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GOST R certification


Achieve Excellence in The Footwear Industry with GOST R Certification – Providing Quality GOST R for Shoes Certificate.

The GOST R certification is issued through state-certified certification centers after testing the products at laboratories that are accredited by Russian State and following the test protocol. If fire and Hygiene certification is mandatory for both services and products with the exception of GOST-R conformity certificates, Russian Ministry of MCS 08 July 2002y. 

No. 323 “Mandatory products for fire certification” and Russian State Hygiene standards August 15, 2002. No. 325 “Products that are mandatory for hygiene certification” Prior to the Hygiene and fire certificates are issued GOST-R quality certificates are provided.

Certification of Shoes for Children and Adults in Russia:

Regulations for footwear for adults’ declaration of conformity & GOSTR for children

It is a valid option to use it only once for a large amount of goods that need to be exported in Russia. Russian Federation, or for time periods of 1 year or three years. It is valid over the entire Russian Federation. 

On the certificate mentioned earlier there is details such as the location that the product is produced for which the certificate has been issued, the company that is exporting as well as the company that imports it and the position number of the product (GTIP) as well as the date and the number of the contract.

If you’re a shoe manufacturer or distributor of footwear and plan export your goods into the Russian market in the near future, you’ll need to address an issue regarding GOST R for Shoes in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan Standard.

The shoes in Russia today are subject to the following regulations the footwear for adults is a mandatory the declaration of conformity GOSTR in children’s footwear, whereas for adults it is a required GOST R certification.

Need for GOST R Documentation:

Both documents are utilized in conjunction with obligatory certification. The only difference between them is that the certificate of conformity GOST R for Shoes in contrast to the mandatory GOST certificate, is issued solely to a legal entity or sole trader in accordance with Russian law, which includes local subsidiaries of foreign corporations that have a stable structure within Russia.

The selection of the samples for approval of shoes that conform the GOST standard 929-78 “shoes. Methods for selection of samples. “The quantity of samples cannot be less than three pairs of shoes per age group separated by gender.

The GOST R Certificate of conformity in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan found in “Products” shows the name of the product as specified by the GOST standard applicable to it.

“Code OK 005 (OKP) “code OK 005 (OKP)” are accompanied by 6 digits of the binder’s code in the products, if the certification is not attached, when the Annex contain 4 digits, which are followed by 2 zeros.

The section “Conform to The Requirements of Standards” specifies the number of GOST standards or standards with respect to the assessment conducted according to the specifications of chapters in the standard. If you are able to certify the footwear you have produced on the spot as well as the GOST standard reference, it could be called the specifications applicable to that kind of footwear (if there are any).

Below are the guidelines which establish the basic requirements to wear footwear, as well as specific rules for testing methods.

The shoes that must be in the obligatory certification include:

1) Certification of Shoes for Adults

Both footwear for women and men aside from traditional footwear (and for example. Tyrolean shoes or people of Siberia) and orthopaedic footwear, must be in compliance with the standards GOST R 5394-89 GOST 1135-88 and GOST 19116-84 GOST 26166-84 26167-84. 

The system for fastening the heel (the evaluation is only required for women’s shoes with high heels or upper middle) in the event that the footwear is not constructed soles, must conform to the standard GOST 9136-72. fixing the components of the sole must be done in accordance with the standard GOST 9134-78 and GOST 9292-82 standards.

Examine the visual response of the shoe in relation to its description (age and the shoe’s man or woman. woman or seasonality) Materials used in the making of they were constructed as parts of the sole as well as the outer, upper aspect as well as the way to attach of the sole, and type coatings on the interior components in the shoes.

2) Certification of Shoes for Children

The footwear for children, excluding shoes from orthopedics that are traditional is required to be in compliance to GOST 1135-88, GOST 26165-84, GOST5394-89. The materials used as well as the design of the shoe should be in accordance with the guidelines from GOST, the Russian Ministry of Health.

Children’s footwear must be able to pass the tests of general bias and residual space of the toe and heel (except shoes made of leather Bulgarian) stipulated by GOST 9135-73. The shoe’s flexibility must be designed conforming to the GOST R for Shoes standard 9718-88 and GOST 28735-90 for the mass. This rule applies to shoes of all ages and genders and gender, with the exception of shoes and school shoes for girls and boys aged between 3 and 14 years old.

What Can Ascent EMIRATES Help?

We have a team of experienced experts that will guide and assist you to obtain a GOST R Certification for Shoes of conformity. Our team members can speak English, German and Spanish and are happy to get in touch with us even if are not fluent in Russian.

We are known as an experienced and reliable supplier of GOST R Certification services. We can solve problems and our first aim is to assist to avoid bureaucratic procedures and to get the GOST you need quickly as soon as is possible.

If you’re looking for a GOST standard that is applicable in your own language, or want to test your product according to the applicable GOST standard, please contact us by either email or telephone.

Also, companies/organizations that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in Dubai


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