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SA 8000 Certification – Setup A Well-Organized Workplace for Your Employees in UAE

There are opportunities to keep integrity in your organization. While delivering the best to your consumers, you should care about your workforce and management too. Therefore, SA8000 Certification comes into the action.

What is SA 8000 Certification?

SAI, also known as the Social Accountability International, came to a decision in 1997. It is the place that produces productive workplace standards appropriate for groups of organizations or industries. According to the SAI, SA 8000 sets various standards depending on the ILO (International Labor Organization).

It describes human rights and children rights as per the UN convention. The purpose in the past was clear. The goal is to keep human rights active for every employee or worker of your organization. Also, keeping child laborers away from the industries is the primary focus.

The SA 8000 Certification takes different responsible approaches to keep these promises. There is not a better way for a worker to remain in the void of inhumanity. So, keeping the rights is legal for each of them. To encourage each standard, the declaration is active on such social and ethical issues.

SA 8000 requirements is nothing but a social accountability certification for an organization. It focuses on the social welfare of everyone working in your industry. There are issues to be solved in various departments of the industry.

According to SAI and UN Convention, SA 8000 stands against the child labor and force labor. Also, the standards are meant to implement health & safety, proper working hours, disciplinary activities, punishment, discrimination, cooperative bargaining, freedom, and appropriate management system of the employees in an organization.

Adaptation of SAA 8000:2014 Certification is a great assist for an organization. It gives you the advantage to produce and practice healthy employee activities. To set up a great environment, the requirements of the top management must be there.

This SA 8000 standard has set many things in the working structures and environment guidelines. Also, the milestone your organization wishes to achieve comes within it. Following good practices can implement vast improvements in the business sectors of yours.

Benefits of SA 8000 Certification:

There are many things associated with the SA 8000 Certification. However, when it comes to the improvement and maintenance of an organization, it stands in the list of the best standards. With ongoing activities of SA 8000 Certification, your organization draws the attention of many. 

By deploying SA 8000 Certificate, you gain the following benefits: 

  • Better Staff Moral: The certification of SA 8000 Certification in UAE promotes great staff management. It is based on the human rights of employees within an organization. When your industry adopts the standards of SA 8000, you show the green signal to the positive moral of your staff. 
  • Strengthen Your Business Partnerships: When partners and stakeholders of your business witness your actions and working structures with the employees, their trust level goes to the upper level. So, you draw their attention and raise upcoming chances for your industry. 
  • Delivers Your Best to Society: Nothing seems comfortable for an employee to work in a society-friendly environment. While you consider every standard, you become a part of the SA 8000 standard. It just indicates your great approach for the employees of your company.
  • Adopt Social Accountability: It is the right that every employee is going to earn when anyone gets the chance to work within your company. At each department, it is possible to implement. 
  • Avoid Risk or Negligence Factors: With the best and affirmative environment-friendly structure, your company just enables great opportunities and turns down risky things in the working environment of the industry. 
  • Achieve Your Corporate Goals: When you have appointed the best environment to encourage your employees, it may seem easier to achieve all your targets. So, achieving corporate goals won’t take much of your time and money. 
  • Gain New Business Models: Great approach of adopting this SA 8000 Certification can unleash finest ideas. These notions are great to improvise your business model. Also, verifying different thoughts will be easier with the processes. 
  • Overcome Competition: There will be no one standing in your way. You offer great opportunities to your employees. This work from your organization just impacts other consumers. So, you can easily draw the line in the paths of your competitors. 
  • Collect Appreciation: Like mentioned earlier, great working structure and staff management enforces different productive changes. These approaches lead to the appreciation from others like investors, stakeholders, and your consumers.

  • Enriches Associated Trust of Merchants: The activities you implement with the help of the SA 8000 Certification can cause a lot of benefits for your employees. In this way, you engage great association and enrich the trust of your merchants. 

Facts Related to SA 8000 Certification:

There are standards coming under the SA 8000 Certification in UAE.  Also, you don’t find anything invalid or improper in each phase. Considering the supremacy of the human rights and child labor, every industry in the UAE tries to get their hands on this certification. 

According to the standards of SA 8000 Certification, it promotes the following things in your organization: 

  • Prohibition of Child Labor: There are many industries who are adopting the SA 8000 Certification just to promote campaigns against child labor. So, getting the certification is a valid point for your organization in UAE too. 
  • No More Obligatory Work: There are responsible working protocols for organizations. To maximize a systematic working environment, the implementation of an obligatory system must be executed. 
  • No Discrimination: Your employees won’t go through the tough situations while working in the same organization. There will be no such differentiation by consider religion, sex, or race of your staff. 
  • Maintain Discipline: The structure of SA 8000:2014 delivers great output among your workforce. It implements disciplinary acts to promote a proper flow of working setup beneath the same roof. 
  • Acceptable Working Hours: Considering the guidelines from SA 8000 Certification, an employee should not exceed his or her working time more than 48 hours in a week. Also, he or she is not permitted to go beyond 12 hours of extra time every week. 
  • Appropriate Management System: The presence of SA 8000 in your organization initiates great system management. The way it expands the works and responsibilities for the industry is exceptional.

  • Follow Legit Remuneration: The distribution of payment should follow restorative activities. Also, it guarantees about the workforce and concerns their responses as per legitimate guidelines. 

Why the Choose Ascent EMIRATES?

Do you find the best SA 8000 Certification Cost in UAE? Where else would you get your chance? Well, these questions have one solution and it is Ascent EMIRATES. Here, you gain tons of benefits. However, you must know why should you prefer us as your default handler of SA 8000: 

  • Ascent EMIRATES offers finest opportunities as an experienced consultancy service provider. Your organization gains all types of support it wants from our side. We give you the conformity you want as per the SA 8000 standards.
  • The expertise of skillful associates from Ascent EMIRATES is just amazing. They become the best part of the entire process. Yes, your work will be much easier with their involvement. 
  • Ascent offers zero complication and 100% assured services when it comes to the approval of your SA 8000 Certificate.
  • Ascent never misleads any of its customers in the wrong path or never takes higher charges to complete the certification. 
  • The unique approach from Ascent uprises the chances of getting your SA 8000 in UAE. 
  • Ascent offers 24*7 service for its clients. It is easier to reach even in the odd hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Who should apply for the SA 8000 Certification?
Well, there is no such limit for this certification. However, anyone can apply for it. 
How long is the SA 8000 Certificate valid?
After the activation, the SA 8000 Certificate in UAE is valid for 3 years. Also, it follows yearly surveillance and renewal after the expiry. 
Does SA 8000 standards follow “Family Responsibilities”?
Yes, SA 8000 standard follows “Family Responsibilities’. It is applicable in some countries. In such cases, employers 
How much should I pay for SA 8000 Certificate?
The certification cost for the SA 8000 may come to a price by considering the type, size, and number of employees working in your organization. 
Is it mandatory to apply for SA 8000 Certification?
SA 8000 stands for social accountability. So, the answer is “Yes”; you should apply for it. 



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