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ISO 45001 is the first International Standard dealing with occupational health & safety at working premises.This international standard proposes single and lucid framework for all businesses aspiring improvement of their OH&S performances. Generally, these frameworks have a dual purpose. Firstly to stay in compliance with the local regulatory framework, and secondly to demonstrate a complying environment to the community. The top management of the business aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees, subcontractors, neighbors and visitors. To effectively accomplish this goal, it is highly vital to control all influences that has a probability to result into illness, minor injury, major injury and in extreme cases death. This is done by mitigating the adversarial effects on physical, mental and cognitive state of every individual working in relation to the business.

ISO 45001 has superseded OHSAS 18001 which was considered as the yardstick for occupational health & safety in the recent history.ISO 45001 has been issued as a brand new and discrete standard, and not a revised version or update. OHSAS 18001 will be phased out gradually by 2021. Businesses are now required to revise their current approach and work culture in order to maintain compliance and certification. The new standard has a higher capacity to fit into other management system standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 like a jig-saw.

Mandatory Requirements:


  • The scope of the OH&S management system
  • OH&S policy
  • Responsibilities and authorities within OH&SMS
  • OH&S process for addressing risks and opportunities
  • Methodology and criteria for assessment of OH&S risks
  • OH&S objectives and plans for achieving them
  • Emergency preparedness and response process


  • OH&S risks and opportunities and actions for addressing them
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Evidence of competence
  • Evidence of communications
  • Plans for responding to potential emergency situations
  • Results on monitoring, measurements, analysis and performance evaluation
  • Maintenance, calibration or verification of monitoring equipment
  • Compliance evaluation results
  • Internal audit program
  • Internal audit report
  • Results of management review
  • Nature of incidents or nonconformities and any subsequent action is taken
  • Results of any action and corrective action, including their effectiveness
  • Evidence of the results of continual improvement
  • Systematic compliance to requirements laid by regulators, the public, and other interested parties. Highlighted being proactive about OH&S and continual improvement.
  • It offers the business to get highlighted as an elite category of business and internationally recognized.ISO 45001 puts the business on a level of superiority against other non-certified organizations.
  • Meets expectations of current and prospective customers for a confident and continued business relationship. Thus the businesses get engaged with cream of clients that accept qualified and responsible businesses.
  • Builds an atmosphere of best industrial practices.
  • Improves employee self-confidence, reduced insurance costs, reduced liabilities and welfare of others
  • Enhances compliance mechanism to all current legislative framework and other subscribed regulations
  • Reduces workplace illness and injury and increases productivity. Reduces fear of accidents while doing work freely.
  • Develops a plane for reducing insurance premiums and continuous demonstration of due diligence to the market.
  • Better & systematic identification of occupational health & safety hazards and risk.
  • Enhanced safety assurance of all people associated with the organization
  • Includes monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators for OH&S. This not only draws management’s attention but also keeps generating data based on which the objectives can be framed and compared on a continuous basis.
  • Internal auditing becomes mandatory and continuously keeps a check of deviating conditions.
  • Transforms OH&S from reactiveness to proactiveness
  • Many other benefits drawn based on how the organization strategizes the usage of ISO 45001
  • An existing business that has complied to OHSAS 18001, are generally not able to determine where we should take this new project. Some organizations think we may need to completely discard the old system and develop a 100% new system to conform to ISO 45001.
  • Organizations find it difficult to integrate the concepts based on the major requirements – issue management, interested party expectations and the hazard identification & risk assessment.
  • People deliberately violating rules, giving excuses that the practices reduce their pace of work. This directly concerns the management and sometimes the management chooses to by-pass the practices to maintain the pace.
  • The resistance of people to change
  • No enough people to prepare the documentation
  • Some organizations have a perception that the best practices would induce heavier expenses and jeopardize profitability.
  • Some people think this is for very large organizations to implement
  • Difficulty in integrating the statutory and regulatory requirements with the ISO 45001 system
  • Some organizations think they are already covered by the mandatory statutory and regulatory OH&S audits by the Municipality, Civil Defense or other governing bodies.
  • Lack of manpower.

How can Ascent Emirates help you?

Ascent has a ready solution to all the difficulties mentioned above. The following strategies which are typically unique, helps the Ascent clientele to overcome and acquire desired recognitions/ certification:

  • Ascent has very high expertise in aligning the new ISO 45001 requirements within any level of existing OH&S set-up. Ascent helps organizations amalgamate both systems to create one, with no repetitions and redundancies.
  • Ascent helps integrate the issues, opportunities, risks, their assessment and creating a priority-based decision making culture. Ascent aligns the steps of initial determination of OH&S issues, findings the opportunities and using the risks to synchronize with the HIRA structure to determine appropriate mitigating measures.
  • Ascent trainings are motivating. They create an environment of competition towards a positive approach to compliance. Motivated personnel spend more time is the betterment of their own areas and make them risk-free. The Ascent trainings also dilutes resistances and removes the fear from changes.
  • Organizations do not require special manpower to prepare the documentation. Ascent takes contracts for documentation development based on the actual organizational needs and best practices adoptable within the capacities.
  • Ascent also speaks about RoI against the OH&S practices. Separate contracts are entertained, for the study of losses due to OH&S failure and what can be the cost-saving by investing on safety culture.
  • ISO 45001 is a very generic standard and has a capability to amalgamate with any size of the organization and with any degree of mandatory legal compliance needs. This standard can be implemented from a one man organization upto very very large scale organizations.
  • Ascent helps organizations understand how safety is everybody’s responsibility. Ascent also helps organizations to homogeneously distribute OH&S responsibilities and authorities so that no additional manpower is needed to such initiatives. A small system for a small company – a bigger system for a bog one.



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