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PEFC Certification


Manage Timbers Environmentally, Socially & Economically Sustainable – PEFC Certification for Timber in UAE-Based Industry.

The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit association that promotes sustainable timber operation through certification. PEFC Certification for Timber ensures that timber and other related products have been sourced from responsibly managed timbers. 

PEFC certification focuses on the following principles:

  • Sustainable timber operation: The certification ensures that timbers are managed environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. It considers factors like biodiversity conservation, protection of water coffers, and respect for the rights of indigenous peoples and original communities.
  • Chain of custody: PEFC also covers the entire force chain of timber-related products. It ensures that the products can be traced back to promote timbers, furnishing assurance that they’ve not been mixed with non-certified or controversial sources. This allows consumers to make informed choices about the origin of the timber products they buy.
  • Legal compliance: PEFC requires adherence to applicable laws and regulations in the country where the timber operation conditioning occurs. It helps combat illegal logging and promotes transparency in the timber trade. 

Some Benefits that Come with PEFC-Certified Timber:

PEFC Certified Timber, whether it’s solid wood or finagled wood similar to CLT and glulam, comes from a PEFC- certified timber – a timber managed sustainably in line with strict transnational conditions. 

This means that timber possessors manage their timber in a way that provides us with timber and other timber products, while at the same time icing that the timber will be around for generations to come. 

Certification matters, it not only demonstrates that wood used in construction is sourced sustainably but that a positive choice has been made to design and make with a future for sustainable timbers in mind. 

PEFC-certified timber in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, & Iraq, and other wood products are readily available for construction systems from a wide range of global suppliers. Construction systems can indeed obtain PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification to demonstrate excellence in responsible sourcing. 

Steps to Obtain PEFC Certification for Timber:

To achieve PEFC-certified timber, you generally need to follow these ways: 

  1. Identify your timber sourcing: Determine the volume and type of timber you need for your design or business. 
  2. Research PEFC- certified suppliers: Look for suppliers or distributors in your region who offer PEFC-certified timber. 
  3. Contact implicit suppliers: Reach out to the linked suppliers and interrogate them about their PEFC-certified timber products. 
  4. Verify supplier certification: It’s important to ensure that the supplier’s is valid and covers the applicable products you bear. 
  5. Request attestation: Ask the supplier for supporting attestation to confirm the certificate of the timber products you plan to buy. 
  6. Check the chain of Stewardship: If you bear certified timber products with a specific chain of custody (e.g., for construction systems), confirm that the supplier can give chain of custody norms to insure the timber’s traceability back to pukka timbers. 
  7. Place an application: Once you’re satisfied with the supplier’s certification and attestation, place an order for the needed volume and specifications of PEFC-certified timber. 
  8. Examination and verification: Depending on your region or original regulations, you may request examinations or verifications of the timber products to ensure compliance with PEFC conditions. 
  9. Track and label: If you bear labeling for your timber products, work with the supplier to ensure that the marking is rightly applied to the timber packaging or products.
  10. Receive and use the PEFC-certified timber: Once the timber is delivered, ensure that it meets your quality and specification conditions. 

By following these ways, you can obtain PEFC Certified Timber

How Does Ascent EMIRATES Help Obtain PEFC for Timber Successfully?

Ascent plays a precious part in aiding associations or businesses in carrying PEFC Certification for Timber. These are some ways in which consultants can help:

  • Obtain expert guidance on the EFC matters. We help you understand the standards, criteria, and processes of carrying standardization. 
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your current practices, procedures, and attestation to identify any gaps or areas that need enhancement to meet certificate conditions. 
  • Help develop or perfect your operation systems to align with PEFC conditions. This includes creating or streamlining programs, procedures, and attestation related to sustainable timber operation and chain of custody. 
  • Provide training sessions and shops to educate your staff on sustainable timber operation principles and practices and the certification’s specific conditions. 
  • Guide you through the process of enforcing a chain of custody system to track the inflow of promoting timber through your force chain. 
  • Further, it requires the medication of various documents, including operation plans, threat assessments, and standard operating procedures. We help develop these documents, icing they meet the needed standards and criteria. 
  • Conduct internal inspection and pre-assessments to estimate your association’s readiness for the PEFC process. These assessments help identify implicit non-compliance issues and allow corrective conduct to be taken in advance. 

Indeed, after carrying the PEFC Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, & Iraq, consultants can help you maintain and facilitate your compliance with the standards. 

Engaging an Ascent consultant with expertise in sustainable timber operation and ISO Certification in Dubai can streamline the certification process, ensure compliance with conditions, and increase the liability of successfully carrying PEFC for timber. 


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