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PEFC Certification


Certificate or Endorsement Tailored Exclusively to Fashion Related Products – PEFC Certification for Fashion Goods.

PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management and offers certification of products made from responsibly sourced wood and forest-based materials. 

When fashion goods contain wood-based materials such as rayon, modal or cellulose fibers from forests, PEFC Certification for Fashion Goods can be used in their production. In such cases, manufacturers may use PEFC-certified materials to ensure the sustainability and responsible sourcing of the wood-based components used in their fashion goods.

The PEFC certification scheme assures that wood and forest-based materials come from sustainably managed forests. It includes a chain-of-custody certification that tracks the flow of certified materials throughout the supply chain and ensures they can be traced back to certified sources.

While PEFC Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq may be relevant to specific components of fashion goods, broader certifications and standards, such as those mentioned in the previous, often cover a more comprehensive range of sustainability and ethical considerations in the fashion industry.

Importance of Fashion Goods Certification for UAE-Based Industry:

PEFC Certification for Fashion Goods play an essential role in society, and their significance can be viewed from a variety of angles:

  1. Self-expression and identity: fashion goods allow individuals to express their personality, creativity, and individuality. People can express their tastes, values, and cultural affiliation through clothing, accessories, and the choice of personal style.
  2. Cultural and artistic expressions: Fashion goods often reflect cultural traditions, historical influences, and artistic creativity. They serve as a medium for designers to express their creative vision, celebrate different cultures, and contribute to the cultural diversity of society.
  3. Economic Impact: The fashion industry has a significant economic impact worldwide. It encompasses design, manufacturing, retail, marketing, and various related sectors, creating jobs and contributing to economic growth. Fashion goods are traded internationally, creating opportunities for businesses, artisans, and workers throughout the supply chain.
  4. Innovation and design: fashion goods are at the forefront of design and innovation. Fashion designers and brands continually push boundaries, experiment with new materials, technologies, and aesthetics, drive industry innovation and influence other creative disciplines.
  5. Social and environmental responsibility: the fashion industry’s impact on society and the environment is increasingly recognized. Sustainable fashion practices, including ethical sourcing, fair labor practices, and a reduced environmental footprint, are gaining traction. Fashion goods that adhere to these principles contribute to a more responsible and sustainable industry.
    It’s crucial to specify that the meaning of fashion goods in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq can vary depending on the individual and culture. While fashion can be a source of joy, self-expression, and creativity, it’s important to consider its social and environmental impacts and advocate for a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry.

How to Document PEFC Certification for Fashion Goods?

To document PEFC Certification for Fashion Goods, generally follow these steps:

  1. Identify PEFC-certified components: determine if all wood-based materials in your fashion goods are sourced from PEFC-certified suppliers. This may include fabrics made from rayon, modal fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  2. Get PEFC chain of custody certification: If your fashion goods contain PEFC-certified materials, you must obtain PEFC chain of custody certification. This certification ensures that certified materials can be traced back to their certified sources and properly handled and labeled throughout the production process.
  3. Choose a certification body: Contact a PEFC Certified in UAE certification body to begin the certification process. Certification bodies are independent organizations that conduct audits and issue certifications. 
  4. Pre-assessment and preparation: prior to the formal certification audit, the certification body may conduct a pre-assessment to assess your organization’s readiness for certification. At this stage, you can identify any gaps or areas for improvement in your processes, documentation, and supply chain management in relation to PEFC requirements.
  5. Certification audit: the certification body conducts an on-site audit to verify that you meet PEFC supply chain-of-custody requirements. The audit typically includes:
      • A review of your documentation.
      • Interviews with key personnel.
      • A physical inspection of your facilities and inventory.
  6. Corrective actions and issuance of certification: if nonconformities or areas for improvement are identified during the audit, you must address them and provide evidence of disciplinary actions. Once all requirements are met, the certification body issues the PEFC in UAE for the chain of custody.
  7. Ongoing compliance and surveillance audits: To maintain certification, you must undergo periodic surveillance audits conducted by the certification body. These audits ensure continuing compliance with PEFC requirements and help identify necessary changes or updates to your processes or supply chain.

It is crucial to specify that the certification process may vary because of the specific requirements of the certification body and the particular circumstances of your business. Consulting with Ascent EMIRATES, a PEFC-accredited ISO Certification body, will provide detailed guidance and support throughout the certification process for your fashion goods.



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