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GOST R certification


Navigate The Certification Process, Guaranteeing Compliance with Russian Regulations – GOST R for Cereals, Grounds & Wares, & Bread.

The law N 2300-1 of 7 February 1992 lays out the existence of two organizations: Rosstandart (the regulatory and certification body of the Russian Federation) and the National Customs Committee (GTK) which is charged with creating and regularly updating a list of products that require the GOST Standard approval.

The Federal Law N 104 from 2002’s end and later amendments, establish the legal framework for the GOST Standard law. It is a thorough and precise regulations in the continuously updated technical regulations, which are issued by the federal agency that is the one who issues an official GOST R Certificate.

GOST R Certification Regulatory Statements:

The procedure for the issuance of GOST R for Cereals is broken down into a number of phases:

  • Customs classification of goods in accordance with the nomenclature of customs or the HS Russian system
  • The identification of the different kinds of products
  • Investigating GOST R law
  • Medical examination, metric exam or any other examination that the law will require.
  • Tests successfully completed and protocols as specified in statements of the GOST Standard Release Certificate GOST R as legally required.

All of these are covered by our services and our clients should worry about none of them.

In addition to the generally referred to as GOST R, there is a new Technical Regulation (GOST TR) that blends the attributes of GOST R and has more publicity.

The majority in the case of GOST R Including Bread regulation was since 2011 removed in regulations of the EAC regulations to EAC, which is the Eurasian Custom Union.

GOST Declaration of Conformity:

GOST Declaration of conformity is identical with the GOST R for Cereals certificate of conformity and is distinguished by the simple reality that the Declaration is in compliance with the regulations, has to be demanded by a legal entity that is registered within the Russian Federation. It is generally the importer, or a person representing the company with a registered address in Russia that requests the declaration. The difference between these two documents is readily apparent because of the format.

It is true that the GOST Technical Regulation for the applicant is virtually identical to the GOST certificate of conformity R, except two major features: the shade of the document as well as the fact that there is an official record of GOST R certificates available for consultation. 

After the 21/10/2011 date if the product was covered by GOST R Technical Regulations GOST R Technical Regulations, it is no longer required to obtain authorization to utilize Rostechnadzor. This procedure change provides the greatest benefit for consumers, who can reduce their costs by a significant amount. With the introduction of EAC certificate and EAC declaration. The GOST R Certification for Cereals normed is principally concerned with the compliance to the regulations on fire safety.

Revision of Product Lists that Require GOST R Certification:

The GOST R for Cereals and more items that must be certified with the mandatory certification of GOST R as well as GOST R declarations are being revised (Decree No. 906 of 13.11.2010).

The revision took effect on January 25, 2011. Practically, some items will no longer be subject to the GOST certificate of conformity R, but are affected by the statement of conformity GOST. Contact us to determine if you’re affected by this modification.

The Common List now has 61 product categories in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, including GOST R Grounds and Wares, machinery and equipment, high and low voltage equipment pressure vessels, machinery to be used in explosive environments lifting equipment construction equipment, agricultural machinery including textiles, leather products, textiles footwear dishes, toys cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and dental hygiene products, furniture, packaging, sanitary chemical detergents, cleaning supplies paints, lacquers, solvents and lubricants, meters for gas, water alcohol, energy, food and cereals, and more.

What Is the Process of Certification?

We are here to help you throughout the following steps:

  1. Know the requirements, We can assist you understand the standards
  2. Get in touch with us. Tell us the standard you’re trying to achieve, We’ll offer a comprehensive estimate and proposal
  3. Competence – Identify any skills or competence gaps your staff members may be missing. We can help with workshops and training to help
  4. Gap assessment – identify any weaknesses
  5. Confirmation of whether the implementation of the norm is in line
  6. Confirmation that the standard has been fully implemented
  7. Certification – We will issue your certificate with a description of the scope of your certification, and then you are able to share your accomplishment to the world. Your customers can verify the authenticity of your certificate through our client directory.
  8. Regular improvement visits to assist you with maintaining and improve your management system
  9. Continue to improve results by discovering and refining methods
  10. Improve efficiency and processes
  11. Control risks and provide evidence of diligence and conformity
  12. Reduce costs and cut down on time
  13. Find more growth opportunities and access to the market
  14. Be sure to follow the regulations.
  15. Gain an advantage in the market
  16. Increase your credibility as well as the credibility and faith of your clients
  17. Create an equal playing field for all organizations.

As a renowned accredited organization with a long history of expertise, we perform with absolute competence and confidence, providing the best quality of GOST R Certification service at the international and local levels. The accreditation we have earned means that we are able to certify your employee’s process, products and processes with complete confidence.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to Ascent EMIRATES, the best consultants in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan today, and enjoy the benefits.


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