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Declaration of conformity with UK EMC Regulations in Relation to Identical Products – UKCA Marking for EMC.

UKCA Marking for EMC:

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016 (UK EMC Regulations) are the equivalent for the UK that of European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU.

The UKCA Marking for EMC Regulations were created to translate Directive European EMC Directive into UK Law in the wake of the Brexit. Following the UK’s exit out of EU this UK EMC Regulations come into effective on January 1st of 2025.

The conditions in both the UK EMC Regulations and the EU EMC Directive will remain in a very similar fashion for the near future.

Do the UK EMC Regulations Apply to Me?

The UK EMC Regulations apply to all electrical and electronic products that are sold or put into service within the UK which could cause or be affected through electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The vast majority of the manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment that are sold or used in the UK have to make sure they are in compliance with Regulations.

If you put your goods on the marketplace within the UK and you declare that they are compliant with the European EMC Directive, you must now declare conformity with regulations of the UK EMC Regulations in relation to the identical products starting January 1st, 2025 or later.

How Do I Comply with the UK EMC Regulations?

The conformity to the regulations is possible to prove compliance with the regulations through two ways. The first is internal production control or via UK Type Examination. The latter is performed by an UK Approved Body (UKAB) to meet compliance with the EMC Regulations.

In both instances, you need to conduct and record UKCA Marking for EMC (an electromagnetic compatibility test) of the system or product that you declare conformity to. The test must show that the equipment is compatible with the specifications in the Regulations.

Then, you must create the technical documentation required and, if needed then submit it all to the UKAB.

Latest Developments:

The present Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU) was released on April 30, 2014, to bring the directive in compliance to the New Legislative Framework (NLF). It was in effect on April 20, 2016 and instantly replaced the 2004/108/EC Directive without a transitional time. This did not have any effect on manufacturers, besides:

The exclusion of custom-built evaluation kits, ‘designed and built for professionals and intended to be used only in centers for research and development to serve such reasons’ from the directive’s scope.

The Article 14 in the directive stipulates that the manufacturer may decide to limit the application of the EU type inspection (Annex III) procedure to certain aspects of the essential requirements in the event that for additional aspects related to the essential requirements, the Internal Production Control (Annex II) procedure is followed.

The contents of the UKCA Marking for EMC technical file in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan are largely the same, however there’s now a brand-new requirement to finish ‘an appropriate analysis and evaluation on the risk(s) in the context of technical documents.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations:

Conformity to The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations will be necessary, however in many situations it is feasible to utilize the CE markings until December 31, 2024. After December 31, 2024, the UKCA mark will be employed. The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is required to be drafted according in accordance with the UK Radio Equipment Regulations.

Examples of the products that are that are covered by Our EMC testing services include:

    • Information Technology Equipment
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Gaming Machines
    • Domestic Appliances
    • Medical Products
    • Multimedia Equipment
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Military
    • Oil & Gas
    • Railway

If you have to prove that the product is conforming to an established test standard in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan, the full UKAS certified EMC testing for compliance is done through UKCA Marking for Electrical Products – EMC system and certification procedures.

Note: This EMC Directive distinguishes itself from others CE Marking directives in that its primary concern is the function of equipment as well as protecting the electromagnetic spectrum, rather than the security of the equipment.

The majority of completed electrical products must be compliant with this directive, regardless of whether it is batteries or mains-powered. The exceptions are included but are not limited to sub-assemblies and components without a specific purpose as well as products that are already covered under different directives (radio equipment medical devices; aircrafts as well as their parts; roads vehicles, and automobile components as well as agricultural tractor).

Compliance Consultancy:

    • Testing
    • Training
    • Compliance Management
    • Documentation Support
    • Technical Support Services
    • UK Type Examinations in line with UKCA Regulations.

How Can Ascent EMIRATES Help?

Ascent EMIRATES is an accredited Competent Body, and a Notified Body under the European EMC Directive. We have assisted thousands of products meet the standards that are part of the Directive.

We can benefit from our vast experience to assist clients in navigating the new UK regulatory landscape. We offer a customized service to satisfy each client’s individual requirements, utilizing the many options related to UKCA Certification.

Ascent EMIRATES provides an edge-to-edge service on a number of ISO Certification in Dubai. Connect with us to learn more how you can increase your business standards.


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