ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001 Certification


What is ISO 50001 Certification?

ISO 50001 is an internationally approved standard to provide your organization to have healthy energy consumption by reducing the adverse impact on the environment and gaining profitability. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed a new standard for energy management system EnMS ISO 50001 certification at a company level. This standard similar to other ISO standards requires continual improvements. The certification’s main call is to establish policies for energy efficiency, meet goals of policies, check policies effectiveness, sustainable use of renewable energy resources, and make continual improvements in the energy management system. Applying ISO 50001 certification helps in verifying that the guidelines of a standard and also in conformance with Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) UK Legislation.

ISO 50001 is consistent with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the application of the standard.

Benefits of ISO 50001:2018

1. New policies for energy management:
Implementation of ISO 50001 helps the organization to make new energy consumption and
reduction policies for sustainable usage of resources.

2. Carbon reduction:
Setting new goals helps in reducing the footprint of carbon emission and greenhouse gases from an organization help in a positive response from the public.

3. Financial saving:
Efficient usage of resources helps in reducing the financial cost of an organization. Helps in gaining the set goals.

4. Legal requirements:
ISO Energy management system helps your organization in understanding and meeting the statutory requirements that impact your organization and its customers.

5. Awareness about saving energy:
Employees at all levels work efficiently and save energy preventing energy-related hazards.

6. Increased credibility:
Independent brand image in the market globally increases your credibility and speaks about your organization.

What’s new in ISO 50001:2018 from ISO 50001:2011 version?

Organization adopted ISO 50001:2011 should transit their standard to ISO 50001:2018 published by August 21, 2018. In this standard of energy management system have been several changes to match the current business scenario. Foremost change is the ‘High-Level Structure’, Competence through training, updated documented information Energy performance indicator were eliminated in the 2011 version.

Why we need an ISO 50001 Certification?

If you want to go green and reduce the usage of energy for sustainable development and use the resources efficiently then ISO 50001 Certification is for you. It sustainable expenditure of energy.

If your organization already in compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 then gaining ISO 50001 becomes easy. As ISO 14001 outlines for ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

How much does ISO EnMS 50001 certification cost?

The price of implementing ISO 50001 certification depends on numerous factors like the nature and size of an organization. For detailed Information Contact Ascent world.

What are the requirements of ISO 50001 certification?

1. Planning and type of energy consumed.

2. Formulation of policy.

3. Determining the scope of the energy management system.

4. Analysis of the implementation of the policy.

5. Improvements as per standard(required if any).

6. Fulfilling the legal documents.

7. Maintaining up to date records.

Which industries require ISO 50001 certification?

Usage of energy is necessary for all irrespective of size, culture, or social conditions.ISO 50001 EnMS is developed to get aligned with other standards implemented by ISO. As EnMS 50001 certification is for everyone, the standard has not prescribed any regulations and controls. The guidelines can be implemented in various ways depending upon the nature of an organization.

Strength Of Ascent Emirates


  • Ascent EMIRATES provides the right education and training to employees and management even utilize methods of making use of resources available in the organization and helps in achieving ISO 50001 Standard.
  • We facilitate simple, lucid, and synchronized solutions to acquire ISO 50001 certification for single-site owners, multi-site owners, projects, and even group certification. This approach helps a faster and hassle-free ISO 50001 certification.
  • We have highly experienced Consultant resources who help the employees understand the actual intent, milestones, tasks, processes, and requirements for Chain of Custody or Projects to get ISO 50001 certified.
  • We have the capability to set the path for ISO 50001 certification, both as a standalone method, or synchronized or integrated with the existing management system.
  • We ensure complete conformity with ISO 50001 certification requirements and have experience auditors.
  • Our fee structure is highly reasonable and based on the actual effective work done. The ISO 50001 certification part has standard fees based on the nature and magnitude of the business.
  • We provide effective plans and roadmaps for the ISO 50001 certification, based on clear-cut timelines. We deliver as committed in terms of timelines and service quality.
  • Once the ISO 50001 auditing process is completed, we facilitate the issue of the ISO 50001 certificate that is fastest in the industry.

Get yourself Energy Management System ISO 50001 certified by dropping your requirements Ascent Emirates available 24X7 all over the world for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of EnMS 50001?
The full form of EnMS is Energy Management System. Is an ISO standard for the efficient usage of energy resources.


How long will ISO 50001 certification take?
Based on the size of the organization ISO 50001 certification can take approximately six months to completely implement the standard to your organization and achieve the benefits of the standard.
How Long does ISO 50001 certification is valid?
ISO 50001 certification is valid for three years from the date of implementation and requires annual surveillance for audit and recertification. ISO 50001 Certification
What are the benefits of EnMS 50001?
The application of EnMS benefits your organization in the long run financially as well as economically. Its guidelines lead your organization to go green by sustainable use of resources by providing quality products. More benefits
Does my organization needs ISO 50001?
NO, it is not a mandatory certificate. You can get ISO 50001 if you make your organization a systematic approach for the usage of energy resources and make maximum gain in return without overuse of resources. Making resources sustainable.   



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