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PEFC Certification


Inspecting the Operation of Certified Entity & Maintaining Appropriate Management Processes with PEFC Internal Audit in UAE.

PEFC (Programme to Endorse the Accreditation of Certification) is an internationally recognized body that promotes sustainable forest management with its program of certification. As part of the certification process, PEFC demands regular internal audits in order to ensure compliance with its standards.

PEFC Internal Audit in Brief:

PEFC Internal Audit in UAE are performed by certified auditors not affiliated with the company being monitored. These auditors are usually employed by certification bodies that PEFC accredits. The goal of the internal audit is to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the certified company’s forest management practices and chain of custody policies and their conformity with PEFC’s standards.

In the course of an internal audit, auditors will examine documents as well as interview relevant staff as well as inspect the operation of the certified entity. The audit scope can vary according to the scale and complexity of the certified entity’s operations. The auditor will determine if the certified entity has set up and maintained the appropriate management processes, systems, and controls to ensure it complies with PEFC’s standards.

How to Conduct PEFC Internal Audit in UAE?

The internal audit PEFC Process in UAE usually involves these steps

Planning Auditors plan the auditing activities based on the audit’s scope, goals, objectives, and timeframe agreed upon with the certified entity.

  1. Examining Documents: The auditor reviews relevant documents, like management procedures, manuals, records, and audit reports from the past, to determine whether they are in compliance with PEFC’s standards.
  2. On-site Audit: The auditor goes to the premises of the entity that is certified to gather additional data to conduct interviews and monitor operations. They are able to examine the practices of forest management and trace the movement of certified products along the chain of custody and ensure conformity to applicable laws.
  3. Results and reporting: The auditor examines the information gathered, determines any issues or areas that require improvement, and then prepare the audit report. The report contains observations, conclusions, and suggestions for corrective actions in the event of need.
  4. Following-up: If any non-conformities are found, the entity certified has to develop and implement corrective action plans in order to deal with the issues. The auditor can conduct follow-up visits in order to determine the effectiveness of corrective measures that were taken.

PEFC Internal Audit in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq have an important function in ensuring reliability and authenticity in the process of certification. They aid certified companies in identifying areas of improvement, ensure the PEFC standards, and prove their dedication to sustainable and responsible forest management.

Requirements of PEFC Internal Audit:

The PEFC Audit Requirements in Dubai UAE may differ based on the particular situation and extent that the auditor is performing:

Here are a few common requirements looked at as follows:

  • Competency: Internal auditors should be able to demonstrate the required experience, knowledge, and experience to carry out the audit successfully. 
  • Integrity and objectivity: Internal auditors should be objective and free of all conflicts that might compromise the integrity and objectivity of the audit procedure.
  • Audit planning: A comprehensive audit plan must be created with the purpose of the audit, its scope, and the criteria to be used in the audit. 
  • Auditor Document Audit Review: An auditor must examine relevant documents, including forest management plans, reports of forest operations as well as monitoring and audit reports in order to determine if they are in conformity with PEFC standards.
  • On-Site Audit On-Site Audit: The internal auditor must visit the site to examine the forest management methods. 
  • Reporting Internal auditors should write a complete audit report describing the results uncovered during the audit, highlighting any findings of non-conformity or observed, as well as suggestions to improve. 
  • Corrective Actions: After the examination, the party audited (the entity which is subject to audit) must develop and implement corrective measures to address the issues identified.
  • Continuous Improvement: The internal audit process is expected to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the auditee’s forest management system.

It’s crucial to know that the specifications and procedures for an PEFC Internal Audit in UAE,  Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq could be specified by the PEFC standard or the auditing guidelines.

How To Promote Your Products Using An Internal PEFC Audit?

Promoting products with PEFC certification is an effective marketing tactic, demonstrating your commitment to sustainably managing forests. 

Here are some tips to promote your product that have PEFC certification:

• Certification should be highlighted: clearly announce your PEFC Certification on product’s packaging labelling, and marketing materials. Make use of your PEFC logo and reference the certification in your product description and advertising. This lets consumers know the fact that your products are sourced from sustainable forests.

• Inform Consumers: Increase awareness of the importance of sustainable forest management, as well as the advantages associated with PEFC certification. Offer details on your website as well as on social media channels and other platforms for marketing to make it easier for consumers to understand the positive social and environmental impacts of selecting PEFC-certified goods.

• Tell Your Sustainability Story:

    1. Retell your company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing.
    2. Discuss the ways in which PEFC certification is in line with your beliefs and bolsters your efforts to preserve biodiversity, forests, and local communities.
    3. Utilize storytelling techniques to engage your customers and create an emotional connection to your brand.

• Get Media Coverage: Contact relevant publications, media outlets, and bloggers to tell your story and promote your PEFC-certified products. Send press releases, interviews, or product samples to gain media coverage and boost awareness among your intended audience.

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