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ISO 9001 and Process Approach


Organized Framework for Companies to Document, Identify & Improve Procedures – ISO 9001 and Process Approach.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems (QMS) which provides an environment for companies to establish, implement, manage and constantly improve their quality-management processes. The Process Approach in QMS is an important concept in ISO 9001, emphasizing the importance of directing processes efficiently in order to reach the desired results and satisfy customer demands.

ISO 9001 and Process Approach in Brief:

Process Approach ISO 9001 is an essential concept in the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. It stresses the importance of analyzing, managing, and enhancing processes to attain the desired results and satisfy the requirements of the customer effectively. The process approach offers an organized framework for companies to document, identify and improve procedures systematically.

Importance of Process Approach Certification:

The process approach certificate, particularly in relation specifically to ISO 9001 certification obtained through the implementation of the process approach, is crucial for companies.  Here are some of the main reasons for why the process approach certificate is beneficial:
  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction method helps companies concentrate on satisfying the needs of customers and providing high-quality products and services.

  2. Increased Operational Efficiency: The process approach is focused on the improvement of processes to ensure that they are clearly defined, efficient and efficiently managed.

  3. Standardization and Consistency: The process approach is designed to promote the standardization and consistency of the operations.

  4. Achieving effective risk management: This method encourages companies to take an active approach to managing risk.

  5. Continuous Improvement Culture: This approach closely aligns to the idea of continual improvement.

  6. Competitive Advantage: Process Approach Certification, specifically ISO 9001 certification, serves as an assurance of reliability and quality.

  7. Requirements for Contracts and Regulations in certain industries or for contracts that are specific, to the process approach certification could be a requirement for contracting.
Certification of Process Approaches in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq can bring numerous advantages to companies. These benefits are: enhanced customer satisfaction as well as operational efficiency and risk management, continuous improvement, competitive advantage and the ability to meet contractual or regulatory specifications. It is a testimony to an organization’s dedication to quality management, and could help ensure long-term success and sustainable development.

Step-by-Step Guide to ISO 9001 and Process Approach:

Learn about how to go with the ISO 9001 and Process Approach:

  1. Standard: Familiarize yourself with the ISO 9001 standard to gain an understanding of its specifications, structure, and terms.
  2. The context of your organization: Identify the external and internal elements that influence your organization’s capabilities.
  3. Create the Quality Policy as well as Objectives Create an effective quality policy that is aligned with your business’s mission and strategy.
  4. Determine and map the key processes: Determine the most important processes in your company that are integral to the achievement of your quality targets.
  5. Define Process Outputs, Inputs, and Criteria as information, resources and other materials.
  6. Plan and implement processes: Develop specific procedures and instructions for each step of the process.
  7. Monitor and measure performance: Perform your processes based on defined guidelines.
  8. Take Corrective and Preventive actions: If deviations or irregularities are observed, begin corrective actions to resolve the immediate problem and avoid the occurrence of similar issues.
  9. Continuous Improvement: Create a culture of constant improvement within your business.
  10. Conduct internal audits regularly: conduct internal audits to evaluate the effectiveness and conformity in your Quality Management System.
  11. Manager Review: Hold regularly scheduled management reviews to review the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  12. External Certification: If wanted or necessary, you can engage an external certification organization to conduct an audit and issue ISO 9001 certification.

Requirements of ISO 9001 and Process Approach:

Here are a few key elements that define the method of operation for ISO 9001 Requirements:

  1. The context of the organization (Clause 4) The organizations are required to identify the internal and external factors that affect their QMS, and to identify the expectations and needs of all parties involved.
  2. Management (Clause 5) Management at the top is accountable for demonstrating the qualities of leadership and dedication towards the QMS.
  3. The process of planning (Clause 6) Organizations are required to develop a QMS to deal with threats and opportunities.
  4. Assistance (Clause 7) The right resources, such as competent infrastructure, staff, and information that is documented should be available to ensure the efficient running of the processes.
  5. Operations (Clause 8) The clause focuses on the control and implementation of procedures to meet the requirements of customers.
  6. Assessment of Performance (Clause 9) Organizations must monitor and analyze, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of their procedures.
  7. Enhancement (Clause 10) The process method is closely tied to continuous improvement.

Although ISO 9001 Certification does not provide an exact checklist of requirements for the approach to process, These clauses emphasize the importance of implementing an approach based on processes throughout the standard’s development. The processes of organizations in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq must be viewed as being interconnected and controlled systematically in order to reach the desired results and continuous improvement.

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