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GOST R for Electrical in UAE


Learn How To Achieve GOST R Certification For Your Electrical, Electronic & Radio Engineering Products – GOST R for Electrical in UAE.

GOST R, also known as the Russian certification system, is a subset of GOST standards that applies to only within the territorial boundaries within the Russian Federation. Besides, in contrast to GOST standards, these are used in all CIS countries including Russia.

This system is intended to ensure the safety as well as quality of products as well as services. It also requires certification for certain products made locally and imported. The list of items that are subject to mandatory certification is established in the Russian Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency.

GOST R for Component Base in Brief:

The system of certification GOST R is operating in Russia for several years. The primary normative basis for this was the national standards. An active policy of Russia toward a membership in into the WTO was the main reason behind adopting the federal law number. “184-FZ “On Technical Regulation”, intended to align Russian technical regulations in line with European law.

Under current conditions and based on the quality standards that are present in GOST R for Electrical in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan. Due large amount of purchase of electronic component base from foreign manufacture. Furthermore, additional screening tests as well as diagnostic non-destructive testing that includes selective destructive analysis conducted in professional testing facilities are required.

The cost of their services is negligible in comparison to potential loss of material (and not only material) when using poor quality electronic component base.

Standard Applicable to Electronic, Electrical, Electronic Devices, Equipment & Devices – Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields of Radio Frequency:

Electromagnetic compatibility for technical equipment. Protection against electromagnetic fields of radio frequency within the frequency range of 26 bis 1000 MHz. Testing methods and technical requirements

The GOST R for Electrical in UAE standard is applicable to electronic, electrical, and electronic devices, equipment and devices that are exposed to electromagnetic fields of radio frequency under operational conditions. The standard is not applicable to consumer electronic devices and receiving devices with different functional functions. 

The standard defines the technical specifications for newly developed or manufactured, upgraded, or imported vehicles in terms of the degree of rigidity in tests and test methods to determine resistivity to electromagnetic field within the range 26-1000 MHz.

Document Replacement:

GOST R 51317.4.3-99 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Radio-frequency, radiation field of electromagnetic radiation. Testing methods and requirements

The Document References:

  • GOST 12.1.006-84 Standards for occupational safety system. Radio frequency electromagnetic fields. The permissible levels for workplaces and control requirements
  • GOST 12.3.019-80 Standards for safety in the workplace system. Measurements and electrical tests. General safety standards
  • GOST 15150-69: GOST R for Instrument Making, machinery, equipment, and other industrial equipment. Modifications to different climate regions. Categories Storage, operating, and transport conditions in relation to the climatic conditions affect
  • GOST 16842-82: Industrial GOST R for Radio Engineering interferences, methods to test radio-interference sources.
  • GOST 29037-91, Electromagnetic Compatibility of technical devices. Tests for certification. Ceneral rules
  • GOST 29073-2: Electrical Compatibility for industrial process control and measurement equipment. Protection from electromagnetic disturbance. General introduction
  • GOST 29280-92, Electromagnetic compatability of technical equipment. 
  • GOST R50397-92: Electronic compatibility of electronic equipment. Definitions and terms GOST R 50416: Electronic compatibility for computers. 
  • The RD 50-697-90 Regulation on the certification of technical measures to ensure meeting the EMC requirements and recognition of test laboratories (centers) to conduct tests in the area of EMC.

Products Under GOST-R Certification:

Products falling under the purview of GOST-R certification/GOST R Certificate Russia is classified, below is the principal categorization of the classification.

Engineering in GOST R for Electrical in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan and electronic systems, instrument-making radio engineering

  • Domestic appliances
  • Lightning wares, watt-hour electric meters
  • Electrical power supply products (accumulators’ batteries, cells and accumulators)
  • Electric welding machines for the domestic market
  • Photo- and cinema- equipment and accessories watches
  • PCs Slot machines, PC
  • Electronic equipment, devices for communication television sets, alarm systems,

and many more

Materials, raw materials, products, and substances for commercial and industrial uses:

  • Production of petroleum-chemistry
  • Lubricants, oil, and other oil
  • Production of organic chemistry
  • Detergents, Shampoos, Crockery
  • Coolagents, cooling liquids
  • Detergents for textiles and wares as well as stain removers
  • Car bike, motorcycle, and car detergents

and many more

Production of food and agriculture:

  • Cereals, ground and wares, which include bread
  • Chicken and meat, meatwares and cookery
  • The seafood and fishing industry, fruits and vegetables
  • The fats are of vegetable and animal source
  • Confectionary (made of sugar and meal) Sugar, chocolate

and much more

Products Under GOST-R Certification

  • Products that fall under the scope of GOST-R certification within GOST R Certification Russia are classified. Below is the principal categorization —
  • Instrument-making, GOST R for Electrical Engineering radio engineering
  • Domestic appliances
  • Lightning wares, watt-hour electrical meters
  • Items for the supply of electricity (accumulators cell, batteries, and batteries)
  • Electric welding machines for the domestic market
  • Camera and cinema equipment and accessories and watches
  • PCs and slot machines
  • Electronic equipment, methods of communication Television sets, alarm systems

and many more

Materials, raw substances, material, and wares for commercial and industrial use

  • Production of Petroleum-chemistry
  • Lubricants, oil, and other oils
  • Production of organic chemistry
  • Detergents, Shampoos, Crockery
  • Coolagents, cooling liquids
  • Detergents for textiles and wares and stain removers
  • Car bike, motorcycle, and car detergents

and much more

Ordering Process Made Easy with Ascent EMIRATES:

Ascent EMIRATES is a world-class company that adheres to stringent quality GOST R Certification standards for control. Our commitment to precision, reliability, and precision are just a few of the reasons some of the largest corporations trust us to supply their national regulatory framework as well as for the translation of crucial complex, sensitive information.

Our specialization is establishment of local databases on national regulations that include technological norms, specifications, and regulations; laws of the government resolutions, codes, and resolutions in addition to RF agency codes specifications, guidelines, and instructions.

Therefore, if you want professional and reliable solutions, contact us today to get GOST-R certification or a GOST R Certificate Russia.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to one of your consultants today, and enjoy the benefits.


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