CE Marking for Machineries

CE Marking for Machineries – Affixed to Confirm Essential Health & Safety as Set by the European Directives

Whenever you are new to the market, whether to sell or to buy machinery in Europe, you’ll come across the CE Marking.

Introduction to CE Mark Certification:

CE stands for “Conformite Europeenne”, which literally means “European Conformity”, is a label that is affixed upon an equipment or machinery so that it can be sold in the states of the European Union. 

The CE mark is mandatory to mark the machinery and equipment, in order to confirm the essential health and safety requirements set by the European Directives. This can be regarded as a passport for the manufacturers and producers throughout the world, to sell their products in the Europe market.

What is CE Marking for Machineries?

By marking the CE Marking for Machineries certification, a manufacturer or a producer takes the responsibilities that their products are in compliance with the required standards. It is a visible sign that the products are in compliance with the product supply law and the product supply directives. 

However, the CE mark is not a quality, it is a guarantee from the manufacturer that the products meet the standard requirements of the European Union safety law. If you already have particular CE certificates for individual machines, which you put together to form an assembly of machines or a plant, then you need to carry out conformity processes for the plant as a whole.

This CE Marking for Machineries is mandatory for all the 27 states of the European Union. This includes Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein as well, and even Switzerland accepts CE marks for some products.

Requirement of Machineries Product Certification

The directives of the CE marking certification give details what the European Union legally wants for your products to be in compliance with the standards. These are general requirements which are referred to as the “essential requirements” formally by the directive. The directive describes how a product should be designed in order to make the products meet the requirements.

Harmonized standard: The European Commission has mandated all the European Organizations to develop CE Marking for Machineries standards that are harmonized with the essential requirements of the directives. 

The organizations check whether a product is in compliance with the harmonized standard, before allowing it in the market.

Acquiring the harmonized standard can be expensive, but it is worth the money. This is because buying these documents will give your products a clear way in the market.

Other standards: In most places, the manufactures not only check the harmonized standard, but also rely upon other standards to demonstrate that their products are in compliance with the essential requirements of the directives. 

One such standard is the rules related to construction product regulations, that makes harmonized CE Marking for Machineries standards mandatory.

European Commission Guidelines: The European Commission has a detailed guideline based on the application of specific directives and the interpretation of essential requirements of the directives. These guidelines are usually followed to check the standard of the products by the Member State Authorities.

Criteria of Organization to apply for CE Marking for Machineries:

There is no specific criterion for the organizations to apply for CE markings, however if they want to sell their products in the European Union, then it becomes mandatory to have their production unit get a CE Marking for machineries and overall unit also. 

CE marking is necessary for more than 20 groups of products, like construction products, toys, electronics, electrical items, gas appliances, measuring instruments, mobile phones etc. The manufacturer of the products must ascertain whether their products meet the essential requirements and whether they need CE markings or not. It is solely upon the manufacturer to decide where to apply for the CE marking or not.

If a product is made outside the European Union, then the importer must check whether it is in compliance with the standards of the directives. If an importer markets the products under its own name, then it takes the responsibilities of the manufacturer and should also apply for CE Marking for Machineries itself.

Benefits of CE Marking Machineries:

Here are some of the core benefits that your organization will get after implementing CE Marking for Machineries certification:

International certification: It offers a quality confirmation, and any product marked with the CE logo can be sold in the global market without any legal issues.

Assured safety and protection: The CE logo ensures that the products offer utmost safety and protection to the users. It describes that the product is authentic from the protection viewpoint.

Seamless trading opportunity: CE marking describes that the products have a global standard of safety and protection to help customers help with the vulnerability of the products. 

It gains credibility of the products, and can easily have a competition with similar products in the market. As a result, trading the products becomes very easy, backed up by the CE declaration of conformity.

Standardized marking: The manufacturers of the European Union don’t need different regulations to produce their products. The European Union guidelines have laid down some CE Marking for Machineries standard rules for the producers and traders to overcome the interstate conflicts. This gives your products a chance to acquire a market in any state of the European Union.

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES:

Ascent EMIRATES is the best agency in the market that has years of expertise in granting CE Marking for Machineries certification and other to the organizations. 

  1. Implement changes in your organization, equipment and machinery to make it eligible. 
  2. Get the certification in the simplest way without any difficulty and easy documentation.
  3. We handle various issues related to the CE marking requirements of your organization. 
  4. Get necessary requirements and be trained/guided throughout the process.
  5. Ascent has helped possess trustworthiness and reputation in the market due to successful implementation of CE Marking for Machineries certification all through the years. 
  6. We provide our clients with business policies and certifications to improve the overall business performance. 
  7. With over 25 years of experience in this field, our professionals have the required knowledge and skills to provide you with the best qualifying procedures. 

Get 100% satisfaction from our CE Marking for Machineries, and see a gradual improvement in your sales/business in the European market.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is CE Marking?
CE marking is an essential standard that has been set up by the European Union to mark a product, equipment, or machinery with safety and protective regulations of the directives.
Is CE marking certification necessary to sell the products in the European Union?
Yes, CE marking certification is necessary to sell the products in the European Union and the neighboring states. The CE marking is mandatory for a lot of products like toys, recreational crafts, radio equipment, hazardous substances, measuring instruments, non-automatic weighing instruments, protective equipment, noise emission device, low voltage machinery, lifts etc.
Do the products having CE marking have high quality?
It does not necessarily mean that if a product has CE Marking for Machineries then it is of high quality. The CE marking is basically to check the safety and protective standards of the products and not its quality.
Is CE marking certification accepted outside the European Union?
Yes, the CE Marking for Machineries is accepted outside the European Union. It has been recognized as an officially accepted standard for the products within and outside the European Union.
How Much Does Ascent EMIRATES Charge For CE Marking Certification In UAE?
Our charges for CE marking certification in UAE are very competitive. We offer a flat fee for our services, which includes all the necessary documentation and paperwork. Also, we assure you the fastest and easiest processes to obtain your CE marking certification in UAE.



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