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UKCA Marking


Get Your Products Certified for UKCA Compliance with A Thorough Certification Audit – UKCA for Certification Audit.

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) mark is a new UK mark for products that is mandatory for products put on the market within Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland). It applies to most items that had previously required the CE mark.

UKCA Marking: The Roles and Responsibilities:

If the UKCA mark is applicable to the products that you produce or handle, you’ll be subject to specific obligations and responsibilities to be in compliance, based upon your job.

Find out about the responsibilities and obligations of economic players looking to adhere to the new UKCA markings for Great Britain (GB). 

Economic operators as defined by the applicable legislation include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Authorized representatives
  • Distributors

The guideline is intended to provide economic operators with an understanding of the rules in force of UKCA for Certification Audit. It’s not comprehensive, and operators should consult the pertinent legislation to ensure that they’re aware of the rules they must adhere to.

Services For Auditing and Verification:

Supply chains today under increased scrutiny, whether that’s due to the changing geopolitical environment or changes in regulations, coupled with growing cybersecurity threats and sustainability pressures managing the global supply chain risk. It has become more complicated and ensuring transparency is a constant challenge. This is why our auditing and verification services can assist you in managing the risk of global supply chain performance.

From internal audits of suppliers to supplier audits, we’ll ensure that your UKCA Marking Requirements in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan in the supply chain are being met. If you need us to confirm that a particular supplier is in line with industry-specific standards, or you need something specifically tailored to meet the needs of your company, Our teams of auditing and verifying experts are ready to assist.

As a UKCA for Certification Audit partner with Ascent, design you’re auditing program to safeguard your brand, increase the trust of your customers and have more visibility across your supply chain.

Below is the information on the reason behind each stage of the auditing process.

Certification Audit

Stage 1

The objective of this Stage 1 UKCA for Audit is to ensure that your business is prepared to go through stage 2 of the certification process. The auditor must:

  1. Verify your management systems is in conformity to the specifications of the standard
  2. Check the status of implementation
  3. Verify the certification’s scope
  4. Verify any legislative/regulatory compliance requirements
  5. Prepare a report that identifies concerns
  6. Create an assessment report, and then confirm an appointment for the stage 2 audit visit

Stage 2

The aim for this inspection is to ensure that management’s system is completely implemented and is in line with the specifications of the chosen Standard in actual practice. Auditors will

  1. Conduct random tests of the methods and activities that are defined in the context of certification
  2. Verify that the system is in compliance with the standard using evidence that is objective
  3. Inform us of any potential issues or non-conformities. to improve
  4. The audit package that has been completed (the auditor does not take the decision to be certified)
  5. Adjust as needed to the surveillance plan, and set a date for the initial annual audit of the surveillance plan.

If the UKCA for Certification Audit in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan discovers serious non-conformances to the requirements, certification can’t be issued until a correction and corrective action has been implemented and confirmed. The requirements for accreditation stipulate that if the nonconformances are not addressed within six months, certification will not be issued without a second stage two audit.

How Will You Benefit?

CE labelled products do not need to be adjusted to the specific requirements of every EEA states member.

The CE certification, product safety is assured for the user, reducing the risk of damage and the number of claims for liability.

Ascent EMIRATES has a global network of offices. This lets us improve our efficiency and economical for our customers and to maintain the same rigorous UKCA Certification certified and professional auditing process.

Why Should You Choose Ascent EMIRATES Auditing Services?

  • Trusted brand with an excellent reputation among auditing companies across the globe
  • We commit more than 1 million hours a year helping businesses like yours
  • Expert auditors with technical expertise and expertise in the sector, we are aware of your demands
  • Global reach combined with local knowledge and experience
  • Our solutions for technology can give insights into risks and provide the capability to assist in managing auditing programmes for suppliers.
  • With Ascent, it’s much more than an audit. We collaborate together with you in developing and manage your audit programme
  • We offer a designated person to contact you, ensuring that you can get the help you require right from the beginning
  • We send our technical experts to help you fine-tune your specific requirements for each customer.
  • Our team members are knowledgeable about quality, security food safety, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • The certificates we issue can be easily and quickly verified by scanning QR codes.

Companies that sell construction products in the European market must be in compliance with a harmonised European standard. We provide CE marking certificates for products made of wood as specified in the Regulation on Construction Products in Europe (ECPR 305/2011).

Before a product is certified, an auditor with Ascent will assess whether the product is in compliance with predetermined standards. During the initial inspection, the conformity of the product as well as its manufacturing process are assessed. Initial tests of the product may be required prior to a certificate of conformity is issued. After the initial test that the product is in conformance and the manufacturing process continue through internal and external quality assurance.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an edge-to-edge service on a number of ISO Certification in Dubai. Connect with us to learn more how you can increase your business standards.


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