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GOST R certification


Achieve GOSTR Certification for Meat & Poultry Products, Including Meat Wares & Cookery Items – GOST R for Meat and Poultry Industry.

GOST R refers to a collection of guidelines for the production of goods and services in Russia. It outlines the safety, quality, and specifications for the labeling of meat and other meat products.

The GOST R for Meat and Poultry classification covers many products which include frozen, fresh and processed meats, products made from meat like ham, sausages and bacon, as well as other meat products like blood, bones, and fat.

The standard outlines the specific requirements for meat and poultry:

  • Hygienic and hygiene needs
  • The composition and the nutritional value
  • Sensory properties
  • Chemical and physical properties
  • Microbiological security
  • Labeling

The GOST R Meat Wares in UAE standard is enforced by Rosstandart Russia Federation’s national standard-setting body.

Here are a few particular requirements of GOST R for meat and poultry:

  1. Fresh meat should be free of visible imperfections such as bruises cuts and discoloration.
  2. Food items that are frozen should be stored at temperatures of -18 °Celsius or lower.
  3. Processed meat products should be identified with the following details: the name of the product, its net weight and the date of its production, as well as the date of expiration.

The GOST R for Meat and Poultry industry is a crucial standard to ensure the safety and quality of meat products sold in Russia. It’s also a vital tool for those who manufacture as well as sell the products of meat because it allows them to adhere to the law and fulfill the requirements of consumers.

Tailored for the Meat and Poultry Industry:

In terms of food safety, the raw chicken and meat are among the most at-risk areas, as evident by the frequent recalls and security incidents that have a negative impact on even the biggest brands. To meet the more stringent standards of safety, to protect consumers’ health, and maintain their reputation as a brand, the meat, and poultry, producers have to ensure the security of their goods. They need to ensure at each step, from the farm and processing facilities, to distribution centers and retail stores.

We support retailers and brands to ensure that the GOST R Cookery in UAE products they imply are produced according to their standards, and then stored and shipped in appropriate conditions, and in accordance with the rules of the market they are going to.

We provide inspections of products as well as supplier audits and certification for a variety of internationally acclaimed food safety standards, assisting you ensure the security of your supply chain across the globe. Our expertise in product inspections encompasses all types of GOST R for Meat and Poultry in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan which includes:

  • Fresh frozen prepared, cooked, processed poultry and meats
  • Carcasses, cuts, fillets, organ meats, sausages
  • Beef, pork, lamb, veal
  • Chicken, duck, turkey
  • Birds and game meat

Meat and Poultry Inspection Expertise:

Ascent provides a wide range of inspection services that will provide you with precise and reliable information regarding the safety and quality of your poultry and meat products. Our inspection procedures are designed with the help of our extensive knowledge of regulatory standards and your own specifications. 

To ensure that we are able to provide objective and effective testing, we abide by and adhere to our World Health Organization Food Code guidelines and sampling strategies.

Solutions for Meat and Poultry Safety:

  • Control of freshness using control of freshness using the Quality Index Method and organoleptic tests (smell the air, look at it, feel)
  • Grading (A, B or C) determined by quality of the poultry and meat
  • Process control using an encapsulated/deglazed test, as well as a test for drip loss to avoid food fraud
  • Standard size control to guarantee an even production level in regard to size and weight
  • Check for defects against international standards or national standards. Your own specifications

Meat and Poultry Audits:

Food supplier audits can provide accurate information regarding the condition of production and ethical adherence within your supplier chain of food. Our auditors carry out an inspection at the facilities of your supplier, which include slaughterhouses, farms, ranches cutting facilities as well as game handling establishments, processing plants, as well as storage facilities.

Audits for hygiene (GHP) can be used to verify that food vendors’ facilities adhere to international standards regarding hygiene.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits can help you attain GMP compliance and ensure the safety of your poultry and meat supply chain.

The ethical GOST R Marking in Abu Dhabi audits will examine the social compliance of your suppliers which includes working conditions as well as rights of workers, helping you to eliminate any instances of abuse or exploitation in your supply chain.

Why Should Ascent Be Concerned About the Compliance of Suppliers and Products?

Ascent EMIRATES Benefits

  • Intelligence on the supply chain find the latest information on quality and supplier stats in real-time
  • The industry’s fastest turnaround time in audits, tests, and inspections
  • Mobile and online platforms to manage your orders and access your information anytime, anywhere
  • Pricing that is all-inclusive: Flat charges for audits and inspections Instant quotations for testing

What Can We Do to Help You Get GOST Certification for Your Business?

Our team consists of highly trained trainers and consultants with a wealth of knowledge of the industry, we help businesses around the world adopt and obtain GOST R Certification. Our approach to consultation is efficient, punctual, and efficient, which results in the ease of implementation, and improves the processes that run the client’s business.

We provide GOST education, training, and implementation consulting gaps analysis and documentation external audits, prior-assessment and audits certification audits by the top of the certification organizations. Further, we render maintenance or enhancement after certification services that allow your business to reap the maximum benefits of its CE management systems. Our services are internationally recognized and are authoritative, as well as benchmarked in the GOST field.

Also, companies that want to obtain other certifications must apply for ISO Certification in UAE. Connect to Ascent EMIRATES, the best consultants in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, and Jordan today, and enjoy the benefits.


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