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FSC-COC Paper Manufacturer


No matter how productive your organization becomes while manufacturing papers, you should follow a few protocols set by the FSC-CoC. In the UAE, there is no one who will stop you from receiving these FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer legal rights under the given circumstances.

What is FSC Certification?

The demand for different wooden products is common with the rise in population. On a global level, the requirements of paper are not going to turn down at all. However, it may not be the ideal option for natural resources. Some natural ingredients are there playing vital roles in paper manufacturing.

Paper manufacturer certification is all about delivering a proper ecosystem and reserving our natural resources. It is nature that produces many beneficial things. In that part, wood plays a vital role. So, the conservation of such natural and limited resources is the sole responsibility of the FSC-CoC.

FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer in Brief—UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia:

While you become a great paper manufacturing company, you must satisfy a few terms, such as:

  1. Should not propose any harm to the forest considering your manufacturing procedures. 
  2. Follow all legal protocols mentioned by the Government and laws. 
  3. Maintain your ecological rights, social rights, and economical rights appropriately. 

FSC-CoC in UAE is vital. Many companies are involved in paper production. Factories are not that great to run unless you have a few legal approvals. This is why you need Ascent. The help from this agency gives you the upper hand in every section.

We have a widespread recognition over the areas of FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer in UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Besides, we provide consulting services and certification approval all throughout Oman, & Saudi Arabia.

Also, the primary purpose of the FSC is to stand against the unnecessary use of natural resources (especially wood and other forest resources). In the entire segment, all organizations should follow the FSC commands. 

These rules are applicable to both governed and ungoverned franchises. Doing such activities enhance the chances of usage of the paper too. Eco-friendly production also causes a lot of benefits to the forest too. 

Link of CoC with FSC:

Being an FSC-CoC Paper Certified Company in UAE isn’t that hard unless you hire Ascent EMIRATES. So, gain all the necessary clearances you need easily. Do you know how to be FSC-certified?

Just a few clearances you need to perform at first. The set of examinations of wood must be conducted properly. It is the raw material that you need to take for your manufacturing site. After the demonstration and clearances, you are good to go. The entire process is known as the Chain of Custody (CoC). 

The checking of Paper Manufacturer Certification, it is meant for different traceability of items. Each item is produced for every stage and must pass clearance. It states the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and transportation of FSC-certified goods. 

The FSC-COC is all about explaining every detail and maintaining legal clearances for paper manufacturers. 

Benefits of FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer:

Here are a few points explaining every benefit of FSC-CoC Paper in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah in brief:

  • Increment in Product Standards: There is no reason to propagate legal restrictions when you have clearances. With new guidelines and marketing ideas, you are urged to deploy great productivity. Also, the FSC Certified Company has multiple advantages in return. 
  • Upgrade Your Brand Value: This is the right statement to endure when you get approval from the FSC-CoC Paper. Ascent helps you find great improvement for your paper production house. The entire organization will notice a great upgrade in the UAE. 
  • Develop Higher Credibility: When you have the certificate from the FSC-CoC Paper in UAE Dubai Authorities, there is no one stopping you from that achievement. Your chances become great with significant approaches towards the limited use of natural wooden resources.
  • Decline Illegal Opportunities: You will go through every bit of legal opportunities by avoiding mischievous activities against the jurisdiction of the Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Requirements of FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer:

When it comes to getting approval in the UAE, your paper production company should satisfy the following requirement terms:

  • Appropriate use of natural (wood) resources
  • Follow legal requirements of FSC-CoC
  • Make deals with FSC-certified wood suppliers
  • Manufacture papers by following FSC-Approved Protocols 
  • FSC training camps for your employees
  • Go with FSC-approved materials and supplies 
FSC Certification

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES:

In the entire journey to the FSC certification, there are roles to be played to make your status as the FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia Certified Company. Here is the list that shows how Ascent is productive in its approach: 

  • Ascent offers great advice to conduct all types of significant steps for FSC approval. 
  • Each step your company must take is first checked by Ascent. In this way, your organization doesn’t stand a chance to make any sort of mistake. 
  • Appointing great and experienced professionals to handle all types of work like auditing, training, etc. is easier with the ascent. 
  • We offer 24*7 service in the UAE without any interruption. 

Ascent EMIRATES can help you get into FSC-CoC Paper Manufacturer in UAE, Oman, & Saudi Arabia, today! So, connect with our expert advisory team @ to learn more. Dial : +971-4-4558490 to avail Best Offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define FSC in two lines?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is the international standard that handles various managerial steps related to forestry. 

How much time do you need to wait for FSC-COC Paper Manufacturer?

The FSC-CoC Paper in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East region’s process may take around 6 to 8 weeks maximum to complete the entire work as per the appropriate planning. 

Do you need an agency for the FSC-CoC Paper in the UAE?

Yes, you need it. Well, it will be a wise choice to appoint Ascent EMIRATES for FSC Certified Company in UAE, Oman and other Middle East areas. 

What is the validity after the approval of the FSC certificate?

Once you receive your FSC-CoC Paper certificate in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the approval is valid for 5 years from its issued date. After that, you only need to go through a few surveys annually. 

Is the FSC certification mandatory in Dubai?

A paper production company must go through the protocols to get approval from the FSC. In one line, FSC certification is a must. 



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