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GOST R certification


Navigate seamlessly with Electronic Equipment, Means of Communication, Alarm Systems, TV-Sets – GOST R for Electronic Equipment in UAE.

 “GOST” means National Standards and “R” stands for Russia. The majority of equipment and products conform to Russian standards in terms of safety and quality.

The certificate has a 3-year period that is valid for a period of 1 to 3 years. GOST R covers a wide variety of items including industrial equipment such as food health and beauty textiles, toys and household products, as well as GOST R for Electronic Equipment in Dubai and electrical items.

GOST-R Certification in Brief:

GOST-R certification proves that a product is excellent quality and is in compliance with the standard requirements. It is required for Custom Houses and also to offer and market an item on Russia. Russian market.

Although, certification for the product may be voluntary or mandatory, dependent on the type of product. The primary purpose behind GOST R for Electronic Equipment in Dubai, and more, is to protect consumers’ rights and to prevent the importation of poor-quality products.

In essence, if you want to distribute or sell products on Russia, or distribute products on the Russian market, you’re bound to adhere to the rules.

Benefits of GOST-R Certification:

  • Legal Benefits such as protection of imposing penalties on distributors or manufacturers.
  • Access to market access to Russian market.
  • It is a sign of quality products.
  • This ensures the safety of the consumers who are.
  • Offers more retail opportunities.
  • Competitive Advantage, as it gives an edge in competition to certified products.

Products Under GOST-R Certification:

Products that fall under the scope of GOST Certification in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan. Russia has been categorized, below is the principal categorization:

  • Engineering in electrical and electronic systems, instrument-making radio engineering
  • Domestic appliances
  • Lightning wares, watt-hour electrical meters
  • Electrical power supply products (accumulators’ cells, batteries, and accumulators)
  • Electrical welding tools for domestic use
  • Photo- and cinema- equipment and accessories and watches
  • PCs and slot machines
  • GOST R for Electronic Equipment in UAE, 
  • Devices for communication GOST R for TV Sets, and alarm systems,

and many more

Materials, raw materials, products and substances for commercial and industrial uses:

  • Production of Petroleum-chemistry
  • Lubricants, oil and other oils
  • Production of chemistry inorganic
  • Detergents, Shampoos, Crockery
  • Coolagents, cooling liquids
  • Detergents for textiles and stain removers
  • Car bike, motorcycle and car detergents
  • and much more

Production of food and agriculture:

  • Cereals, ground and wares, such as bread
  • Chicken and meat, meatwares cooking
  • The seafood and fishing industry, fruits and vegetables
  • Animal and vegetable oils. Origin
  • Confectionary (made of sugar and meal) Chocolate, sugar, and meal

and much more…

Assistance in implementing Codes, Standards, and Regulations specifications:

Every electronic device sold on the market (unintentional radiation radiators) that are destined to be sold within the United States that have clocks/oscillators operating at a higher frequency than 9 kHz and utilize digital techniques. These techniques are regulated under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in accordance with Rules and Regulations, Title 47, Part 15, Subpart B. This includes nearly every device which uses microprocessors.

An unintentional or accidental radiator that is not properly controlled by the proper design of shielding and grounding can result in high amounts of energy being radiating or transferring through the device, causing undesirable consequences of another device. Laboratory equipment can be recognized and recognized as valid by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) organisation that is part of the U.S. government.

FDA: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has guidelines, protocols, or GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) for services, products facilities, systems, and products.

GOST R (Russia): GOST R system of certification was created on April 4, 2004 by The Russian Federation government to provide national standards and requirements for approval of the certification agencies for products or quality systems and also testing and calibrating laboratories.

IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines standards for electrical, electronic or communications equipment. It is the International Electrotechnical Commission of Electrical Equipment (IECEE) offers the testing and certification for conformity of GOST R for Electronic Equipment in UAE or electrical products according to IEC standards.

Communication Systems-Voice, Data, Video, Lan, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Security, & CCTV:

Modern businesses rely on to their GOST R for Means of Communication in Abu Dhabi systems in order to remain in the game. Communication systems encompass a broad spectrum of voice, information processing and signaling technologies utilized to connect users or communicate information.

Five types of communication systems used in commercial buildings require cable systems that are structured. These include:

  1. Telephone systems
  2. Data systems
  3. Local Area Networks (LANs)
  4. Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS)
  5. Sound Systems

Every type of electrical or GOST R for Electronic Equipment in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan system is outlined in the NEC (National Electrical Code) in various sections of the NEC. Each type of system has an individual cabling scheme. It generally is constructed and bid by contractors who are separate.

Communication Systems-Voice, Data, Video, Lan, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Security, & CCTV:

How Can Ascent EMIRATES Help?

If you’re attempting to get GOST R Certification or GOST accreditation within UAE in the beginning time, it could be difficult to comprehend. This is because, it involves many steps like selecting the appropriate approval process as well as documentation, completing the description of the measurement facility and many more. This will not only make the process time-consuming, but also difficult to follow. But the significance of obtaining GOST-R certification cannot be undervalued.

Ascent is an award-winning compliance service provider with a variety of partners around the world, guarantees to manage every part that comes with this GOST Certificate Russia process. It could be documentation, prompt solving the issues of authorities, passing the GOST R for Alarm Systems in UAE demands, and much more consider the process of getting GOST Certificate Russia executed by us.

Therefore, for professional and professional help, contact us now to request GOST-R Certification in UAE.

Finally, if your company wants to obtain other certifications, must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.


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