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PEFC Certification


PEFC as Environmental Governance:

PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is an international organization which promotes sustainable forest management using the certification process. PEFC’s Market Driven Environmental Governance (MDEG) is an accreditation scheme focusing on sustainable practices and environmental governance within the supply chain based on forests.

PEFC as Environmental Governance in Brief:

PEFC as Environmental Governance certification generally allows companies to show that they are committed to sustainable practice, increase their environmental efficiency, reduce risk, and gain an advantage in the market. It helps create an environmentally sustainable and sustainable business environment.

When you obtain a PEFC MDEG certificate in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, businesses prove their commitment to sustainable sourcing and environmental stewardship. This certification gives assurance to businesses, customers as well as other users that the products certified are sourced from sustainable and well-managed sources. It also allows companies to access markets and customers who are interested in products that are environmentally responsible and supports their efforts in achieving sustainability targets.

Importance of Market-Driven Environmental Governance Certification:

  • PEFC as Environmental Governance MDEG certification guarantees that wood and paper-based products from certified forests comply with specific environmental standards and requirements. It covers many aspects of environmental governance, which include:
  • Sustainability in Forest Management: PEFC MDEG certification confirms that the forest from which products are harvested sustainably. This covers issues like the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of habitats in sensitive areas, as well as the sustainable use of forest resources.
  • Legal Conformity: PEFC MDEG certification requires conformity with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the management of forests and the sale of products from forests. 

Importance of Market-Driven Environmental Governance Certification:

The PEFC as Environmental Governance is crucial in the present business climate. It is a method to assess and verify the sustainability and environmental performance practices of businesses and organizations. Here are a few reasons why market-driven environmental governance certification is crucial:

  1. Accredibility and Credibility: The certification gives confidence and credibility to consumers as well as investors and other others. It ensures that an organization’s policies and environmental claims are independently verified and conform to certain requirements. This improves the credibility and trustworthiness of the organization that has been certified.
  2. Prevention of Risks: The environmental Governance certification assists companies in identifying and reducing environmental risks. It is a method of monitoring and evaluating environmental impacts while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and implementing efficient environmental management methods. 
  3. Continuous Improvement: Certification encourages an environment of continual improvement within companies. It requires businesses to establish targets for environmental performance, track performance, and then take remedial actions if needed.
  4. Certification for Regulatory Compliance: It allows companies to stay current with changing environmental regulations and demands. It helps ensure that companies know and abide by the relevant laws, regulations, as well as industry standards.

How to Promote Products Using PEFC Environmental Governance in Market?

Promoting products in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq that have PEFC as Environmental Governance accreditation requires a thoughtful method to effectively communicate the environmental and sustainable benefits to your intended audience. 

Here are some strategies to advertise your products using PEFC MDEG Certification:

  • Highlight the certification: Use your PEFC MDEG certification prominently displayed in your marketing materials for your product. Place your PEFC logo on your product labels, packaging or on your website as well as other marketing materials. This logo is an iconic sign demonstrating your dedication to responsible environmental practices and sustainable sources.
  • Focus on Environmental Benefits: Highlight the particular environmental benefits that come with using your PEFC MDEG certification of products. 
  • Share Your Story of Sustainability:
      1. Tell the motivation behind your dedication to sustainable sourcing and environmental stewardship.
      2. Source.
      3. Discuss how your business adheres to the guidelines of sustainable forest management, as well as the steps you take to protect the integrity of your supply chain.
      4. Employ storytelling techniques to connect with customers and build an emotional connection to your brand and its products.

Get involved with the sustainability industry’s influencers. Look for sustainable influencers and bloggers or companies in your field with large popularity and credibility within the environmental field. Work with them to advertise the benefits of your PEFC as Environmental Governance products via reviews of products, endorsements, and sponsored posts. Their endorsement can boost the message you are trying to convey and help reach a larger public.

Integration of Your Marketing Efforts – Inclusion of PEFC Accreditation:

Make sure you integrate your marketing efforts across different channels, and always increase the message that you have included in the PEFC MDEG accreditation. By promoting your certified products effectively, you can increase awareness, reach out to people who are environmentally conscious, and establish your brand’s value in the marketplace.

PEFC Certification is a key element in sustainability in the management of forest resources, the conservation of biodiversity, and sustainable production and consumption of paper-based and wood-based goods.

Connect with Ascent EMIRATES and learn more about environment governance. Further, look for other ISO Certification systems. 



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