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GOST R certification


Ensure the Reliability & Performance of Your Coolant and Cooling Liquids – GOST R for Cooling Liquids.

GOST R certification is an obligatory quality certification for coolants used in Russia. It is controlled through the Gosudarstvennyy Standart (GOST), which is the standard-setting national body for Russia. The certification process makes sure that coolants are in compliance with the requirements of safety and performance stipulated according to the standards of GOST.

This GOST R Marking process is lengthy and complex. It is nevertheless crucial to keep in mind the fact that certification by GOST R is required to sell coolant and cooling fluids within Russia. If you’re not sure what steps to take to get the GOST R certificate, consult a certified certification organization for assistance.

Importance of Coolant & Cooling Liquids Certification:

The certification of cooling liquids and coolants is essential for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Safety: The cooling and coolant liquids are commonly employed in applications with high temperatures and can be in contact with skin or other delicate surfaces. Validation ensures that these liquids comply with safety standards and aren’t harmful to human health or the environment.
  • Performance: Coolant and cooling liquids should be able to efficiently move heat from other components and engines. Certification assures that the liquids comply with the specifications for performance and will not cause harm to equipment.
  • Compatibility: Coolant and cooling liquids should match the material of the components they’re employed with. This certification assures that the cooling liquids won’t cause damage or corrosion to equipment.
  • Conformity: In a few countries, cooling and coolant liquids certification is legally required. This is done to ensure that the cooling liquids meet requirements for safety and performance for use in these countries.

If you’re a producer or distributor for coolant or cooling liquids in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan; it’s crucial to have your products tested to ensure they are compliant with the most stringent Certification for Cooling Liquids standards of performance, safety, and compatibility. This allows you to safeguard your customers, image, and your company.

Benefits of Cooling Liquids Certification:

Here are some advantages of GOST R for Cooling Liquids:

  • More confidence in the customer: Increased customer confidence: Customers have a greater chance to believe the products which have been proven to comply with safety and performance standards. This can result in increased revenue and share of market.
  • Increased brand image: GOST R for Coolant can increase your brand’s reputation and make you a desirable partner for retailers and distributors.
  • Improved compliance: Certification can assist you in complying with state, local as well as federal laws. This can safeguard you from costly penalties and fines.
  • Gain access to markets that aren’t yet available: In certain countries, the requirement for certification is in order to import products or sold. This means that certification could aid in expanding your business to new markets.

GOST R Certification Procedure for Coolants:

The GOST R certification procedure for coolants consists of the steps below:

  1. The importer or manufacturer of the coolant is required to submit an application to the body that certifies coolants.
  2. A certification authority will examine the coolant in order to confirm that it is in compliance with the GOST standard.
  3. If the coolant is in compliance with the standards, the certification body will issue a certification of conformity.
  4. The coolant should be identified by the mark of GOST.

The GOST R for Cooling Liquids in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan is a visible indicator that the coolant has been tested and meets standards of safety, performance and specifications established in the GOST standard. It is crucial to remember this GOSTR certifies only within Russia. If you plan to import coolants into Russia, the coolants must be certified by GOSTR.

Here are a few conditions for coolants that must be met to receive GOST R certification

  • The coolant has to be non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • The coolant shouldn’t damage the components made of steel in the cooling unit.
  • The coolant needs to be of high boiling point as well as the lowest freezing point.
  • The coolant has to fit the kind of engine or equipment it is being used on.

The GOST R for Cooling Liquids is a crucial security measure that can make sure the safety of coolants to usage in Russia. It’s an essential requirement to import cooling fluids into Russia. If you’re looking for an approved coolant that is safe and conforms to the standards for the standard GOST, search for one with the GOST certification mark.

Latest Development in GOST R Certification for Coolant:

The most recent advancement regarding GOST R certification for coolants is the release of a brand-new standard called GOST R 51387-2022. The is a new version of the prior standard GOST R 51387, and also introduces new requirements for coolants.

Some major changes to the new standard are:

  • New requirements for safety and efficiency The new standard is a significant increase in standards for security and efficiency of cooling agents. This includes specifications on toxicity and flammability and resistance to corrosion.
  • New environmental impacts requirements The new standard includes new requirements regarding the impact on the environment of coolants. These include requirements regarding biodegradability as well as the toxicity of aquatic organisms.
  • Manufacturers have more flexibility The new standard offers manufacturers with more freedom to create fresh coolant compositions. This is due to the fact that it specifies specifications for performance, not chemical compositions.

Ensuring High & Quality Standard of Brand New GOST R Marking:

The launch of the brand new GOST R 51387-2022 standard marks an important milestone for the industry of coolants. This new GOST R Certification will assist to ensure that the coolants supplied in Russia are of the highest quality in terms of safety, performance as well as environmental impacts. The standard will also provide producers with greater freedom to create innovative coolant formulas.

Here's How to Get Started!

This new norm is anticipated to take effect the first quarter of 2024. Coolants manufacturers should begin making preparations to comply with the latest standard as soon as possible by examining the requirements and making strategies to meet. They should also reach out to Ascent EMIRATES, which is the most certified certification body, to discuss the options for compliance.

Also, companies/organizations that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the compliance options and benefits.


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