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In order to procure good conformity assessment, one must have to do business in UAE. Ascent EMIRATES will help you in achieving UKCA mark and expand your business in the UAE.

What is UKCA marking?

It is a well-known fact that, for a certain product to be sold in a particular country, it is essential to have the product marking of that country. UKCA marking is the product mark required for Great Britain. Now, we all know that Great Britain consists of England, Wales, and Scotland. The full form of UKCA is UK conformity assessed.

The marking came into effect from the beginning of 2021. All the products that previously required CE marking, the product mark for the European Union, now requires the UKCA certification. 

Besides, we have a widespread recognition over the areas of  UKCA certification. in the UAE viz: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Also, products with UKNI mark are not approved to be sold in UK. It allows the product to be sold only in the market of Northern Ireland. 

Products with UKCA mark will have the “UKCA” symbol on the back of the product.

Benefits of UKCA Marking:

The making is the indication that a product conforms to the legislation of the Great Britain. The marking of UKCA conformity of products come with some benefits of its own. It doesn’t imply that the product is manufactured within UK. 

  1. Acceptance– The marking allows the product to be distributed and sold in the market of Great Britain.
  2. Compliance to quality– The certification ensures that the product is compliant to the quality standard set by it.
  3. Improvement in culture– It makes sure that the culture within the organization is constantly improving.
  4. Meeting the requirements – The marking ensures that an organization remains adhered to the directives set by it and also meets the desired requirements regarding product quality.
  5. Satisfaction– UKCA certified products ensures that all of these are up to the mark in their operation. That brings customer satisfaction.
  6. Product Safety– The marking makes sure that the products are entirely safe to use.
  7. Trust ability– It improves the responsibility and credibility of the association, by which it becomes more public dependent.  
  8. Brand Image– The certification helps in further enhancement of the brand image of the organization. This helps a lot in building a reputation and also in the further extension of the business.
  9. Cost cutting– The amount of fines and the cost of damages are reduced through the marking.

Requirements of UKCA Certification:

  1. A record of the product must be set up
  2. Proper documentation must be completed in accordance with the marking regulations
  3. An assessment of the item must be done as per the UK Directives
  4. Internal Audit must be conducted
  5. Proper procedure must be followed to affix the stamp of UKCA on the product

List of Products for UKCA Marking:

UKCA certification is must for most of the products that are placed in the market of Great Britain. 

Some product categories include, 

  1. Construction Products, 
  2. Measuring Equipment, 
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 
  4. Toys, 
  5. Simple Pressure Vessels, 
  6. Lifts, 
  7. Products with electromagnetic compatibility, 
  8. Machines, 
  9. Gas appliances, 
  10. Aerosols, 
  11. Marine Equipment, 
  12. Low voltage electrical equipment, 
  13. And many others.

Problems Faced in UKCA Marking Certification:

Every certification has some issues or problems that hinder the certification procedure on different levels. UKCA Marking in UAE is no exception.

  1. The process is a bit complicated and requires specialized knowledge.
  2. Lack of confidence, motivation and commitment in the employees often causes hindrance.
  3. During the audit procedure, lack of knowledge and proper training can make it hard to go for the certification.
  4. Often the cost of audit, training, and quality improvement makes the organizations back out of the procedure.
  5. Consultants are often not qualified enough to do what’s necessary for the certification.
  6. Sometimes, lack of resources can also lead to an organization facing problems in opting for certification.

To solve all these problems, contact Ascent EMIRATES.

Utilities of the UKCA Marking:

Different rules are set to use UKCA markings. So, pointing them will let you know how to use them for your production:

  1. UKCA markings are mandatory to remain on the products developed by the manufacturers. Also, authorization from the representatives is required here to follow different relevant legislation. 
  2. Your business must follow the UKCA marking and handle everything as per the guidelines of it. Each process or product you produce, it comes under the regulation of relevant legislation. To confirm your product’s orthodoxy, this marking is a legit weapon. 
  3. The presence of any sign or marking must be there from the side of the manufacturer. Doing so gives your company a great choice at different levels. The following related UK legislation is mandatory in this case. 
  4. Your product must not bear any marking or sign that brings threat to to misconstrue of the marking. The third parties may not consider this issue as granted. So, it will be better for manufacturers to remain in the constitution of UKCA by following the marking or signing guidelines. 
  5. Without any special need, you can’t just place the UKCA marking over the products. This is not allowed at all. As per the legislation, you are permitted to put the mark whenever it feels necessary for products to aware its buyers. 

Acceptance of CE marked Goods in UK

Yes, acceptance is allowed in the UK for CE marked products. However, the approval may not last long. It will end soon on 1st January 2023. 

Procedure of UKCA Marking:

  1. Check if your product needs UKCA marking: The first thing is to ascertain whether your product needs this marking or not
  2. Check the appropriate route for conformity assessment: If self-declaration is enough for your product, or you require third party assessment. 
  3. Draft technical file and ensure compliance: If you are self-declaring, then you need to keep proper documents to ensure that the product conforms to the legislation.
  4. Identify an appropriate conformity assessment body: If your product needs third party assessment, then you need to identify one with proper experience in the matter. Ascent EMIRATES is a leading consultancy on the marking with a lot of experience.
  5. Draft technical documentation: The notified body will help on the matter of documentation.
  6. Draw up draft UK Declaration of Conformity: You will then need to draw up the UK declaration of conformity.
  7. Affixing the UKCA marking and preparing to place your goods on the market: When you have completed the conformity assessment, either through self-declaration or through third party assessment, you will need to affix the UKCA to the product, and then it is finally ready to be sold in the market of UK.

(Step 3 is for self-declaration whereas Step 4 & Step 5 is for third party assessment)

UKCA Marking in UAE

Strength Of Ascent Emirates:

  1. Worried about how to expand your business in the Europe? Don’t; Ascent EMIRATES will help you in implementing and acquiring marking certificate. Ascent EMIRATES is one of the leading consultants on UKCA conformity in the UAE.
  2.  Ascent EMIRATES helps to acquire the certificate without any difficulties and with an easy documentation process. Ascent will help you to have the certification done in the simplest way.
  3. Ascent has qualified UKCA marking lead auditors with a professional attitude to handle your various problems related to conformity and certification of UKCA compliance.
  4. Ascent EMIRATES works 24*7 for their customers and clients with a simple motto “No extra cost than the offered fees” to an organization.
  5. Ascent explains the importance and implementation of the UKCA standard.
  6. Ascent trains and guides you throughout the process to achieve the certification.
  7. There is no compromise when it comes to expanding your business these days, which is why you can trust Ascent for providing reliable and innovative solutions to your problems.
  8. Contact Ascent EMIRATES for early access to the UK market and to become certified with UKCA mark in Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the active regions to accept UKCA Marking?
This is the marking that is applicable for different regions of UK such as England, Wales, and Scotland. This is the one obtained from CE marking. Also, UKCA marking is applicable for different products available on the market of the UK. 
How does Ascent make the UKCA marking easier to achieve?
Ascent is a great asset to deliver the UKCA marking to your organization. You need the marking so that no one can stand in the way of production and other marketing ideas available for your company. The application of this marking is vital for any company to operate with freedom. 
What is the validity of UKCA marking?
The GAR marking is valid for maximum 10 years. However, the validity of certification isn’t same for each standard. In the case of UKCA Marking, you won’t find any validity. This is a declaration that comes at certain moment. However, Ascent helps your organization to fulfil all requirements for getting the marking easier. 
What are the components that your company requires approval from the UKCA marking?
Different types of devices are in the need of people. However, a company requires legal permissions to take the advantage for some products such as medical devices, cable ways, construction products, no-man aircraft systems, transportable pressure equipment, marine equipment, and rail products.
How much time do you need to earn the UKCA mark?
The work to gain the UKCA certification, it requires 2 months approximately. However, the process may depend on the size of your organization. If your production is less, it may be getting quicker. Ascent validates everything to work each step precisely so that your organization face zero lag. 



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