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GOST R certification


Streamline Your Market Access to Russia with Our Comprehensive GOST-R Certificate and Declaration Services – GOST- R Certificate in UAE.

As per the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) law, all goods manufactured within the EAEU or imported to its territory must be evaluated for conformity to the specifications set out in EAEU technological regulations.

The technical rules of EAEU have not been created for certain types of products. Thus, the conformity of items is verified within the national certification systems in the Union member states. In Russia, it is the GOST R method is utilized.

GOST- R Certificate in UAE in Brief:

It is the GOST R Standards in UAE system includes two kinds of documents for compliance, The GOST R Declaration of conformity as well as the GOST R Certificate of conformity (hereinafter – GOST R Declaration, GOST R Certificate).

GOST R Certificate and GOST R Declaration are the official documents that confirm that the product is in compliance with the specifications for the country (GOST) interstate, as well as international standard (ISO, IEC, etc.) Technical specifications.

These  documents  are needed  for the import of goods into Russia and for the sale in  Russia of goods under GOST R.

GOST R Declaration of Conformity:

Russian Govt Decision N 982 of December 1, 2009, includes a list of products that meet GOST R standards should be confirmed by way of an official declaration.

The declaration could be specific to delivery (batch) or specific to the product. The validity period of the specific product (serial item) declaration could be from one to three years.

With the GOST- R Certificate in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, the company declares that the safety and quality of the product is in line to the standards of GOST. It is recorded with a certified body. The GOST R Declaration of Conformity is a faster document and simpler to get. It was required to have the applicant to be the status of a Russian legal entity, but this type of certification is already limited to a form of certification that is not permanent in and of itself.

The categories of products that require the GOST Declaration of Conformity are defined in accordance with Federal Decree 982 of 12/01/2009. This is a complete list of an amount, food-related items. 

In order to import this kind of product, there is a Russian government has defined a specific type of certificate that is less stringent than the standard GOST certificates. To make up for that, this document might require who is the owner of the license to import.

Validity of GOST R Declaration of Conformity typically lasts for 5 years.

GOST-R Certificate (Russian Certification):

GOST- R Certificate in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan is given on the products that are being shipped to Russia. It proves that the items that are imported meet all Russian standard, standards of quality, and all safety standards. This certificate is required to clear customs in Russia and also for the marketing in the Russian market.

The categories of products covered with this certification include foods, cosmetics toys textiles, household electrical products, and household electrical. This certification guarantees that products meet the Russia GOST-R Marking safety standards.

GOST R Development Process:

For items that aren’t listed on the EAEU list of “mandatory products” in the Customs Union, national certification rules are in place within Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The Customs Union Technical Regulations that are scheduled to gradually take effect within the Customs Union, will replace and eliminate all national norms, standards, and certifications of the states that are members. GOST R, GOST J, and BelCT.

But there are groups of products within each Member State that need to be certified based on the national standards. There are also National Technical Regulations that require certain products being certified, for instance those in the Russian Technical Regulation “Fire Safety Requirements”.

The confirmation that is required by Fire Safety Technical Regulations can be given in the form of either a certificate, or a declaration.

GOST R Certification Is Mandatory:

Russian GOST R Certification of conformity is a required certification system that permits goods to be introduced into in the Russian market and to be offered for sale in Russia.

The list of goods to be certified can vary and, in the event that there is doubt, the requirement for certification should be clarified. The mandatory certificate has to be submitted to Customs or Customs in the form of a copy or a copy that has been certified by a certification authority.

Does It Sound Difficult? Call Ascent EMIRATES For Free Advice:

Contact us today if you require information about GOST- R Certificate and Declaration Services or other requirements that apply to your business in the Russian as well as Customs Union markets. Send us your questions via an email, we’ll look into your questions and respond promptly.

Send us the general descriptions of your items. These could include leaflets, instruction manuals and datasheets, as well as links to web sites, etc.

  • We’ll look into the documents and report back:
  • whether your product is required to be GOST R documents or not.
  • If so what document is required and what the process for certifying is (timeline cost, documents and timeframe required).
  • We will draft and submit applications to GOST R authority.
  • We will serve as your representative to Russian Certification authorities. We will prepare and file your applications, and then deal with officials on your behalf.
  • We will obtain the GOST R Certificate that is registered (Declaration) and forward it to you, or to any of your distributors (importers) who are located in Russia

Tell us what you’re seeking and then wait for prompt response! Our Ascent EMIRATES team is going to be in touch with you shortly.

As such, UAE companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE.

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It is the GOST R Certification required by companies that wish to sell or export its products or services to Russian Federation and If you already have the ISO certification then you are able to easily obtain the GOST-R certificate. 

Therefore, UAE companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE.


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