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ISO Certification can be received by any Company/ organization independent of its shape, size, age, and topographical area. ISO Stands for International Organisational Standardisation and it is an international independent and nongovernmental organization.
The object of the organization is to advance the improvement of standardization and related exercises in the world with a perspective to encouraging worldwide exchange of goods and services of safe and good quality to create participation in the circle of intellectuals, technological, scientific and financial actions.
There are thousands of standards have been set covering everything from manufactured product and technology to food safety, agriculture and healthcare.
Let’s look at which are some of the most common ISO Standards
• ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management
• ISO 10012:2003- Measurement Management system
• ISO 14001:2015- Environmental Management System
• ISO 45001:2018 -Occupational Health and Safety Management
• ISO 19011:2011- guidelines for auditing management
• ISO 20000-1:2011- Information Technology Management
• ISO 22000:2018- Standard for food safety Management
• ISO 27001:2013- Information technology — Security techniques
• ISO 31000:2018- Risk Management
• ISO 4217:2015- Information technology — Security techniques
• ISO 50001:2011- Energy Management
• HACCP- hazard analyses and critical control Point
Organisation Shall follow Following steps to achieve ISO Certification
• Decide ISO Certification to be obtained
• Review Advantages of ISO Certification
• Contact ISO Certification Consultants if requirements of ISO System is not known
• Review existing work practices being followed in the company and identify gaps against required mentioned in ISO standards
• Prepare action plan describing work to be done to fulfill requirements of ISO Standards
• Give training to all employees of an organization about ISO requirements
• Complete necessary documents like manual, procedure preparations
• Follow defined ISO System in routine and overcome difficulties in following same
• Conduct internal audit
• Contact ISO certification agencies and finalize a 3-year contract with them
• After ensuring adequate preparations for audit, call certification agencies during stage 1 audit
• Close non-conformities was given by certification agencies during stage 1 audit
• Call certification agency for a final certification audit
• Close non-conformities was given by certification agencies during stage 2 audit
• Receive ISO certificate after 4-6 weeks of successful completion of a stage 2 certification audit
• Use ISO Logo as per the recommendation of the certification agency
Benefits of ISO
• ISO Certification helps to the heightened credibility of business with the current and prospective client which leads to creating a niche market for business.
• ISO Certification is rigorous to the point that it leaves no stone unturned to enhance item quality which realizes a larger amount of consumer loyalty.
• since product quality matches the international level, this can reduce the risk of public liability which can occur due to aw in the product
• Gives confidence to customers that your business provides high-quality goods and services
• improves public Image
• inspires the confidence of the market
• helps in growth in business
• helps in get government tenders
• provides eligibility to enter global markets
• Good Marketing tool
Organisations face problems in auditing due to lack of proper knowledge, training and required competence to interpret the requirements of the standard.
Half information is deadly. Incomplete knowledge regarding ISO can land you in a bad position along with immense Amount of bills and expenditure.
So it is always better to hire ISO Certification Consultants. Google will help you to find best Consultants you just have to write perfect keyword with your city or state name for example if you stay or your company is in Mumbai, you can write ISO Certification in Mumbai or ISO Certification consultant in Mumbai.

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