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If a certain product is to be sold in a particular country, it is essential have the product marking of that particular country. For the European Union (EU), which consists of a large number of member countries, viz. Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Malta, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ireland, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland, the product marking required is CE marking.

The making is the indication that a product conforms to the European legislation. It doesn’t imply that the product is manufactured within EU. The marking allows the product to be distributed and sold in the European market. It ensures that the products are safe to use and are reliable. The marking reduces the amount of fines and the cost of damages. It brings customer satisfaction and enhances credibility of the brand or organization. CE certification is must for most of the products that are placed in the EU market. Some the product categories are electrical equipment, electronic equipment, machines, medical devices, lifts and so many others.  The marking is essential for manufacturers, importers and distributors of non-food products.

Ascent EMIRATES is a leading consultancy for the CE marking certification in UAE. It is based in Dubai and comes with twenty two years of experience in successfully consulting various organizations around the world. Ascent EMIRATES also has its presence in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al Khaimah, Ajman, Al Ain and Fujairah. It has an enormous network of experienced consultants and has been involved in thousands of successful certifications throughout the world. It helps an organization in understanding the CE certification requirements. Ascent EMIRATES provides an improvement in services and relationships within and outside the organizations. Ascent EMIRATES keeps transparency to the clients and also advises them on the ways to improve. It works with large organizations as well as SMEs. Ascent EMIRATES, through its effective advisory, helps organizations to cut down the CE certification cost in UAE. It also trains personnel within the organization on the conformity needs and procedure of certification.

So, to achieve CE marking for your product, contact Ascent EMIRATES.


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