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Implement & Improve the Safety of All Construction Products in the EU – UKCA Marking for Construction Products Regulations.

UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a mark of certification that certifies a building product’s conformity to the UK’s requirements for regulation. It was created as a result of the UK’s exit of the European Union and the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1st 2021.

The product marking system is a “passport to trade’ that helps manufacturers of construction products gain access to markets. UKCA Marking for Construction Products Regulations is a brand-new mark that can be used to identify goods offered for sale in the UK, England, Wales and Scotland (Great Britain). Additionally, we also mark products for the brand mark for that market in Northern Ireland market (the UKNI mark).

UKCA Legal Standards and Requirements Reflections:

The changes came about because of the conclusion of the transition period of the UK to leave from the European Union.

Prior to Brexit, products for construction that were sold from the UK could carry the CE (Conformite Europeene) label, which indicates the conformity to EU regulations. After Brexit, UK companies UK has introduced UKCA markings to replace the CE mark. UKCA label to take over the CE marking for the majority of products designed specifically for UK market.

The UKCA for CPR in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan is applied to different categories of products, including construction materials, and indicates that the product is in compliance with the applicable UK legal standards and requirements. With the UKCA mark, manufacturers show that they are in compliance to UK laws.

UKCA Marking for Construction Products Regulations in Brief:

The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) were made UK law in the year 2011 to implement The European Construction Products Directive. The purpose of the Directive is to improve the safety of all construction products in the EU.

When trade organizations have negotiated on a standard that construction products are made according to, this is referred to in the industry as Harmonised European Standard (hEN). Construction products that have a hEN need to be UKCA labeled if produced within Great Britain, and CE marked when they are produced in Europe. 

The certification consultants in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, assists in putting Factory Production Control systems in place and oversees the certification process required to mark conformity of construction products.

Rules to UKCA Marking for Construction Products Regulations (CPR):

  • The United Kingdom’s Construction Products (Amendment and.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 specify that every Construction Products Regulations 2013 must be UKCA labeled. 
  • The procedure that a manufacturer must adhere to (the Conformity Tasks) depend on the kind of product.
  • The UK CPR does not establish the minimum performance standards for products, but it does standardize the tests the product is required to undergo. 
  • The manufacturer has to disclose the results against these tests. 
  • It’s then up to the national regulations or purchasers and customers of the product to decide if the item is in compliance with their standards.

UK Designated Standards and UK Assessment Documents (UKADs):

If there is a UK Designated Standard exists for the Construction Product that is, then the product will be evaluated with this standard. This List of Designated Standards is published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Products that do not have a Designated Standard exists can be UKCA registered by using the UK Assessment Document (UKAD) and will contain an item listing the required tests that are used for the same purpose.

There are five “Systems,” that have different responsibilities for the company, and for Approved Bodies in the event that they are required.

The Systems comprise a combination of some or all of the following processes:

    1. Factory Production Control (FPC)
    2. Inspection of an initial stage at the factory as well as of FPC
    3. Continuous monitoring, evaluation, and monitoring of FPC
    4. The determination of the product’s type is made by tests for type or calculations, tabulated values or documents
    5. Tests of auditing on samples prior to placing the product for sale.

The UKCA Marking for Construction Products Regulations scheme applies to the following products:

    1. Roof trusses and web beams
    2. Timber frame
    3. Visual strength grade
    4. Grading the strength of machines
    5. Joist hangers
    6. Structural steel
    7. Wood-based panels
    8. Fire resisting doorsets
    9. Emergency exit doorsets
    10. Spacer kits
    11. Bolting assemblies.

Ascent EMIRATES - We are CPR Construction Products Certification Consultants:

Ascent EMIRATES has helped companies achieve UKCA Construction Products certification under ISO standard management and to achieve conformance markings for several decades. 

Since the HSQE Department was launched, the majority of our clients are innovative companies within the field of construction, or the construction supply chain. This has responded to the call by principal contractors and large infrastructure projects to increase the professional level in their subcontractors. 

  • We are dedicated to advancing standards in construction and also provides a consultation service specifically designed to meet the demands of the construction industry.
  • At Ascent, we define our role in helping businesses through UKCA Certification, as an instructor of driving and the job of the body that certifies them as is that of the driver examiner. 
  • Our goal is making the procedure as simple and easy as we can and manage the initial setup and certification so that our clients receive their certificates with the least amount of effort. 
  • Furthermore, we recommend certification organizations with UKAS accreditation, as it ensures that clients will recognize the quality of your certification has met.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an edge-to-edge service on a number of ISO Certification in UAE. Connect with us to learn more how you can increase your business standards.


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