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PEFC Certification


Preserving & Improving Biodiversity Values in Forest Management – PEFC for Biodiversity and Sustainability.

PEFC is the acronym for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. It is a non-profit international organization that promotes sustainable forest management by creating and implementing forest certification programs. The primary goal of PEFC is to ensure that forests are managed in a sustainable, ecologically responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.

PEFC for Biodiversity and Sustainability in Brief:

PEFC’s standards for sustainable forest management are guidelines for protecting and increasing the diversity of certified forests. These standards address the preservation of habitats, the protection of endangered and rare species, and the protection of ecological purposes. Forest managers who seek PEFC for Biodiversity and Sustainability must prove their commitment to preserving and improving biodiversity values in forest management.

Through promoting sustainable practices for managing forests, PEFC strives to reduce the negative impact of forestry on biodiversity. It also aims to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the ecological integrity of ecosystems in the forest. PEFC also encourages the involvement of indigenous communities, local communities, and other participants in forest management decisions and promoting environmental and social sustainability.

Importance of Biodiversity & Sustainability Certification:

Certification of biodiversity and sustainability plays a vital role in encouraging responsible practices across various industries, which have an impact either directly or indirectly upon the natural environment. Here are a few of the main benefits of biodiversity and sustainability certification is crucial:

  • Conservation of Biodiversity: Biodiversity refers to the diversity of life forms on Earth, which includes animals, plants, as well as ecosystems. It is vital to ensure ecosystems’ stability, resilience, and overall well-being.
  • Certified Sustainable Resource: Management aims to promote sustainable practices in fields like agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and mining.
  • Conservation of the Environment: These certification schemes promote green practices and reduce deforestation, pollution, destruction of habitats, and other destructive activities.
  • Social responsibility: The biodiversity and sustainable certifications often include social standards, which include respecting indigenous rights and fair treatment for workers, involvement of communities, and the development of local economies.
  • Market Access & Demand for Consumers: Certification schemes give confidence and guarantee to consumers, businesses, and governments that the products and services comply with specific environmental and social standards.
  • Corporate Reputation & Risk Management: The certification demonstrates an interest in sustainability, assisting businesses in building a good reputation with stakeholders, including investors, consumers, and others.
  • Policy Support and Compliance: Biodiversity and sustainable certifications often align with national and international policies and regulations that aim to preserve biodiversity, protect the environment, and encourage sustainable development.

The PEFC for Biodiversity in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq promotes the responsible management of natural resources, the conservation of biodiversity, and the integration of environmental and social aspects into the business process. By using and promoting certification-certified products and services, businesses and individuals help to create an environmentally sustainable and biodiverse world.

How to Promote Products Using PEFC for Biodiversity and Sustainability?

Promoting products approved by PEFC Certification in UAE for their sustainability and biodiversity can be achieved through a variety of methods of marketing and communications. 

Here are a few practical strategies to advertise these products:

  • Highlight PEFC Certification: It is important to display that you have received the PEFC certificate on the product’s packaging labels and promotional materials.
  • Instruct consumers: Explain the importance of sustainability and biodiversity in the product’s messaging.
  • Highlight Environmental Benefits: Display the environmental benefits that come with PEFC-certified products.
  • Create a story: Tell the product’s story and how it relates to sustainability and biodiversity.
  • Get involved in Cause Marketing: Join forces with environmental groups or non-governmental organizations that work in sustainability and biodiversity.
  • Make use of digital marketing channels: Utilize digital channels to reach a larger market.
  • Participate in sustainability events: Present your PEFC-certified products during trade shows, fairs, or conferences on the environment and sustainability.
  • Work with retailers: Collaborate with retailers that value environmentally sustainable and certified products.
  • Give Transparent Information: Ensure that the information on your product, including websites or packaging, provides clear and easily accessible information about the PEFC certification.

By effectively communicating the PEFC for Biodiversity and Sustainability in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq and its benefits, you can raise awareness, educate your customers and position your products as eco-friendly options that help preserve biodiversity and sustainability.

How Can Ascent EMIRATES Help Provide PEFC for Biodiversity & Sustainability?

Ascent EMIRATES consultants are experts in sustainable forest management and sustainability standards and can provide a thorough understanding of PEFC Certification. They can assist organizations with the precise criteria for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable forest management and social responsibility that must be fulfilled to obtain certification.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of an organization’s methods and procedures to discover the areas of weakness that require enhancement to achieve PEFC standards for certification. We also assist with creating action plans and offer guidance on adopting sustainable practices and ensuring compliance.

Offering a variety of services, our consultants adhere to various other areas in ISO Certification in UAE criteria.


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