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PEFC Certification


Evaluation & Confirmation of Environmentally Sustainable Forest Management Methods Using PEFC Principles and Criteria in UAE.

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a non-profit international organization promoting sustainable forest management via forest certification. Its PEFC Principles and Criteria form the basis of this certification scheme and offer a structure for evaluating and confirming environmentally sustainable forest management methods.

PEFC Principles and Criteria in UAE in Brief:

The PEFC Principles and Criteria in UAE provide an exhaustive basis for evaluating and certifying environmentally sustainable forest management practices. These principles are developed to guarantee the responsible utilization of forest resources, the protection of biodiversity and the preservation of ecosystems, and the fair distribution of benefits to the present and future generations.

Importance of Certification Principles and Criteria:

The criteria and principles of certification are crucial to ensuring sustainable practices and promoting sustainable management of natural resources. Here are a few of the main reasons why the principles of accreditation and criteria are essential:

  1. Environmental Conservation: Certification Principles and criteria provide standards for sustainable practices in forest management that focus on protecting biodiversity, ecosystems and preserving fragile habitats. They aid in reducing adverse environmental effects, including deforestation, pollution, and habitat destruction, and promote practices that help maintain or improve the health of forests and ecological functions.
  2. Social Responsibility: The certification criteria and principles focus on social issues by emphasizing stakeholder engagement, community development, and workers’ rights. They encourage open decision-making processes, respect for local and indigenous communities, fair labor practices, and a fair distribution of the profits derived from forests. This ensures that forest management helps improve local communities’ well-being and socio-economic advancement.
  3. Market Access and Confidence in Consumer’s Certification based on accepted standards and guidelines provide confidence for businesses, consumers, and government officials that products made from wood come from sustainably managed forests. Labels that are certified, like those that bear the PEFC label, allow consumers to make informed choices and aid in the need for sustainable items. The certification can also help access markets since numerous companies and procurement policies require certified goods for sustainable pledges.
  4. Sustainable Resource Management: Certification Principles and standards encourage responsible resource management through sustainable planning for the long term, good forestry practices, and the utilization of eco-friendly technologies. They stress the sustainable harvesting of wood and non-timber forest products and other sources, while ensuring they are available for both present and future generations.
  5. Continuous Improvement and Education: Certification systems usually require monitoring and evaluation and constant improvement. This creates a culture of innovation and learning within the forest management process encourages research development, and permits an adaptive approach to management. The principles and standards for certification provide the framework for continual assessment and improvements in management practices as time passes.
  6. Conservation & Climate Change Mitigation: Forest management according to the guidelines and standards for certification helps in the global effort to fight climate change. The well-managed forests function as carbon sinks, capturing and conserving carbon dioxide. The certificate supports practices that help to increase the resilience of forests, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage sustainable bioenergy production.

PEFC Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq guidelines and standards are essential to promote sustainability in forest management, safeguarding ecosystems, assisting local communities, providing market access, and addressing the environmental issues facing the world. They offer a framework for transparency, accountability, and continual improvement that aligns forest management practices to ecological, social, and economic sustainability objectives.

Key 6 PEFC Principles and Criteria:

The PEFC Principles and Criteria in UAE consist of six fundamental principles, each with standards and indicators.

Principle 1: Conformity with Laws and international agreements

Criteria for compliance include legality and adherence to international conventions, recognition of indigenous rights, and customary tenure.

Principle 2: Stakeholder Engagement

Criteria emphasize the inclusion of stakeholders in decision-making, consultation of stakeholders, and taking care to address the concerns and desires of stakeholders.

Principle 3: Forest Health and Productivity

Criteria include:

    • The sustainable management of forests.
    • Maintaining biodiversity as well as ecosystem function.
    • Protection of endangered and rare species.
    • Appropriate restoration of forests.

Principle 4: Environmental Impact

Criteria are designed to reduce environmental effects, mitigate climate changes, conserve water resources, and minimize toxic substances.

Principle 5: Social and Economic Benefits

Criteria focus on promoting local employment as well as respect for the rights of workers in the community, developing communities, and equitable sharing of the benefits generated by the forest.

Principle 6: Continuous Improvement

Criteria are focused on monitoring assessment, improvement, and monitoring in forest practices methods for adaptive management research, innovation, and monitoring.

A certification based on the PEFC Principles and Criteria in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq assures customers and other stakeholders. It assures concerning the products made from forests originate from sustainable sources and that these are in compliance with stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

How Ascent EMIRATES Support PEFC Principles and Criteria?

Ascent offers hands-on assistance during the implementation process, helping an organization implement essential strategies, procedures, and controls to achieve the certification requirements. Ascent assists in the establishment of performance metrics and risk management procedures, and internal auditing mechanisms.

Our auditors conduct internal audits that evaluate the level of compliance of an organization to the certification standards and identify areas that could be improved. We also assist in preparing the organization for external PEFC Certification in Dubai audits by re-creating the audit process and giving feedback on the organization’s readiness.

In addition, our expert consultants help the business address any non-conformities discovered through external or internal audits. We also assist in developing actions to correct the problem, oversee the implementation of these plans, and offer guidelines for driving continuous improvement within the company. Connect with us to learn more about PEFC and other ISO Certification in Dubai systems.


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