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GOST R for Domestic Appliances in UAE


Ensure Your Domestic Appliances Represent High-End, Innovative Russian Quality Standards – GOST R for Domestic Appliances in UAE.

In the area in which Russia requires imports is the case with domestic appliances. Several foreign brands, in actual, represent high-end, innovative and aesthetic elements that make them attractive indeed. As visitors to this website are aware, Russia is currently in place for all products that are on the market a complete method of certifying, which typically is known by the designation GOST R Standard.

Russian certification of appliances for domestic use, and generally all certifications issued by Russia GOST R for Domestic Appliances in UAE ensures conformity to the certification of the object within the limitations set by Russian law on standardization. Particularly for home appliances, rules are extremely stringent to ensure the security of the equipment with regard to electric issues or electromagnetic risk.

Certification of Domestic Appliances:

Appliances designed for usage in everyday life are represented in a broad selection of mechanical and electrical appliances, the majority of which fall into the category of equipment with low voltage. The entry of products into the market in Russia, the Russian Federation and the EAEU countries is preceded by a compulsory certification process – an evaluation of the conformity of household appliances to the regulations of current technical regulations.

The Regulatory Framework:

GOST R Certification for Domestic Appliances for the home regardless of their size or function are subject to an obligatory conformity assessment by way of certification, and are covered by two CU TRs.

  • The regulation 034/2011 allows for the inspection of the safety of household appliances, including headphones, lamps, computers and power sources.
  • The requirements of TR 020/2011 pertain to the impossibility of electromagnetic interference as well as the compatibility of equipment that is technical during use.
  • Based on the test results, the manufacturer, supplier, or seller is issued an appliance certificate which confirms that the appliances comply with the requirements of all the regulatory documents.

Furthermore, GOST R for Electric Instrument in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan are able to be tested for presence of hazardous substances, according to the technical regulations TR EASU 037/2016. The regulation allows for the declaration of electrical products, which are able to be replaced with certification at the request of the customer request.

Appliances For the Home That Require Certification:

Certain types of electronic appliances under quality control on a regular basis:

  • To cook, food storage, to automate kitchen tasks for cooking, food storage, automation of kitchen work. Refrigerators, freezers, stoves ovens, hobs dishwashers’ steamers electric grills, microwave ovens for bread making food processors, electronic grinders for meat, coffee machines electric kettles;
  • To handle shoes and clothes to be able to handle shoes and laundry for irons, steam generators, irons;
  • For cleaning premises: vacuum cleaners, polishers;
  • To control and maintain microclimate in the building: fans humidifiers, air conditioners, air cleaners’ electric fireplaces.

The GOST R for Domestic Appliances in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan standard establishes standards and guidelines for electrical equipment in industrial machinery and mechanisms to ensure the safety of property and personnel security; – uniform responses to control actions easy maintenance.

The classification of electronic and electrical equipment for protection :

The process and timeframes to process documents.

Quality control of products can be conducted following any of the approved methods. The time frame for getting permits directly depends on the characteristics of the workflow management.

  • The decision to choose a scheme can be dependent on several variables:
  • Who initiates the procedure, the seller or the manufacturer;
  • What is to be evaluated, whether it is either a mass-produced or a single batch of goods.
  • The average time for issuance of permits following the submission of samples takes about 2 weeks.
  • Certification of appliances used in household use is possible in one of three methods namely 1s 3, 3s or 4, each of which has its own distinct characteristics.

When looking at a set of products, includes obligatory production control, examination of the process of production and, after obtaining conclusions, regular inspections during the entire time period of issued documents that are valid for a maximum of five years.

Note: A certificate for domestic appliances originating from one batch (3c) is issued without regard to the manufacturing conditions. It suffices to check the end products in a lab that has been accredited from the government. The validity period of the permits issued under the scheme 3c or 4c isn’t specified, however their validity is only to a single batch of goods that are recognized.

A List Oo Documents That Can Be Used to Verify the Authenticity Of Appliances Used In The Home.

The application for an official GOST R for Domestic Appliances in UAE begins with the process of gathering and creating a complete set of required documents, which include every technical document.

Documents required to verify the authenticity of domestic appliances consists of the following:

  • An analysis of the technical aspects of the products (if this description is required at the time of production);
  • A set of operational documents (data sheets, directions on assembly, installation, and operations);
  • Codes of economic activity in foreign countries for each position that is declared;
  • GOST R Certification of registration issued to an application
  • Supply contracts, specifications, or invoice (if is a consignment imported of products);
  • The most common application to verify

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Finally, if your company wants to obtain other certifications, must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.


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