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PEFC Certification


Meet Specific Environmental, Social, & Economic Criteria PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for UAE-Based Industry.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody (CoC) certification is a globally recognized certification system that proves the origin of wooden products all throughout the supply chain. It assures that products come from sustainably managed forests and have been responsibly sourced.

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification ensures that the wood used in a product such as timber, paper, or furniture comes from forests that meet specific environmental, social, and economic criteria. It includes a set of requirements and processes that track the flow of certified material from the forest to the final product, including all stages of processing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Objectives of PEFC Chain of Custody Certification:

The main goals of PEFC CoC certification are:

  • Traceability: It allows certified material to be traced from forest to consumer and ensures that the wood used in a product comes from responsibly managed sources.
  • Sustainable sourcing: It promotes the use of wood from forests that are sustainably managed, including biodiversity protection, ecosystem conservation, and respect for the rights of local communities.
  • Supply chain integrity: It ensures that certified material is not mixed or substituted with uncertified or controversial sources to maintain the integrity of the supply chain.
  • Consumer confidence: Reassures consumers that their products come from sustainably managed forests, supporting their preference for environmentally conscious choices.

The certification process in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, & Iraq involves independent certification bodies assessing the company’s procedures, documentation, and practices to verify compliance with the PEFC CoC standard. Once certified, companies can use the PEFC logo on their products, demonstrating their commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable forest management.

Importance of PEFC Chain of Custody Certification:

PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) product certification is vital to various stakeholders, including businesses, consumers, and the environment. Here are some key reasons why PEFC CoC standard is essential:

  1. Assurance of responsible sourcing: Proves that wood and wood-based products come from responsibly managed forests. It confirms that the material used in the products has been sourced in a way that protects biodiversity, respects the rights of local communities, and supports sustainable forest management practices.
  2. Protecting the environment: Promotes the conservation of forests and their ecosystems.
  3. Achieving sustainability goals: Helps companies achieve their sustainability goals. It demonstrates their commitment to responsible sourcing and lets them meet the growing demand for environmentally and socially reliable products.
  4. Consumer preference and trust: Many consumers today are environmentally conscious, and so they seek for products that align with their values. This provides a recognizable and trustworthy label that helps consumers make informed choices.
  5. Access to new markets and customers: Open doors to new markets, especially those that value sustainable sourcing and have specific requirements for certified products.
  6. Regulatory compliance: In certain regions or industries, compliance with sustainable sourcing standards is required by law.
  7. Supply chain transparency: Ensures traceability throughout the supply chain, enabling companies and consumers to track the origin of wood and wood-based products.
  8. Supporting local communities: Emphasizes respect for the rights and welfare of local communities that live near or depend on forests.

PEFC CoC certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, & Iraq is vital in promoting sustainable forest management, environmental protection, and responsible sourcing. It helps companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, gain consumer trust, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

How does Ascent EMIRATES help in obtaining PEFC CoC?

Consultants can provide valuable assistance in obtaining PEFC Chain of Custody Certification by offering expertise and guidance throughout the certification process. Here’s how consultants can help:

Knowledge and understanding: consultants have in-depth knowledge of the standards, requirements, and the certification process. They can explain the criteria in detail, help you understand each step, and clarify any ambiguities. This knowledge ensures you know precisely what is expected and how to meet the certification requirements.

Gap analysis and readiness assessment: before you pursue the certification, our consultants conduct a gap analysis to compare your current practices, systems, and documentation to the certification requirements. They will identify areas that need improvement or adjustment to meet the standards.

Documentation and systems development: Requires establishing documented procedures and systems to track and trace certified material throughout the supply chain.

Internal audits and corrective actions: Conduct internal audits to assess compliance with PEFC CoC standards and identify areas of non-compliance or potential risks.

Training and capacity building: We train your staff on PEFC CoC requirements, the importance of responsible sourcing, and the certification process. This training improves their understanding of sustainability practices and their role in compliance.

Liaison with certification bodies: Are intermediaries between your organization and certification bodies. They can help facilitate communication, clarify issues, and ensure a smooth certification process.

Continuous improvement and maintenance: After obtaining PEFC Certification, consultants can help you maintain compliance and improve your systems.

Ascent EMIRATES brings expertise, experience, and a systematic approach to the certification process. Their involvement can streamline the process, increase efficiency, and improve your chances of obtaining and maintaining ISO Certification in Dubai.


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