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GOST R Conformity in UAE


Ensure Seamless Market Access to Russia With Our Specialized GOST R Conformity Services – GOST R Conformity in UAE.

The GOST R Certification of Conformity (COC) is a formal document that confirms the conformity of products that are subject to certification for standard quality and safety. They are governed by the latest guidelines (GOST Standards and Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation).

GOST R is a system that dates back to the time of Soviet Union. GOST R system was established in the days during the Soviet Union. Today, the system continues to be relevant and employed within Russia. Russian Federation. In the same way, the technical regulations were created to align national standards and facilitated the competitiveness of native producers in Russia in line with the applicable federal law.

Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union (TR CU) of EAC Certification replace the outdated GOST system.

GOST R Conformity for Russia in Brief:

Following the implementation in the Technical Regulations (TRCU) in the Eurasian Customs Union, the significance of GOST R Conformity in UAE compliance evaluation has drastically diminished. There are only a handful of categories of products that require GOST R approval for imports to Russia. Russian Federation. In addition to the certification, the declaration has been designed as a simplified version of conformity evaluation in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan.

The Russian Federation adopted an ordinance in February 2010, that outlines what products require certification that is mandatory, and which require an official declaration. Products that require only an authorization can be certified on a basis of voluntary.

The Certificate of Conformity GOST R in Dubai is a complete proof of conformity for particular products with the requirements of quality and safety as stipulated in the regulations currently in force.

Types of Conformity Certificate in Russia:

There are two kinds of Conformity Certificate in Russia:

  1. The GOST Certificate of Conformity to National Standards
  2. The Certificate of Conformity to a Technical Regulation 

The reason for this is that Technical Regulations began to be created and implemented only in the last few years, and they do not yet regulate the process of certification in Russia. In the meantime, until when the Technical Regulations replace the GOST R Conformity in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan.

They will continue to be a factor within the procedure of certification within the Russian territory. It is important to note that it is necessary to demonstrate that the certification is in accordance with the Technical Conditions (TC) however, typically, this method is employed for voluntary certification.

Certifications That Are Mandatory and Optional:

Manufacturers can obtain certifications such as the Certificate for Conformity to Technical Regulation in either a voluntary or mandatory form. When it’s voluntary, it’s the manufacturer who decides on the criteria they will be able to issue the certificate.

That’s that voluntary certification is utilized by major manufacturers and trade representatives to demonstrate the conformity of their product to the technical specifications and also to other GOST R Conformity in UAE that are not included in the obligatory certification.

Scope and Related Products:

Every specific regulation includes an itemized list of items / equipment that are subject to an obligatory compliance check by way of the certification or declaration of conformity to Russian GOST Standards.

  • Presently in Russia, the country has 21 TR specific to Russia
  • Technical Regulations for dairy products and milk
  • Technical Regulations on oils and fats
  • Technical Regulations for vegetable and fruit juice items
  • Technical Regulations for safety of equipment and machinery

Procedure To Obtain the Certificate:

It is possible to obtain a Certificate of Conformity to Technical Regulation upon submission of the documentation bundle to the certification center. One of the essential documents needed to be certified is the test procedure. This document can be issued by any lab authorized for certification tests following the testing of products to determine if they conform to the regulations.

The majority of certification laboratories test the products for consumer and environmental security, as well as to make sure they are in line with the specifications in the technical documents to the actual features.

Latest Developments (Declaration of Conformity):

This Declaration of Conformity serves similar functions to the compulsory compliance certificate.  It is required for customs clearance as well as in the area of distribution/use on the area that is part of Russian Federation.

This declaration must be registered with the TR system. TR has to be registered with an official agency within the TR system in accordance with the evidence of conformity submitted to the person applying. In order to obtain this Declaration of Conformity is allowed only to legal entities that are registered in Russia. 

Russian territory (distributors importers, distributors as well as official representations of companies from outside). Additionally, every applicant must possess his own declaration of Conformity issued in his name.

Do You Need A Permit for Exports of Goods Into Russia?

It is possible to conduct certification of serial and batch products, and we offer a wide option of both the material and technical resources. Besides,  we offer the procedures for testing conforming to any of the methods provided under the regulation.

The certification process in accordance with GOST must be done by an accredited organization with authority to do the purpose, and test results are posted in the register of the state and are accessible for inspection.

When you entrust this job with the Ascent the EMIRATES group, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the document you receive and will be able to resolve your problem at an affordable price. 

We’ve been working on GOST R Certification for over nine years. We own our own laboratories as well as experienced personnel who are certified to ensure precision and speedy results. Furthermore, we are here to assist you.

Ascents’ Solutions Include:

  • The receipt of certificates/declarations receipt of certificates / declarations
  • Help in the process of preparing the file for the conformity assessment
  • Specification compliance
  • Assistance during audits of manufacturing site
  • Assistance during regulatory tests
  • Monitoring of sites that are certified

As such, UAE companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE.


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