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Accommodate Latest Developments in Radio Equipment Technology in the New Legislative Framework – UKCA For RED Devices in UAE.

The Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R& TTE Directive 1999/5/EC) has been in effect within the EU for several years, providing the telecoms and radio technology. In order to accommodate the latest developments in radio equipment technology and to be in line with the specifications in the New Legislative Framework (NLF) the EU R& TTE Directive has been revised.

In 2016 it was announced that it was announced that the European Commission replaced the R& TTE Directive with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) that establishes security as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) specifications for radio equipment that utilizes the spectrum.

Radio Equipment Directive in Brief:

RED is an electronic Radio Equipment Directive that was approved in the European Union on June 13 in 2016. Its aim is to develop an orderly set of rules that control the marketplace for this equipment. It helps ensure the uniformity of devices, the efficient usage of radio frequencies the safety of users and security against fraud and data theft. It also provides protection against data theft and fraud. 

RED directive also provides the foundation for other standards that address the following issues:

  • Emergency services calling;
  • Compatibility of different types of equipment;
  • Privacy protection and corporate secrecy;
  • Crime prevention;
  • Ensuring confidential communications of intelligence services.

The directive is applicable to all EU Members States: The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) sets the standards for wireless devices that are used within the European Union. The RED includes significant modifications to its scope in comparison with the RTTE Directive and covers all products that use radio interfaces, regardless of their primary purpose. 

Alongside significant modifications for both the suppliers and manufacturers and the supply chain for UKCA Marking for Radio Devices introduces obligations for distributors and importers in the distribution of radio devices.

What Products Need the Red Mark?

Radio frequency emitting devices that are sold within the EU are subject to RED testing. In contrast to the R&TTE standard of the past, the new directive doesn’t set restrictions to the range of frequencies nor power supply voltage of the device. The majority of the time, users are able to apply for certification of the devices:

  • Smartphones and cell phones;
  • Radio frequency identifiers (RFID);
  • Common band transmitters (CB);
  • Stationary and mobile satellite systems;
  • Wireless networking equipment;
  • Stationary wireless telephones;
  • Industrial, scientific, and medical standard (ISM) transmitters;
  • Avionics;
  • Navigation systems;
  • Telemetry for remote control of equipment;
  • Wireless headphones and microphones, etc.

The UKCA for RED Devices in UAE represents an expansion of the regulations in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan for telecom equipment as it excludes wired equipment from its reach. As such, fixed line equipment will be subject to directives like the LVD as well as EMC directives similarly to any other electrical device.

What is Radio Equipment Regulations 2017?

Radio Equipment Regulations 2017, are the UK’s equivalent to Directive 2014/53/EU. European Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.

On June 13, 2017, following a one-year transition period, the RED 2014/35/EU was replaced with the R&TTE Directive. Any new or existing product in the scope of RED must be in compliance to be eligible for UKCA for RED Devices in UAE.

The Radio Equipment Regulations were originally designed to translate the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) into UK Law. After the UK’s departure out of EU, they were reformed to be the sole safety and performance standards for any wireless communication and radio equipment that is sold or used within the UK.

However, the scope and technical specifications that are part of RED Devices in UAE Regulations are not changing. They will remain applicable to all devices that transmit or receive radio signals, which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

They will continue to address 3 distinct areas of safety and performance of the manufactured radio equipment, The three areas are Electrical Safety; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) radio performance.

How Do I Comply with UK Radio Equipment Regulations?

The evidence of conformity, which includes the results of tests according to the applicable British Designated Standards, should be recorded in the form of a Technical File UKCA Marking Requirements that could be given to UK Authorities on request. In some instances, the product might require a review by an accredited third entity, such as a UK Approved Body (UKAB) in order to verify that it is in compliance with the standards in the Regulations.

Products and equipment that meet the specifications of the Regulations should be marked with the UKCA for RED Devices in UAE, supported by an authentic UK Declaration of Conformity.

Ascent EMIRATES Makes It Easy to Get UKCA for RED Devices:

According to the Radio Equipment directive requires a conformity assessment body or Notified Body to participate in the conformity assessment process. As a Notified body under this directive Radio Equipment Directive (RED), Ascent EMIRATES is able to provide guidelines regarding RED specifications, and help you to get your product on the market quicker and gain access to all GCC countries.

Our company can help you introduce your electronic products to market in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, and many other countries. We offer a wide array of services that are related to UKCA Certification, from creating a plan of action to obtaining documentation. We provide transparent pricing as well as clear timelines for services and full technical assistance throughout the process.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an edge-to-edge service on a number of ISO Certification in UAE. Connect with us to learn more how you can increase your business standards.


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