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PEFC Certification


Impact the Environment, Support Local Communities, & Contribute to Sustainable Future with PEFC Certified Products.

Choosing PEFC-certified products offers numerous benefits and reasons to make a sustainable purchasing decision. 

Here are some essential reasons to choose PEFC Certified Products:

  • Sustainable forest management: PEFC certification ensures that the wood and wood-based products you choose come from responsibly managed forests. Certified forests meet strict environmental, social, and economic standards, including biodiversity conservation, ecosystem protection, and respect for the welfare of local communities and indigenous peoples.
  • Protecting the environment: PEFC Products contribute to the preservation of the environment. Forests are crucial in mitigating climatic change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. Certified forests adhere to sustainable logging practices that minimize negative environmental impacts such as deforestation, soil erosion, and habitat destruction.
  • Trusted certification: PEFC is a globally recognized certification system with strict standards and rigorous auditing procedures. Certification ensures that the supply chain from forest to end product is transparent and traceable.
  • Consumer confidence: Ensure making an environmentally conscious choice. The PEFC logo on the product packaging indicates that the product comes from certified forests, giving you confidence that the wood used was responsibly sourced.
  • Support for local communities: Includes social criteria prioritizing local communities’ rights and welfare. Certified forests apply fair and equitable practices and respect the rights of indigenous peoples, local workers, and communities that rely on forests for their livelihoods.
  • Regulatory compliance: In certain regions or industries, legal requirements or regulations are related to responsible sourcing and sustainable forest management.
  • Diverse product range: Covers a wide range of products, including wood, paper, packaging materials, furniture, and more.

Ultimately, choosing Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Products in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq supports sustainable forest management, conservation efforts, and social responsibility. This lets one make informed decisions that positively impact the environment, support local communities, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Purchasing PEFC Certified Products:

To obtain PEFC certification for your products, you must follow a series of steps that ensure compliance with PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) standards. Below is an overview of the typical steps for obtaining PEFC Certified Products:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the PEFC CoC standards: start by thoroughly understanding the requirements and criteria of the PEFC CoC standard. Get familiarized with the detailed requirements for the industries and products you work with.
  2. Evaluate your current practices: Conduct an internal assessment of your existing processes, systems, and documentation to identify gaps or areas that need improvement to meet PEFC CoC standards.
  3. Develop and implement procedures: Based on the identified gaps, develop and implement strategies and systems to ensure compliance with PEFC CoC Standards.
  4. Engage a certification body: Select an accredited body authorized to conduct PEFC chain of custody certifications. Contact it and express your interest in accreditation.
  5. Pre-certification audit: before the official certification audit, some certification bodies offer a pre-certification audit or readiness assessment. This audit allows you to identify any remaining gaps or areas for improvement.
  6. Formal certification audit: the certification body conducts a comprehensive audit of your operation to verify compliance with PEFC Approved Products chain of custody standards. The audit will assess your documented procedures, records, and implementation of sustainable sourcing practices.
  7. Corrective action and follow-up: If nonconformities or areas for improvement are identified during the certification audit, you must address them through disciplinary action.
  8. Certification decision: once the corrective actions are completed, the certification body reviews the audit results and decides. If you have met all necessary criteria, you can issue a PEFC CoC certificate.
  9. Ongoing compliance and audits: You must continuously comply with PEFC CoC standards after receiving certification. This includes regular audits by the certification body to make sure you continue meeting the requirements.

It is crucial to point out that the particular means and requirements will be per the certification body, location, and industry. Consulting with a certification body in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq and seeking expertise can help you navigate the certification process smoothly.

Consultant for PEFC-Certified Products - Ascent EMIRATES, Your Trustworthy Choice:

Hiring a consultant with experience in PEFC Certified Products can streamline the process, provide valuable insight, and increase the likelihood of a successful certification outcome.

Suppose you’re seeking assistance in obtaining PEFC certification for your products; you may consider the services of Ascent EMIRATES, as we specialize in sustainable forestry and certification processes. We provide expertise and guidance throughout the certification process.

Our in-house consultants specialize in guiding companies through the certification process. Connect to our experts to learn about our consulting services or for recommendations.

We also specialize in sustainability, forestry, and responsible sourcing. Our company has experts with knowledge and experience in PEFC Certification who can guide you through the process. Check out their expertise, track record, and client recommendations to ensure the proper fitting for your specific needs.

When selecting our expert consultant, look for our experience with ISO Certification in UAE, our track record of helping clients, and our knowledge of your industry or specific product category. Request references, review our qualifications, and conduct interviews to ensure our expertise perfectly matches your needs.


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