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Applicable Regulations and Standards to Determine the Requirements Specific for UK Product – UKCA Marking for Electronic Products.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Mark is a new UK marking of products which are available for sale within Great Britain (England, Wales as well as Scotland). It covers the majority of products that were previously marked with the CE marking.

UKCA Marking for Electronic Products in Brief:

It is the UKCA labeling system represents a modification of the system that we used as an EEA member. EEA, which will now be based on UK laws rather than those made from the EU. The items that require a conformity test are essentially exactly the same as they were previously, but with the addition of aerosols that were previously separated. 

For UKCA Marking for Electronic Products in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, manufacturers will share the same responsibility for evaluating and certifying their product’s conformity. Consumers can have the same trust in the security of manufactured goods that they had prior to.

Products Covered By UKCA Marking:

The goal of this mark is to prove that the product has been evaluated for conformity with UKCA regulations and provide assurance to regulators, consumers and other stakeholders to ensure that the item is secure and appropriate to use.

It is important to note that the UKCA marking requirements can differ dependent on the particular product and the intended use for it. It is essential to check the applicable Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 2016 and standards to determine the requirements specific for every product.

Products Required for UKCA Labeling:

A majority of the products currently covered by CE certification will be covered within the new UKCA standards. There are exceptions, and different regulations for specific items with UKCA For Electronic Products in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan that are medical devices, construction materials and automobiles. Element has become an authorized body, and we partner with manufacturers to help them obtain UKCA approval for a wide range of products, such as:

    • Electronic and electrical equipment
    • Radio equipment
    • Equipment that is low-voltage
    • Equipment that can be used in explosive atmospheres
    • Marine equipment

What Is this All About to You?

The steps you should complete in preparation to apply for UKCA Marking for Electronic Products will be contingent on the present state of your business as well as your requirements for future market access.

Companies that bring products to the UK from outside the UK via EU countries are usually classified as importers. In the past, they were referred to as “distributors”. It is the importer’s obligation to adhere to both applicable regulations and also to put UKCA labelling on the merchandise. Thus, importation of an appropriate product from Europe currently requires the approval of a UK Approved Body.

Some regulations are self-declaration, and do not require an Approved Body. The conditions for self-declaration of conformity for UKCA markings are exactly identical to that of the circumstances for CE marking.

What Are the Specifications of UKCA Technical Documentation?

The technical documentation should demonstrate the product’s conformity to the applicable UK legal requirements. The documentation must be kept for a period of up to 10 years following the time when the product has been put on the market. Manufacturers need to ensure that technical documents are always accessible like UKCA Electrical Equipment, and is immediately available to market surveillance authorities on request.

The content of the technical manuals differs according to the specific regulation or directive applicable to the particular product. But manufacturers are required to keep general documents of:

  • What the products are created and manufactured
  • What the product’s performance has met the legal requirements applicable to it.
  • Their business address as well as the addresses of storage facilities.

The UKCA Marking Capabilities:

Ascent’s team, comprised of highly skilled experts, offers equipment manufacturers UKCA mark guidelines that facilitate the smooth transition of their products to be in compliance with requirements of the latest standards.

We are knowledgeable of the requirements for reviewing the product’s test report and labeling, as well as the instructions for use and declaration of conformity. We will guide you through the procedure. With our experience and expertise, we can make sure that your requirements are met together with the UKCA Marking for Electronic Products labeling specifications.

Ascent EMIRATES can help by:

  • Helping you apply your UKCA marking to a range of different products, without having to test each one
  • Helping you figure out the best method to maintain compliance over time and ensuring that the product currently being manufactured is representative of the product that was initially evaluated and then first put on the market
  • We offer online and face-to-face classes to assist you in the preparation of your Technical Documentation. Additionally, as an Approved Body under 2015 Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations, we can offer an independent, third-party review of the Technical Documentation you have created.

If you’ve got a selection of products, we will:

  • Help you use your UKCA Certification to any of the variations, but without testing them all.
  • We will advise you on the best way to ensure compliance on a regular basis; ensuring that the product currently being manufactured remains true to the product that was first tested and then first put on the market.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an edge-to-edge service on a number of ISO Certification in UAE. Connect with us to learn more how you can increase your business standards.


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