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GOST Certification in UAE


Discover the Essential Details of Obtaining Technical Standards for Goods in All UAE Locations – GOST Certification in UAE

GOST refers to a collection of technical standards for goods that are maintained in the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology, and Certification (EASC). GOST standards were first created in the hands of the Soviet Union. In Russian language, it’s known as gosstandart which translates to “state standard” in English.

The current collection of What is GOST Certification & standards comprises more than 20000 titles that are extensively used for conformity assessment across 12 countries. They serve as the basis for both private and public sector certification programs across all the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). 

The GOST Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan are applicable to the fields of energy, oil and gas as well as construction, environmental protection transport, telecommunications and transportation food processing, mining and many other sectors.

GOST R Certification in Brief:

As part of the GOST-R certification approval process, a comprehensive review is conducted of every product or service that require proof of purchase been supplied by their suppliers. This process is thought to be an essential element of the certification process within the Russian Federation. The certificate is a voluntary procedure is granted to items that are judged to not be suitable for a mandatory certification because the items or services do not meet the requirements of the certification procedure.

In essence, it could be stated that the certification process used by GOST-R allows you to verify the conformity of products with the regulations and rules in the Russian Federation. This happens in prior to their introduction on the market controlled by the organization.

Market Launch Equipment of Products:

Before launching equipment or products on the marketplace, the company, or representative should:

  • Meet the basic requirements for health and safety (GOST standards)
  • Implement procedures for evaluating the conformity
  • Get the GOST Certification in UAE and ensure that the certificate is present in the products.
  • Be sure that your products have the mark GOST R

In the real world, all products arriving at Russian market (sales stores and commissioning websites) after clearance by customs must include certified copies of the certificates.

A Certification of Conformity GOST R is a requirement to obtain an RTN permit to use technological equipment in production facilities that are hazardous.

For products that are not required to be certified, an optional certification program could be utilized.

GOST Standards List:

The list of standards below cover a wide range of materials and applications, a few of which are:

  • Continuously rolled sheet steel with paint coating for building applications
  • Various hot and cold rolled temperature resistant steels
  • A range of zinc coated wires for cable production

Certification of Conformity GOST R (mandatory):

In accordance with “Regulations for product certification” for each type of product, the certificates are issued in accordance with established certification procedures.

  • They could comprise any or all of the following phases:
  • Study of technical and administrative documents
  • Validation of specifications
  • Testing the products
  • On-site inspections are conducted at the time of production
  • Providing additional and preliminarily issued certificates or registrations
  • Translations of Russian language
  • Design of labels for Russian market
  • Reviewing documents and products related to them and bringing them in line with the imposed requirements

GOST R Certification Required by Organizations/Companies:

GOST R Certification ensures that the products to Russian safety regulations and standards and helps obtain a certification or declaration that is needed for trade in Russia. It marks indicate the quality of the product and its conformity. The certification system is designed to protect the rights of consumers and avoids imports of products that are not high quality.

GOST Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan can be categorized as the mandatory and voluntary certification based on the item. Products that fall into the mandatory GOST-R certification are those that meet standards for conformity in safety, interchangeability, and if it is green.

If a business wants to increase its visibility or if the company doesn’t have the required documents to be certified, certifications that are voluntary can be obtained. Thus, a company may have both certifications, i.e., either mandatory or voluntary.

Manufacturers Work Over Notified Body:

There are many rules for the Russian Federation has its own rules, which are governed by the licensing protocols, called GOST R. The manufacturer must complete the application form for products prior to the certificate being issued. 

Certain samples are provided for tests that can be conducted in the location where the manufacturing of the products is carried out. The manufacturer is free to select any lab that is accredited to conduct tests. All production conditions are inspected every year.

The manufacturer is notified that his product is to be safe for use of and do not harm the environment. He also receives the GOST R in UAE. This helps increase the trust of customers and increases the credibility of the company.

What Services Do Ascent EMIRATES Have To Offer Regarding GOST Certification For Your Company?

Our team of highly skilled trainers and consultants with extensive experiences in the field, we help organizations around the world to adopt and obtain the certification. Our approach to consultation is efficient, timely, and efficient, which results in the simplicity of implementation, and adding value to the procedures of the company that our client is working with.

We provide GOST Training, Implementation, consulting gaps analysis documents external audits, prior-assessment and audits certification through the best of the certification. This will allow organizations and post-certification enhancement and maintenance services that will make the most value from your CE management systems. Our services are recognized worldwide as and are authoritative, as well as benchmarked in the GOST field.

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It is the GOST R Certification required by companies that wish to sell or export its products or services to Russian Federation and If you already have the ISO certification then you are able to easily obtain the GOST-R certificate. 

Therefore, UAE companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE.


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