Certification obligatory?
Just like other ISO standards, ISO 37001 is a voluntary standard that depends on the organization’s needs. It is not a mandatory standard per se. It is an obligatory standard.
2. How long is ISO 37001 valid for?
After the successful Audit, the validity of the certification lasts for 3 years; requires passing the annual Surveillance and Re-Certification.
3. What is the cost of ISO 37001 Certification in Dubai?
The cost of the ISO 37001 Certificate depends on the nature and size of the Organization. ISO 37001 
4. What is the difference between bribery and corruption?
Bribery is a narrow concept than Corruption. Corruption thus includes various types of offenses such as misappropriation, abuse of functions, concealment, and obstruction of justice.
5. What types of bribery does the Standard address?
For the Standard, bribery is an undue advantage that could be financial or non-financial, directly or indirectly and irrespective of location(s).



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