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PEFC Certification


PEFC Chain of Custody Certification Used for Other Forest Products – PEFC Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products.

PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is known primarily for its forest management certifications for timber products and other timber-based items. But, PEFC provides a certification process called PEFC Chain of Custody Certification that could be used for other forest products not derived from timber (NTFPs) subject to certain conditions.

PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate assures that the certified NTFPs come from sustainably managed forests and have passed through a formal chain of custody procedure. It permits the following and tracking of NTFPs from the forest of their origin to processing, manufacturing, distribution, and processing to the point where it arrives at the end user.

PEFC Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products in Brief:

The exact requirements for NTFPs to be able to receive PEFC Chain of Custody Certification are based on the regulations and standards of each country that the PEFC in UAE members of every country develop. These standards could differ among nations based on local contexts and priority.

NTFPs that are eligible as candidates for PEFC Chain of Custody Certification comprise products like medicinal plants as well as nuts, wild fruits fibers, resins, and various other non-wood forest-based substances.

Importance of Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products:

The certification of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) is of great importance for a variety of reasons.

  • Sustainable and Conservation: Certification is a way to ensure sustainable management and protection of NTFPs and the ecosystems that they depend on. Through the implementation of certification standards, companies can encourage sustainable methods of harvesting, conservation of biodiversity as well as the protection of natural habitats. 
  • Environment Protection: The certification promotes green practices during the processing, collection, and trading of NTFPs. It may require compliance with specific guidelines to reduce environmental impact, including reducing waste generated, preserving water, and using less harmful chemicals. Certified NTFPs are obtained from reputable sources and are processed in a way that is safe for the ecosystem and helps maintain the ecological balance.
  • Social Benefits and Community Livelihoods: Certification can significantly improve the existence of communities that depend on NTFPs. When they adhere to certification standards, companies help to ensure the fairness of trade and equitable benefit sharing as well as community empowerment. 
  • Transparency and Confidentiality for Consumers: Certifications assure that the NTFPs they buy meet certain environmental, social, and quality standards. It provides transparency throughout the entire supply chain with traceability and information on sustainable practices for sourcing. 

PEFC Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq is vital in promoting sustainable management, environmental protection, and market access. It is used for the development of community livelihoods, confidence in consumers and policy support, and sharing of knowledge. It is a crucial factor in ensuring sustainable and responsible utilization of NTFPs, which benefit the ecosystems and the health of communities that depend on these precious resources.

How to Promote Products Using PEFC Certification in NTFPs?

Promoting a product with PEFC Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) requires a clear and effective way to communicate the certification’s advantages to the target audience. Here are some ways to market these products:

Make sure to highlight the PEFC Certification, showcase PEFC’s and PEFC logos and information about certification on the packaging of products, labels, marketing materials, and digital platforms. The logo is an iconic symbol of sustainable sourcing and responsible sourcing.

Inform Consumers:

  1. Provide information to consumers on the importance and importance of PEFC Certification for NTFs.
  2. Discuss the social and environmental advantages of purchasing sustainably-sourced products.
  3. Stress the positive effect of their purchases on the conservation of forests, communities in the local area, and biodiversity.

Certification Verification: Customers can easily verify that the product is certified by PEFC Certification. Send users to the PEFC Website or another trusted source from which they can verify the product’s authenticity of the PEFC certification. This confirms the validity of the certification and increases confidence in the consumer.

Educational and Consumer Engagement:

  1. Create events such as workshops, seminars, or online campaigns that engage customers directly.
  2. Instruct them on the importance of using the certification of NTFPs to ensure that their purchase decisions impact the sustainable management of forests.
  3. Offer consumers the chance to test the products and learn about their positive impact on their environment.

Sustainable Packaging: Use eco-recycled and sustainable packaging materials. Clearly indicate that you have the PEFC Certification in the package. This is a clear sign of a comprehensive commitment to sustainability and is aligned with the eco-friendly values of consumers.

To be eligible for PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for NTFPs, companies in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq must meet the relevant standards of the country. Further, they should undergo an audit conducted by an authorized certification organization. The audit process ensures that the company’s treatment and handling of NTFPs comply with the requirements for sustainable sourcing and traceability according to accordance with the PEFC Certification for Non-Timber Forest Products.

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